New Lawsuit against Eddie Long

From Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth magazine, 2005:

When it comes to Africa, Bishop Long has a fervent mission: to challenge and mobilize African- American resources in the Motherland—beginning with Kenya in particular. Great strides took place during his latest trip to this East African country in July 2005. Read these reports and see why there is no doubt that Bishop Eddie L. Long’s divine vision to change a nation will find favor with the people of God everywhere.

There follow gushing accounts of Long’s charity, development, and missionary work in the country (there’s a maternity hospital named after him), a “breakfast meeting” with former President Daniel arap Moi, and a business banquet:

Hundreds of businesspersons came to hear Bishop Long at a formal banquet, in which he challenged them to understand and respond to their role as “kings” and to support the vision of the “priests.” In a “what would it be like” moment, Bishop Long postured the possibility of a coordinated effort between African-American and Kenyan businesspersons in manufacturing, retailing and economic development.

However, a new allegation claims that Long’s “divine vision” wasn’t the only thing on his mind that July:

A fourth lawsuit has been filed against Atlanta-area pastor Eddie Long, alleging he coerced a 17-year-old into a sexual relationship during a 2005 trip the two took to Africa.

…On the first night in Nairobi… the youth told the pastor he was having difficulty going to sleep, the suit states. Long provided Ambien, a sleep aid, and they both took the drug, according to the suit.

Long then gave [the youth] a hug, kissed and licked the youth’s lips and rubbed the teen’s chest, according to the lawsuit. They slept in bed together that evening and during the rest of the Kenya trip, the lawsuit states, adding they went on shopping sprees.

As has been widely reported, photos have emerged of Long standing in his bathroom wearing spandex, taken on his mobile phone and sent to some of the young men who are now suing. Another unfortunate impression, whatever the truth my turn out to be.

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  1. Eddie Long needs to be in prison for the rest of his life if found guilty!!!

  2. […] I blogged on the allegations against Long (who once declared that “the job of the preacher is to bring fresh sperm!”) here and here. […]

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