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American Clergy Leadership Conference on Koran and Cross

2010: The American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), which is closely allied with Rev Sun Myung Moon, calls for objects of faith to be treated with respect (via press release):

Christian pastors will conduct a press conference at the Imani Temple on Capitol Hill at 6th and Maryland Northeast at 10:00 a.m., Friday, September 10th  to announce an “International Day of Reverence and Respect for All Faiths.”

Christian leaders joined by leaders of many faiths are alarmed by the actions of one pastor in Gainesville, Florida who plans to commemorate the 9-11 tragedy by burning the Koran.  Christian pastors are outraged at his misguided understanding of the Christian faith and the misapplication of the message of Jesus.   

In response to this crisis, Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., Founder and Senior Pastor of Imani Temple on Capitol Hill, and Co-president of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), is calling on pastors throughout the nation and the world to join in an International  “Day of Reverence and Respect for All Faiths,  Believers and all Holy Books at  their Sunday services this coming Sunday, September 12th.”…

2003: The American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), inspired by Rev Moon, calls for churches to repudiate and destroy the symbol of the cross:

Rather than the traditional egg hunt, this group, calling itself the American Clergy Leadership Conference, sponsored a nationwide “Tear Down The Cross” day for Easter, 2003.

…One series of photos found on Moon’s web site, but purged after receiving unfavorable attention earlier this year from evangelicals, shows Massachusetts preacher John Kingara taking down the cross from his church, hauling it behind the old brick building and hoisting it into a dumpster. Another shows a ritual in Israel disposing of the cross in the earth.

Kingara, embracing the ACLC’s new gospel, declared in remarks found in the Unification News, “The fact that the cross is a symbol of division, shame, suffering and bloodshed prove that it is not of God but Satan.” He continued, “On this 18th day of April 2003, we are beginning a new history. Pastors, please, help me to bring the cross down, because it is not of God but the devil.”

Anyone Else Still Here?

The Day and the Hour

September 2, 2010

It should be pretty clear that the studies found in the book and this website look to this Feast of Trumpets 2010 (September 9th) as the time of the Rapture of the Church. That is less than a week away. Time is quickly running out…

Jerusalem sunset is 1853 on September 9th.

(Hat tip: Bulldada Newsblog Source: Here)

BBC Anti-Muslim Fundamentalist Fail

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