“Our England Today” Protest at Preston KFC

The Lancashire Evening Post reports from Preston:

Up to 20 members of Our England Today waved placards and St George’s Cross flags at KFC in Deepdale Shopping Park, Preston, on Friday.

The restaurant is one of around 80 outlets across the country taking part in a trial following requests to provide halal food in parts of the UK.

…The group, mainly young men, some with children, said the protest was not an English Defence League (EDL) demonstration.

However it was advertised on an EDL social networking website page and a statement on their website said: “We would like to encourage “flash demos” at these restaurants”.

We also learn that “several of the group’s members were kicked off by retail park security staff for drinking cans of lager”. I blogged on the EDL’s dismay and outrage that Bacon Boxmasters are no longer available from some KFC stores here.

Details of Our England Today are scarce; adverts on Facebook were posted by a certain “Patriot Oet”, who does not share the EDL’s wish to maintain distance from the BNP:

This is the latest group of activists, that will be activley fighting to take back our country, Our England Today welcome BNP members and  friends, we are all in the same fight, God Save Our Country, also watch out for the facebook group.


This group supports Her Majesty and our heritage, we will stand and fight for our country, will you? Our England Today will peacefully protest against immigration, Islaminationm in fact any problem that threatens to undermine this once great country, your fathers fought and if not their fathers did, will you?

There is also a link to an uninformative website, which appears to be largely locked down but run by someone calling himself “ThePatriot“. Unsurprisingly, “ThePatriot” is a fan Crusader imagery, portraying himself as a black knight of some sort. There is a notice for a leadership meeting for 23 April, at which the leadership “will meet to make some decisions on the OurEnglandToaday [sic] clothing range, and discuss future events for the group”.

(Hat tip: Islamophobia Watch)