Catherine Acholonu: Igbo Traditions Reveal Ancient “Genetic Engineering”

Also: accuses me of racism

Prof. Catherine Acholonu has a new book out: They Lived Before Adam: Prehistoric Origins of the Igbo The Never-Been-Ruled. Acholonu is Nigeria’s Country Ambassador for the UN Forum of Arts and Culture (UNFAC), and according to this profile:

The UNFAC team of culture researchers- linguists, anthropologists, historians, IT specialists, folklorists – led by Prof. Acholonu, are conducting research aimed at unearthing the hidden meanings of ancient Nigerian rock art/inscriptions known as Ikom Monoliths of Cross River State, which thanks to Acholonu’s research findings and nomination application, have now been listed by the World Monument Fund in its 2008 list of 100 Most Endangered Sites as “a ancient form of writing and visual communication … dating before 2000 B.C.” Acholonu is seeking international support and funding for her monoliths research by which she has proved that Sub-Saharan African Blacks possessed an organized system of writing before 2000 B.C. (more than 4000 years ago) and a Pre-History recorded on 350 stones which she and her team of researchers are now  transcribing and translating. (See The Gram Code of African Adam, the first in a series on the monoliths research.) She believes that the contents of these stone records will prove that Black Africans were the midwives of human civilization, and will change human history as we know it.

The inflated claim in the last sentence should set off alarm bells, and here she is in full flow on C-SPAN’s BookTV, speaking recently at the Harlem Book Fair:

Our research includes the origin and meanings of symbols used in every religion and sacred literature all over the world. In these, we found that the Hebrew Bible, the Kabbalahs of the Hebrews and the Chinese, the Hindu Vedas and Ramayana, and the recently discovered Egyptian Crystal Bible called the Nag Hammadi are of immense importance in revealing lost knowledge. Wherever we looked we found evidence confirming the claims by geneticists who have been conducting mitochondrial DNA research in four leading universities here in the USA that all mankind came from sub-Saharan Africa, that Eve and Adam were black Africans.

…Igbo oral traditions confirm the findings of geneticists, that by 208000BC – 208000 BC – human evolution was interrupted and Adam, a hybrid, was created through the process of genetic engineering. However, our findings reveal that the creation of Adam was a downward climb on the evolutionary ladder, because he lost his divine essence, he became divided, no longer whole, or wholesome. All over Africa and in ancient Egyptian reports, oral and written traditions maintain that homo erectus people were heavenly beings, and possessed mystical powers such as telepathy, levitation, bi-location, that their words could move rocks and mountains and change the course of rivers. Adam lost all that when his right brain was shut down.

Listening to that is enough to shut down both sides of the brain. It’s all nonsense, of course – the texts she cites contain no “lost knowledge”, and her description of the Nag Hammadi library (Nag Hammadi is the name of a place) as the “Egyptian Crystal Bible” is simply bizarre. The concept of “Chinese Kabbalah” can be found in a couple of dusty tomes about Freemasonry, but the term has no sensible academic application. The “lost knowledge” she has supposedly discovered is just the latest formulation in a long tradition of pseudo-scientific and mystical speculations that feed parasitically off scientific work. The purpose of all this is apparently to show that the Igbo of Nigeria are the true “kings and queens of the earth”.

Remarkably, as well being broadcast by C-SPAN, this farrago was also recently presented at an Igbo Studies Association conference at Howard University; her speech there can be seen here. It’s more of the same:

Leaning on Archaeology, Linguistics, Historical, Anthropological and Paleontological sources, but also using Igbo, Yoruba and Benin Oral Traditions (for all these peoples are related), Biblical and extra-Biblical sources such as the Hebrew and Chinese Cabbalas, our researchers trace the presence of Igbo-speaking, ichi-bearing god-men world civilizers all the way from the ancient Nok region of Nigeria, to the Sahara Desert of North Africa and  to Pre- and Post-Deluge civilizations around the world, all the way to Egypt, China, India, Greece, Babylon, Assyria, Palestine, etc.; their Pre-Deluge connections to the lost continent of Atlantis where the Igbo language was also spoken; their contributions to the shaping of Hebrew culture, Judaism, the Cabbala and ultimately, Christianity; and their role in ancient Egypt in shaping world Democracy and Philosophy as inventors, architects, philosophers and masterminds of Theocracy and of the egalitarian society known in Greece and the world over as Democracy. Indeed Ndi Igbo have never ceased to be world travelers. As they populate the remotest parts of the planet today, so have they done since at least 500,000 B. C.

