The English Defence League and Politically Incorrect

The recently-revamped website of the English Defence League carries a prominent news feed from “Politically Incorrect” (PI), a German site which carries some English-language materials. The stories focus on particular incidents which are presented as proof of the essential depravity of Muslims – once again undermining the EDL’s claim that it is opposed to Islamic extremism, rather than Muslims as such. Here’s a recent entry:

While the victims of Catholic child abuse are still in everyone’s conversation, the same human rights individuals have no interest in the victims of Islamic abuse. In Yemen, a 13-year-old girl has now bled to death due to serious vaginal injuries that her perverse 30-year-old “husband” inflicted upon her.

…Aha! Poverty is to blame. And tribal cultures! And – oh yes – a couple of (evil) Islamists. It was certainly not the “example” of the paedophilic “prophet.” Child marriage is Islamic!

The perversity of Muslims is not the site’s sole interest, though: the current top article is an an attack on the Israeli whistleblower Anat Kam, and the German parent site has pieces against the “CO2 religion” of global warming. There’s also merchandise for sale, including items with this English-language logo:

PI is currently co-organising  a demonstration in support of Geert Wilders, having been inspired by the recent EDL rally in Westminster.

PI is run by a certain Stefan Herre (var. Stephan Herre), a former sports teacher, and the site reportedly receives a large number of visitors. In 2008 there was controvery when it took advertising from the Jewish Task Force, a US-based Kahanist organisation, as reported in Der Speigel here. Details about PI in English are scarce, although Google Translate provides some gleanings for those of us who cannot read German. A journalist named Stefan Niggemeier is one prominent critic of the site (Herre reportedly threatened a libel action in 2008 over his remarks on the JTF advertising), complaining in particular of the excesses of the discussion boards. The site has also been studied by Yasemin Shooman of the Centre for Research on Anti-Semitism at the Technical University of Berlin (in 2008 the Centre organised a controversial conference comparing anti-Muslim discourse of today with traditional anti-Semitism). In 2007, a South African writer for the site named Jens von Wicht repudiated his involvement with PI, complaining of its “cultic character”.

PI also berates critics as “Dhimmis”, and, like the EDL, it has particular vitriol for left-wing opponents. Here’s another logo from the site: