Fox Promotes NSS “Islamic Crescent Logo” Conspiracy Theory

The Daily Show has had a bit of fun with this; if you’re in the UK, you can watch the show on More4 here. Apparently, the discovery was made by Crescent-Finder General Alec Rawls, author of conspiracy-tome Crescent of Betrayal: Dishonoring the Heroes of Flight 93. Rawls dismisses the “official” explanation, that the logo was inspired by a hydrogen atom:

Most obviously, why the gap in the electron’s orbit? The only purpose of this gap would seem to be to turn the crescent into the familiar Islamic-shaped crescent.

Less obviously, notice that the fattening of the crescent at the lower left indicates visually that the electron is coming closer at that point. That would only be the case if the orbit were being observed somewhat edge-on, but that would make the orbit appear to the observer as an ellipse, not the circle seen in the NSS logo.

By the same token, since the orbit is seen as circular rather than elliptical, that means it is being observed from above (from one of the poles of the axis of rotation), which means the electron is not moving closer to and further from the observer, hence no crescent-like fattening of the arc would be observed.

The only purpose for the unnatural fattening of the circle on one side representation would again seem to be to create the familiar Islamic shaped crescent.

Meanwhile, other wingers are complaining that the logo was superimposed over a map of the world at the summit:

…I read about it at The Lonely Conservative who… asks “what’s at the center of the earth?” The answer is not the United States. The answer is Africa, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Oman, U.A.E, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Europe…


In February (H/T Ed Brayton), Frank Gaffney was part of a bandwagon warning that the DOD’s Missile Defense Agency’s new logo represented the “morphing of the Islamic crescent and star with the Obama campaign logo…” and was an act “of submission to Shariah by President Obama”. However, Gaffney backtracked (grudgingly, and to the dismay of Rawls) when it was pointed out that the DOD logo had been commissioned in 2007. Fox pushed that as a story, too.

In 2008, I noted someone who perceived an Islamic crescent in a map of an earthquake.

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  1. Wow …

    I’m not nearly creative enough to become a conspiracy nut, am I?

  2. Wow indeed…..

  3. In other news, the moon is also part of the great Muslim conspiracy, but only on certain days of the month.

    All part of the coming one world religion – undermining
    the Passion of Jesus – His agonising death on the CROSS ( which Islam denies ) for subtitutionary payment for our sins.
    Jesus’s cheque for our sins will not bounce . No other religious leader has gone through agonising death for us.
    Take up hs cross every day for ” his load is easy and his burden is light ” ” and you will find rest for your souls”

  5. charles allan:
    “the Passion of Jesus – His agonising death on the CROSS ( which Islam denies ) for subtitutionary payment for our sins.”

    Last I checked, every religion on earth denies that as well…whcih is what makes them different religions.You get?

  6. I would have thought the (supposed) crescent could more easily be interpreted as a sign of Islamophobia – given that the context is a nuclear security summit – rather than as a way of promoting Islam.

    So if the other religions make no payment for our sins
    how will our sins be paid for ??? The Bible says we
    will pay in a terrible lost eternity. So its not whether the
    religion is DIFFERENT – it is whether it is the TRUTH or not.
    The promised way out of this is to accept Jesus’s passion on the cross as payment – repent and then follow him and the reward is eternal life in heaven.
    google up ” 23 minutes in hell” for an incentive.

  8. Charles, your Christian faith should not be based on fear of God’s wrath, but rather based on an acceptance of God’s love. Christianity is not confrontational, it is not an ultimatum. If you must evangelise then you should offer an invitation of God’s love, not aggresively threaten people with eternal damnation.

    In any case, you seem like an angry man. I suggest you read some of the New Testament, it may change your idea of what God is and how a Christian should act. I sincerely hope that you take this to heart and begin following the teachings of christ (i.e Compassion, Charity, Humility, Pacifism, Equality, etc).

    • George – It is the Bible that commands us to fear God’s
      wrath but also to love his mercy which comes from his
      only Son’s passion on the cross.
      So if we accept Jesus as our saviour and follow his commands eg repent etc our sins no matter how bad – they are forgiven . But no other way is mentioned.

      ” depart from me into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels” was also spoken by Jesus.

      Then there is the lake of fire in Revelation as told by Jesus.

      And “few will find the way”. All sad verses for those
      who have rejected Christ.

      Paul the Apostle ” work out your salvation with fear and trembling”

      It is not to do with my anger – the above comes from the Bible.

    • George
      “Today is the day of your Salvation.”
      We don’t know when we are going to leave this earth

    • Seems like you follow typical new age christianity – love gespel!

      Firstly His name was never “Jesus” it was YAHUSHUA!

      He has His Father’s Name YAH(UHA) in it.Two, christianity was created by the jesuits romand catholics to replace the ORIGINAL Hebraic Way that Yahushua kept – ie TORAH Obedience.

      I suggest you ought to repent of this mythical religion you follow from Rome.

  9. Funny how the Virgin Mary is often represented with a crescent moon below her. I suppose it’s just another example of the black burqa/red vestment alliance.

  10. Just for those who don’t know-Alec Rawls is the son of important legal philosopher John Rawls.

    There’s proof that genetics isn’t everything!

  11. It’s a good job these nuts don’t follow British football. Just imagine their reaction if they saw Portsmouth FC’s logo!.

