Creation House Scrubs Terry Jones “Islam is of the Devil” Book

On 4 August I blogged on Pastor Terry D. Jones’ book Islam is of the Devil, which had just been published by Creation House. The imprint was of interest: while Jones appeared to be a marginal figure, allied to Fred Phelps but repudiated by everyone else because of his plans for a Koran book-burning, Creation House is owned by the influential neo-Pentecostal media empire Strang Communications. It seemed to me that perhaps Jones, who had been part of the controversial Maranatha organisation in the 1980s, was not as far out on the fringe as he appeared.

However, I also asked whether Creation House was now embarrassed by the association with Jones. I observed:

Mention of the book on the company’s website is confined to a small entry in a pdf catalogue, and an associated Creation  House Facebook page has recently deleted several messages from one of Jones’ fellow pastors at Dove, Wayne Sapp.

A couple of days after I wrote that, Creation House quietly revised its catalogue and scrubbed the book; although the old edition is still available from the link above, it’s an orphan document which someone forgot to remove. The Creation House frontpage links to the new version, which is almost exactly the same as the previous one except for page 19, where Islam is of the Devil has been replaced with a title by another author, entitled Snakes in the Pulpit. Meanwhile, the book is listed as “temporarily out of stock” on Amazon.

Jones, like his spiritual brother Fred Phelps, is a desperate attention-seeker: last year it was an “Islam is of the Devil” sign outside his church, and members of the congregation joined the Rifqa Bary circus while wearing t-shirts bearing the same message. His planned Koran bonfire for 11 September has brought him international attention, although he’s still keen to come up with new stunts to keep himself and his church in the limelight. His latest effort is a new video, in which he opines that the word “nigger” is not racist because (take a deep breath) “there’s white niggers, and there’s black niggers. A nigger is how you act”. Pastor Wayne Sapp then follows up with a different message, delivered in a weird passive-aggressive style: he explains that no-one should use the word, because it’s “demeaning” and “degrading”; however, it’s unfair that black comedians are allowed to use it, and he rails against the “double standard” of racism which this supposedly exposes. Bizarrely, the video ends with a snippet from the Pink Floyd song Goodbye Cruel World.

As well as being dropped by Creation House, Jones recently lost the support of a certain “Prince Shannon Carson”, who had previously promised to lead a militia to protect the church against Muslims. Gen J.C. Christian had a chat with him a few days ago.

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  1. <repudiated by everyone else

    At least it wasn’t refudiated, thus, completely alienating it’s target audience.

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  6. what you are doing proves the real trouth of Qur’an
    Dear Dr.Terry Allah said in Our’an before(more than) 1400 years that you will hear from some of those who received the Book before you as well as from those who incorporate with Allah other deities injuriously contemptuous insults, and it is then better to considere matters with an attitude of mind reflecting high spirit and strong will!. So you are in fact one of those whom insults to Qur’an and Islam was expected, which proves the Miracle of Qur’an and that Qur’an is descended from God almighty who created you and the whole universe.[Holy Quran Translation In English – Daftar Isi 3- « The Family of â��Imran » ALâ��â��IMRAN « Madinite » – Verse 186 ## ************* Verse 186 ## 186- You people shall be afflicted with some disagreeable events and misfortunes to test your qualities. You shall experience loss in wealth and in lives and you shall hear injuriously contemptuous insults from those who received the Book before you as well as from those who incorporate with Allah other deities. If you are patient and forbearing and you entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah, you will have then considered matters with an attitude of mind reflecting high spirit and strong will.

    • I am not incorporating other deities with Allah. Personally, I could care less, it is not my religion. I am Jinn

  7. Terry jones really needs to grow up he is an idiot and before he talks about islam he should stop studying terrorist or fanatics and start studying real muslims because terrorists exist in every religion not only islam !! And if a mosque is built a near ground zero muslims will be praying there where lives were lost not anything else !! If he burns the Qu’ran I am sure that Muslims will not let this go and they will fight for what they believe in and he will burn in hell !! This is an unforgivable sin !! We should embrace and respect all religions and he should stop being a racist bastard !! Muslims are living everyday normal lives amongst all people and not causing any problems so terry jones get your head out of your ass and open your eyes to real muslims and not terrorists because those will exist and continue to exist in every religion and there is nothing you can do about it and burning the quran will probably just make them want to kill you and attack even more !! just shows how smart you are !!! TERRY JONES YOUR A DUMBASS !!

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  15. Let me tell one thing if you do link between Islam and Devil thats mean you know nothing about Islam.

    Simple reading to Holy Quran will tell you more about your God ,messengers ,Origin of earth, Facts about the lives
    Islam is the last religion that copy the previous messages and add the let say the conclusion.
    So, you should tell people to get in Islam if you are still really human!!


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