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Glen Jenvey

Dismay at Pipeline News, as editor William Mayer ponders the Muslim Formerly Known As Glen Jenvey:

“Please don’t call me Glen, my name is Omar Hamza Jenvey now, and I am a Muslim, ” said the former Glen Jenvey, renown in counter-terrorism circles as the man who put Abu Hamza al-Masri [the former imam of the UK’s most radical Muslim house of worship, the North London Finsbury mosque] behind bars.

I initiated the call, despite a sense of dread that the rumor circulating within jihadi chat rooms, that Glen had switched sides in the epic battle between the West and the world of radical Islam, was true.

I now believe it is, and that Jenvey, through a complex and confusing process has turned his back on everything for which he once so brilliantly fought.

…Jenvey told me that he had taken the shahada, the Muslim profession of faith over the phone on the 16th of July, late in the evening, while talking to the most dangerous Muslim radical now in the UK, Anjem Choudary, a disciple of Bakri’s.

…One of the last things Jenvey told me was that he “was a peaceful man.”

Given the transformation he has gone through, his obvious rage at segments of a society which he feels has shunned him and now with the revelation that he has withdrawn his testimony and evidence in the Hamza matter, protecting a key disciple of violent jihad, I disagree.

Jenvey is a traitor plain and simple and at this stage in his life his new found Islamism makes him…capable of untold damage.

Be so advised.

Mayer is so far the only right-wing “anti-jihadi” to have commented on Jenvey’s conversion to Islam; Jenvey’s other ex-allies are all studiously ignoring the subject – including Paul Ray, who wrote in defence of Jenvey when evidence emerged linking him to bogus extremist postings to Muslim websites. Jenvey used these bogus postings to generate stories about Islamic extremism in British tabloids, but several months ago exposure led to the Sun being forced to remove a prominent story from its website. The nadir was reached in May, when a Daily Mail article made a passing reference to Jenvey as “accused by several newspapers of fabricating stories about Islamic extremism” in a story about anti-Muslim protests in Luton. Jenvey responded to this with a disturbing video (since removed) threatening possible suicide by self-immolation outside the Daily Mail‘s offices. Mayer tells us Jenvey says he was also being “hounded and threatened with lawsuits”.

Jenvey claims that the withdrawal of his evidence against Abu Hamza will lead to the collapse of the Hamza case. According to Mayer:

He said he had some very damaging information that might undermine pending UK and U.S. terror cases, but said he wouldn’t be specific because he said that he knew what I would do with it.

Elsewhere, Jenvey explains that:


In particular, he claims that his call for Abu Hamza to be released from prison in the UK inspired Omar Bakri Mohammed to call for the release of a British man, Peter Moore, currently being held hostage by extremists in Iraq:

I was talking with Sheikh Omar Bakri who agree’s we live in a big world and its unfair to see civillian hostage taken.

However, Jenvey has not so far made any comments repudiating the bogus postings he made in the name of “Abu Islam” and other aliases to generate stories of Islamic extremism, nor has he said anything about his acts of harrassment against Tim Ireland, the blogger who first drew attention to all this. Indeed, it seems that the media’s unwillingness to believe his side of the story is what prompted his conversion.

In another article, Jenvey hints at the reason the Mail linked him to the protests in Luton:

The Daily Mail were un-ware in their badly researched story I was under cover collecting information for a British MP and Newspaper for them to pass on to the police to stop public disorder offences from Feb 2009

The MP was Patrick Mercer – as Tim Ireland has shown, Jenvey has (or had) a link to him through Michael Starkey, a university lecturer whose brother Sir John Starkey sits on Patrick Mercer’s constituency executive committee. If the above is supposed to explain why Jenvey had Facebook links to two of the Luton protestors (which was why the Mail included him in its story), then surely this is a betrayal of Paul Ray?

In the same piece, Jenvey also writes that:

over the years i have worked along side several intelligence services and will be sharing this secret info with my friends and Muslim Brother.

That could perhaps get Jenvey arrested – if there is any truth to it.

In his most recent statement, Jenvey calls for Muslim countries to eschew the American dollar:

We call on all Muslim country’s to stop selling Oil in dollar’s and it to be brought in another currency i.e. gold or the Euro which is not controlled by America and it’s supporters of war against the Muslim’s in Palestine. if the leader’s of the Arab World hear this call and switch their money trading in the Middle-east to another form over night the American Dollar will be worthless.

We the under signed ask all Muslim’s and non Muslim’s to reject another round of peace talk’s controlled by Israel and America and make the USA $ Dollar worthless like their false claims for justice and peace for Muslim’s in Palestine

We ask for freedom and justice on all side’s and understanding and demand security for the Palestine people and any leaders in the Arab world who do not sign or support this peaceful protest should consider their self’s in support of violence.

Quite remarkable for a man who back in 2002 promoted a statement on his website declaring that:

There is no such thing as a ‘Palestinian.’ There never was. It is a PR fiction, a Madison Avenue fantasy. There is no ‘intifada,’ El Aksa or otherwise. There is a Philistine Authority Pogrom, both against Jews and Arabs, by Arafat and his thugs…Israel belongs to the Jews – because Allah gave that land to them – why, because the Philistines won’t act like decent human beings – and only decent humans deserve their own country. If the Philistines don’t like it, they should just find somewhere else to live…

(NB: Some of Jenvey’s statements posted to International Analyst Network have been removed from public view. However, they have been reposted here)

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  1. This has to be one of the most bizarre things I’ve read on the internet, and I’ve read some bizarre things.

  2. I’ll second hardindr’s view. I can’t see any way to avoid the conclusion that Jenvey has some medical issues. “Delusions of grandeur” is usually a term bandied about ironically… but this guy seems to have some actual problems.

  3. Hiya Richard!
    I give it three months before he falls out with Choudary and recants.
    and then tries to sell the story to a paper :)


  4. I agree than Jenvey has some issues of some sort – I’m wondering if this is a variation on the Stockholm Syndrome – an over-identification with the “other side”.
    However, don’t entirely dismiss the possibility of a genuine and sincere religious conversion (though it’s a pity it had to be to Choudary’s extremist sect). Give it time, and see what happens.

  5. Regardless of the question of “genuine religious conversion”, the language he uses speaks of a greatly inflated sense of self-importance – and that is what I mean when I say that it appears to approach the level of being a medical issue.

  6. “We the under signed ask all Muslim’s and non Muslim’s to reject another round of peace talk’s ”

    I think that all Muslims need to reject unnecessary apostrophes.

  7. while every person is entitled to worship what ever religion the choose.
    Jumping into bed with Hamza Choudry and Co is somewhat beyond belief. If this is true it shows that Jenvey and his friend can not be trusted.
    Both these people where om my facebook friends list only reason being there is not a contacts list ob facebook.
    The other fella used March for England to keep him self in the spotlight. This was bought to an end by myself and other commitee members. We did not hold with his attacks on a religion as a whole or of some of the people in his videos. Do you not find it strange he tries to use MfE then gets droped moves to the Casual lads then draws peoples names out to be published on line then he drops that group??? Is he an informer for press or other agencies??/

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