Nadine Dorries Smears Critic as “Stalker”, then Expresses Mirth at “Nutter” Jibe

Nadine Dorries MP, in May:

MP Nadine Dorries has taken her blog down and closed her Twitter account claiming she has been advised to do so by the police.

Ms Dorries… says she has been having “problems” with political blogger Tim Ireland.

Ms Dorries said: “I have been in consultation regarding his behaviour with the Westminster division of the Metropolitan Police, and the House of Commons police, for more than a year.

“Their advice was to close down my blog and Twitter account and thereby remove the ‘oxygen’ upon which he fed. As an election was imminent, I ignored this advice.

Dorries also claimed that the stabbing of Stephen Timms contributed to her decision, even though the stabbing occurred a week after she closed her blog. It is far more likely that, following the Conservative election victory, Dorries decided it was best to start in government with a clean slate of opinions. Bringing Tim into it was a just spiteful bonus – Tim’s blog has satirised her mercilessly, and he has persistently called her to account on various matters. He has never, though, either threatened her or crossed the line into anything that could be regarded as invasive of her as a private person.

Since the publication of the above, Tim has asked Dorries for details about her contact with the police (as have I) – the police have not spoken to Tim. The accusation is not just annoying: last year Tim’s home address was posted on-line by a cyber-thug named Charlie Flowers, who disliked our investigations into on-line “anti-jihad” pseudo-activism. Flowers and his accomplices stated that their aim was to force Tim to “go back to Australia”, and Flowers later claimed that he enjoyed the support of Dorries and had been in contact with her; while this is unlikely to have to been true, smears by an MP helped to create a climate in which lies and threats could be made with impunity. More recently, an anonymous and sinister site was created containing lies about members of Tim’s family.

Dorries hasn’t responded to Tim’s request for information, or acknowledged that the threats he has faced from someone who claims to have links with her go beyond “flame war” acrimony into more sinister territory (and she does know the situation). So, Tim contacted Andy Rayment, who chairs the Conservative Party in Dorries’ constituency. Rayment also refused to explain anything, but he found time to send an abusive response. Bedfordshire on Sunday reported that

…The Tory chief has a clear opinion on Mr Ireland’s email replying: “I do not waste my time communicating with nutters so do not expect me to respond to any of your communications, electronic or otherwise.”

Dorries, meanwhile, sees no more need to continue to pretend that Tim has ever really made her feel afraid:

…when a ‘nutter’ began bombarding my association with telephone calls and emails, this made me laugh out loud

I have heard that when a copy of this was leaked to my local newspapers, in indignation, it caused much mirth in the newspaper offices too.

How can anyone take seriously anything this person says?

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    At 6 months the baby cannot feel pain ????
    With so many people desperate to adopt a baby why
    would anyone wan’t to butcher their own child . It has
    caused lasting damage in many women – could they
    now sue the Royal College ?????

    Would members of the “Royal College liked to have
    been butchered in their mother’s womb – would Tim
    Ireland have like it.
    We will all stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ.
    How will anyone justify millions of murdered 6 month
    old babies to Jesus .

    The Muslims would not do this .

    • While I respect your right to an opinion Charles, what does Nadine’s view on abortion have to do with her lying to smear a man she clearly see’s as a thorn in her side simply because he continues to point out her hypocrisy and lies?

      Absolutely nothing. Nadine’s views on abortion don’t come into this – the point here is that someone in a position of power, paid by the taxpayer, is willing to lie mercilessly regardless of whether it ruins the life of a fellow human being.

      And with respect, I consider the feelings of the living more important to those of the unborn. To Nadine Dorries, it seems the opposite is true.

      • The unfortunate thing is that abortion has ruined the
        lives of millions of potential humans and created a
        massive demographic gap.

    • Charles Allan is exactly the kind of person Nadine Dorries plays to when she labels political opponents in the abortion debate with names like ‘Dr Death’. In that sense, this comment is almost relevant. Almost.

      Happily, we can use the subject of the abortion debate to drag ourselves back on topic; it was during her national campaign to lower the abortion limit that I first became aware of Dorries’ habit of attacking critics with highly dubious accusations (which she will often go on to repeat /maintain even after they are proved false):

      Thanks for taking the time on this post., Richard.

  2. Who’s this Christ fellow? Was he on Big Brother 9?

  3. That first comment is clearly way off topic. So be it. Both Nadine and Tim are entitled to express their views about women’s choice. I happen to agree with (a) Tim and (b) Nadine too, when she was (not famously enough) pro choice in her first candidacy in Hazel Grove.