    • “In an exclusive interview with the AA, researcher and writer Oktan Keles said that the United Kingdom, in the last few years of the Ottoman Empire, conducted intelligence activities by utilizing cultural and sportive events.

      In response to such British activities, Abdulhamit II funded the establishment of the Portsmouth Football Club to conduct Ottoman intelligence efforts in the United Kingdom, Keles said. ”

      Retro-conspira-history is my favourite. Mathematician/historian Anatoly Fomenko postulates that Islam and Christianity were once part of the same established religion, which is partly based on the star and crescent symbol having been interchangeable to signify both in the East. They then must have had a schism at some point, obviously.

      • The Koran was written around 700 AD so by this time
        Christianity was well established.
        Mohammed was well aquainted with the Bible before
        he wrote the Koran .
        So the postulate is out of time by 700 years.

      • You obviously haven’t read your Fomenko then. He contends that there was a historical shift of 1053 years in the accepted chronology you refer to, which would compress most of the history we know into a rather shorter timeframe.

        book of Revelation. Mohammed was around 700 AD.
        No changes to Bible since 90 AD – Bible has more evidence for consistency than any other book dating back to 1st century for new testament and with the dead sea scrolls the old testament has not changed.
        since the original scrolls

      • No changes to the Bible since 90 AD? What about the various compilations of the bible itself, since it didn’t exist as a single book back then and even now you get a different bible depending on which church you frequent?

      • The Quranic view on Jesus comes directly from the snipped gospels such as that of Thomas and the Apocalypse of Peter. The schism lies here, with the Nicean council and that whole can of worms.

  12. Tom – The Jewish scribes would never make one mistake in the old testament Hebrew – they had so many checks and cross checks. Years of work would be dumped if these checks did not agree. It does not matter if it existed as a single book . The translations from the Hebrew might contain the odd mistranslation but nothing significant . It is the same with the new testament in the Greek . Nicky Gumbell on the Alpha
    course does a very good lecture on this – how accurate
    the Bible is – more verified than any other historical book . ” Not one jot or tittle will pass away until all has been fulfillled” – Jesus . Jesus was the WORD !
    As for putting all the books together why should this be wrong although Catholic bible adds a few books that the King James Version ommits why should this be serious. The dead sea scrolls confirm the accuracy
    of scripture.
    TOM – The scribes never made a mistake even though the scripture would speak against them.

    The amazing effortless power of GOD .

    The WORD ( Jesus |) became flesh !

    The Bible is inerrant although the translation from the Hebrew and Greek might have the odd variation – it is not serious .

    Tom – God bless you and lead you to the truth.

    • I have compared two translations of the bible and found a passage where King David orders some prisoners to be chopped up with saws and axes.

      In the other translation, he puts the men to work chopping wood with saws and axes.

      How can you say that is not a significant difference?

  13. Tom – in all my years of studying the Bible I have never
    heard of this one – I will look into it. Don’t know where you got this one – what Bible were you using.

    However David was a warrior and he fought many battles – not least against Goliath.

    • 1 Chronicles 20:3 (King James Version)

      ” 3And he brought out the people that were in it, and cut them with saws, and with harrows of iron, and with axes. Even so dealt David with all the cities of the children of Ammon. And David and all the people returned to Jerusalem.”

      1 Chronicles 20:3 (New International Version)

      “3 and brought out the people who were there, consigning them to labor with saws and with iron picks and axes. David did this to all the Ammonite towns. Then David and his entire army returned to Jerusalem.”

      I was actually comparing King James version with New Jerusalem, which is a modern Catholic translation.

      • Tom – It is the original Hebrew which seems to have been mistranslated ie “cut them” instead of “put them”
        to slave work – it was to do with one letter.
        David had sent ambassadors to befriend the Ammonites. They were renowned for their cruelty – eg
        they would force their children to pass through the
        fires of Molech. But the Ammonites started a war with David so this was to do with the treatment of the POW’s
        called the “children of Ammon”
        Translation of the original Hebrew has led to a few
        mistranslations but this would not take away from the
        truth of he original Hebrew.
        In the new Testament Greek their are only minor differences from the original Greek.
        If David had lost this war he Ammonites would have shown no mercy.
        It is the fact that warts and all passages like this in the Bible that testifies to its truth.
        Worse cruelties than this have happened eg with the Nazis and even today it still will go on until the return
        of Jesus to rule us with Justice with a ” rod of iron”

  14. Tom – vaiyasem = he put them
    – vaiyaser = he sawed

    It is the “m” in the Hebrew from what I have read.

  15. Many corporate logos now utilise the crescent symbol in their logos…just look around.

    I sense it’s an agenda to desensitise people to accept islam in the west and the new world order’s sick agenda.

  16. The Tenakh is very solid. It is of course the Word of YHWH. The brit chadasha (new testament) is full of Jewishness. It was originally written in Aramaic and THEN translated to creek and latin when Rome decided to rebrand it as Christianity ®.

  17. I’m noticing these crescent symbols showing up on Corporate logo’s. Two that I have recently spotted are Pepsi and Pilgrim’s Pride, which recently shortened it’s name to Pilgrims. These two crescents are not per say positioned in the normal pattern, but they are crescents. I believe that this is a move to desensitize us of its unfamiliarity, and make them more acceptable.

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