Here’s one I missed from a couple of months ago: Loonwatch notes various pictures posted on the Facebook page of Stop Islamization of America, including one that purports to be associated with military servicepeople:

Why does a certain comedy sketch come to mind?

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  2. Speaking of Loonwatch . . .

    Mr. Bartholomew, what are you doing associating with this group?

  3. Oh come on!

    Loonwatch is a terrible, lying, bigoted, nasty little web site. I am not the only person to notice this.

    They feature this web page on their blog roll, and reference them.

    Do you even read Loonwatch? Do you agree with them?

    You should give a toss.

    • Loonwatch is brilliant! It systematically debunks the islamophobes that infest the internet.

      • Brilliant? systematically debunks?

        Baloney. I defy you to back that up. Loonwatch is an utterly transparent propaganda site.

        With all due respect, one has to be a fool not to recognize this.

        I can give you examples of their mendacity all day long.

        What have you got?

      • “Such sites diminish the humanity and dignity of their authors, and insult the intelligence of their readers. ” – Bartholomew

        So you do care about what people say. That’s hardly surprising. After all, you have a blog. You want to, at least, appear informed.

        Well, Loonwatch is one of those sites you complain about.

        I am getting the feeling that you don’t actually read Loonwatch, but just pass along things they may send you.

        While you may find your politics over lap with those of Loonwatch, you had better take a look at this web site. They are getting pretty obvious in their role as a platform for Muslim Brotherhood propaganda, and just nastiness in general.

        Here’s an example –

        This story about David Flores was carried by Loonwatch with the title “Kill him, he’s a f___ing Muslim!”.

        This is not a story about Muslim persecution, but rather one about a community group apprehending an exhibitionist.

        David Flores was not assaulted for being thought a Muslim, but was arrested for masturbating in front of children.

        They do this kind of thing all.the.time.

        Compare this story with Loonwatch’s treatment of the “Muslim Patrol”.

        Loonwatch poo-poo’s the Muslim Patrol by mischaracterizing the statements of Ted Jeory, and failing to inform the reader about Anjem Choudary’s involvement with the Muslim Patrol.

        Indeed, one can find the name Jamaal Uddin associated with Choudary, the Muslim Patrol thuggery, and terror plots.

        The names Jordan Horner, or Jamaal Uddin are never mentioned, at all, on Loonwatch.

        So, one the one hand you have a story about a community watch group working with the police, catching a degenerate, and on the other, you have a gang of Muslims enforcing Sharia law on the streets of London through threats of physical violence.

        Loonwatch turns the law abiding citizens into bigots, and covers-up for the Muslim punks that Choudary inspires.

        There are dozens of examples of things similar to this on Loonwatch.

        Here is a link to my growing collection of them.

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