    Her opponents there were not. Nadine subsequently fell in with some fundamentalists, having one of her daughters educated among them, and enjoying their patronage when a previous Tory incumbent in Mid Bedfordshire was ousted by Tory HQ.

    This fact makes Nadine’s attacks on Emily’s List – which provides tiny amounts to help women candidates – quite extraordinary. It appears that Nadine was promoted from a likely third place in some Northern seat to this safe as houses constituency because she had cosied up to this cause and those promoting it.

    The previous incumbent was sacked by CCHQ and/or the local association over bizarre behaviour in course of parliamentary duties (e.g. proposal that Queen or other rival Royal should be elected from time to time), and yes some problems sticking to the rules on expenses and taking the piss out of the perks of the job (e.g. organising package tours of the House etc from which this geezer was making oodles of cash).

    This was very last minute. The person who had to make the last minute choice – it seems – was a Tory high up and a fellow mum at a famous Catholic public school. Some even suggest that Dorries, who is not a catholic, and was not at that point notable for any Christian adherence or pro life beliefs, spotted the link between the school and the selection supremo and got stuck in accordingly.

    One would have to say that this Rayment character would have to be on drugs to write such a missive knowing it would be quickly published, and ditto for Dorries to write such a blogpost .. except for the fact that they are rabid Conservatives from the far right of that organisation. An organisation of greedy fools and hard-of-thinking muppets. So that’s ahem “all right” then.

  4. We are still getting away from the question – Is it right
    to kill a child in the womb that would eventually turn into
    an adult and have a life like you Tim . By the way do you
    have children.
    These aborted children could easily have been adopted. I would not
    like to live with the responsibility of taking another life.

    Plus it can damage the mother at a later stage.

    Although when I was younger I admit I was indifferent.

    Tim seems to make out that other politicians are as white as snow – are you kidding.

    • Charles, other politicians do not have to be whiter than white for the use of malicious lies to be wrong (and, in any case, I did not make out that they were).

      The subject under discussion here is the malicious lies told by Nadine Dorries and the subsequent risk to my family.

      Unless your position is that Nadine Dorries is a protector of unborn children and in your view permitted to act she sees fit in this mission, your views, and mine, on abortion have no relevance to this conversation.

      • Tim – I admit I have not read a thing about what happened between you and Nadine. I am just anti abortion and what is actually happening is being hidden behind words like “pro choice” ” termination”
        when it is actually the murder of the unborn child rather than just a foetus.

        Is it not the pro abortionists that are masterful with their
        terms of phrase ?

    • This “question” about abortion you keep bringing up isn’t mentioned in the original blog post (unless it’s under one of the links), so how are the replies “getting away from the question”?

      If you’d read and digested the original post, you’d also realise that yes, Tim does have children.

  5. Xerode – was much of this not started off by Nadine
    being against current abortion termination times and “supposedly” using strong anti abortion language.

    • I admit I have not read a thing about what happened between you and Nadine. I am just anti abortion

      Ok, Charles, you’ve let everybody know that you’re anti-abortion, bully for you. Now, how about commenting on the topic of the blog post?

      P.S. The topic of the blog post was not abortion.

  6. Nadine Dorries and her vile allies and defenders are awful examples of humanity, really they are. Quite awful.

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  8. Dogsbody
    I am actually not sure – I think I went onto Nadine
    Dorries’s site which you can can still bring up and
    saw that one of the contentious issues between
    Nadine and Tim was about the way she was using her views on abortion for political reasons – but I don’t see
    anything wrong in this .

    However good to stand up for the unborn child.

  9. Daniel – I just googled up one site which was to do
    with David Cameron thoughts on lowering the abortion age , Nadine’s involvement and is on Tim’s blog.

    So it was one of the issues was it not ?

    I know nothing of Tim but I don’t see the point of using
    abusive language on anyone .

  10. Daniel
    So allowing a human life to survive is backwards –
    1984 was a long time ago.

  11. I thought a general line of the post was also about the
    abuse Tim was receiving – now I know how he feels.

    Could you wield the knife in an abortion – I pray not.

  12. I think I will de mentalise from this blog and do something more useful.

    By the way why were you allowed your ” backwards” comment but you said our opinions don’t matter ?

  13. Just one last mental comment- Had a quick look at “the truth about abortion” websites. Who could support this butchery ?????
    Whether using soft or strong language.

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