WorldNetDaily Runs Ad for Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Website

A visit to WorldNetDaily brings up a prominent pop-up from an advertiser: a site called, which promises to tell us “What Really Happened to the Catholic Church” (it also has a column ad on WND). Clicking on the link, or typing the url, in fact takes us to, where we find sections such as this (emphases in original):

Jewish Power and Control Watch

*This section of our website will contain news updates and posts concerning the growing Jewish control of society.  These items are just some of the things we come across; they by no means represent an adequate presentation of all the material that could be brought forward on this issue, especially if more time and an extensive study were dedicated to this topic.  Many people aren’t aware that Jews dominate the media (both television and print), as well as other important positions shaping our society.  This is something traditional Catholics need to be aware of.  It’s important to note in advance that, as Catholic Christians, we desire the conversion and eternal happiness of all Jews (as well as all other non-Catholics) to the one true Church of Christ, the Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.  As Catholics, we reject all forms of racism as being un-Christian and illogical.   Jews have frequently been tremendous, and some of the very best, converts. As shown in our video, Abortion, Rock Music and Freemasonry Exposed, the Jewish “holy book,” The Talmud, blasphemes Christ, condemns Christians and considers Jews to be a master race.  That’s why it’s common for them to promote only Jews and thus come to dominate particular organizations and important positions in society.  For a foundational understanding of Jewish control in America and Jewish beliefs, we recommend Ted Pike’s video The Other Israel (watch it here) and Michael Collins Piper’s book, The New Jerusalem (available from*

Bill in Congress makes it a crime to speak against homosexuality!

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Hate Laws: Making Criminals out of Christians Holocaust denial is a crime in 14 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland.  Those found to be in violation of the law are sent to prison. (

Author of best-selling “Holocaust” survival-story admits whole thing was made up….

Etc. Pope Benedict, meanwhile is described as an “anti-pope” and as “apostate”.

The site is run by Michael Dimond, a well-known fringe traditionalist.

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  1. M Dimond is not a traditioalist. There is no such thing. What he is is a protestant. For the past 20 years he’s been saying “outside the Church there is absolutely no salvation.” So now HE is outside the Church. But he believes he’s still catholic. He goes to to an Eastern Orthodox mass where the priest believes the pope is legitimate. Yet from the other side of his mouth Dimond will say that if you believe the pope is legit you’re a heretic (his absolutely most favorite word).

    • any pope who went to asis and prayed with devils as with the bishops and priests under cannon law is auto-maticly excomunicated. it was not heresy but apostacy. praying with muslims , witch dioctors ,jews who deny jesus and wait for the christ to come(anti-christ) kali priestess, budists etc. is horrifying. open your eyes please. would a lowly catholic go to a voodo ceremony and expect it to be ok with god ever mind the blooming pope. jp2 and benedict are actors and false christians to the core, Vatican 2 destroyed the church. by their fruits you will know them.Dimond if he is wrong is a mistaken catholic. not a heretic as he holds to the faith. benedict is an apostate from hell.

    • you have no idea of catholic cannon law , An apostate
      or heretic priest bishop or pope is auto maticly excumunucate, the church operates under cannon law the pope is an office given by the holy spirit, the holy spirit cannot be contray to gods will . pope jp2 and benedict say the moslim faith gets a person to heaven, despite the affect they blaspheme the holy spirit and say christ wasnt god(anti-christs) and he wasnt even crucified. la sallete rome would loose the faith and become the seat of anti-christ has happened. do you think the devil would make it easy to see. why else did they hide the secret of Fatima it said the rot would start at the top aka the pope himself. The new mass was condemned by popes and councils going back 1600 years. the Vatican sect is not catholic only in name.

  2. i agree although 99% of the stuff is true. the present pope is an anti-christ thus fulfilling la-salette aka rome would loose the faith and become the seat of anti-christ. there is no salvation outside the catholic church. what you forget is catholic baptism is the christian baptism. so through baptism we are all catholics. some are protestant or protesting catholics. so yes outside the catholic church through baptism there is no

  3. salvation outside the catholic church. the word catholic means universal throughout the whole, i.e., universal. aka universal church of christ. through baptism we are all members of the body of christ although in diferent churchs. The original chruch was catholic. and in the same council we had the first creed the bible was put together. so both the nicean creed and the bible(including maccebes)is interwoven and can not be separated.

  4. as for the pope being a heritic and apostate. pope jp2 and benedict were both present at the apostate meeting of aisi at which there were praying with them both voodo doctors(satanists) witches warlocks and every abomination under the sun. Kali preistess (of satan). how can knowing this any catholic not see the apostate nature of the present catholic church, that it is la-salete come true aka a false church . voodo is an obomination. jp2 and benedict both were ex-communicated as apostates that day as were all bishops in attendance or priests who did not condemn it.To denty that is to deny cannon law which governs and protects the church

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