However, she doesn’t react well to criticism; I blogged about her previous book Garamma: Stone writings of African Adam in 2005, and her response has been to assert that I am a racist:

Dear Bartolomew and co,
I promised you I would be on C-Span on the 18th of July, 2009 to discuss my latest book and discoveries – the sequel to The Gram Code of African Adam which you have been insulting and casting racist slurs at. Well my lecture came up on the 17th but was out on U-Tube by the 18th. You can obtain copies of the lecture on C-Span Online Library and you can watch part of it on The Daily Beast U-Tube site.

Clearly, the civilized world is listening, Bartolomew. Hardly anyone is still jumping around in the jungle of human error thinking racist thoughts like you and your KKK-sounding kind..

For someone who has many tuning into your site, you would do your image a world of good by coming out of your 10th Century fixation with racial stratification of the human intellect. We would be glad to welcome you into the 21st Century.

Of course I’m not a racist – I’ve written against racism numerous times on this blog, and I’ve been proud to carry a guest-post by the Nigerian intellectual Leo Igwe.  Acholonu’s theory is a grandiose fantasy, and it would be patronising to say otherwise. It’s rather pathetic to see someone who wants to be taken seriously hiding behind a bogus accusation of this kind.

Acholonu’s complete C-SPAN talk can be seen here. I’ve also blogged on a religious movement in the UK that uses Igbo identity – see here.

They Lived Before Adam

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  1. It seems the person in question is confusing racism with challenging terrible ideas.

  2. People will buy anything.
    Bottled water for $2.50,
    nuff said?

  3. Interestingly, I’ve heard this story before from a rather different source: ‘Bible’ Christians. While watching a Christian TV station, I heard Bible teacher Les Feldick claim that archaeologists (ark-e-ologists?) have discovered that Pre-Flood people were vastly more civilized and technologically advanced than anything we can imagine today. But then I’ve also heard him say that moon dust proves the earth is less than 10,000 yrs old, so I tend to take what he says with a grain of salt.

    I would love to see Prof. Acholonu and any Scofield Reference Bible-believer argue over the skin pigmentation of these pre-Deluge supermen. In the imagination of the independent Baptist, these ancient people are no doubt somewhat fairer complexioned than would be convenient for Prof. Acholonu’s political agenda.

  4. It all sounds rather similar to the Nation of Islam’ s Creation story, in which Black Africans were the original race and White people the degenerate result of experiments by a mad Black scientist.
    Of course, the NOI and Prof. Acholonu aren’t alone in their belief that there is/was only One True Race, and that all other races are degenerate copies.

    • Well…somewhat true but not exactly. There was only ONE RACE of people, however, no degenerated Races thereafter. Yahweh just had to start somewhere and that choice was with Black people. Does this make us superior to others RACES? NO! There seem to be the notion that my counterpart brothers choose the opposite theory.

  5. I thank you Bart, for taking out time to dig out all that material from my website and from C-Span. Now we are really talking. For four years your insults against my work and my person have been on your site with no reply from me or from any sensible human being. U will agree that I can’t let that situation go on indefinitely. I have now, after four years, given you the only reply you deserve and you say I dont take kindly to criticism. If you listen to yourself, you will know that yours is not constructive criticism. Its not even criticism at all, but rather a hatchet job inspired by only one thing. Race! When you lashed out against my book in 2005, you hadnt even seen the book, and you still havent! Thus you have failed the first rule of criticism. U DONT QUALIFY TO CRITICIZE A WORK YOU DID NOT READ., AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU, WITH BRAINS BLOCKED BY NEPOTISM ARE FEW IN THIS WORLD -THANK GOODNESS!!!! The C-Span outing will tell you one thing – You are becoming a minority., an anachronism!

    • This is just silly. As is your theory :

      “our findings reveal that the creation of Adam was a downward climb on the evolutionary ladder, because he lost his divine essence, he became divided, no longer whole, or wholesome. All over Africa and in ancient Egyptian reports, oral and written traditions maintain that homo erectus people were heavenly beings, and possessed mystical powers such as telepathy, levitation, bi-location, that their words could move rocks and mountains and change the course of rivers. Adam lost all that when his right brain was shut down.”

      That’s not science, and it barely even qualifies as pseudo-science. I don’t think it would even have passed muster as an “X Files” episode.

    • This is a controversial finding and I am a Nigerian, so this really intrigues me but I would like Catherine to always say her dispositions with words that do not accuse and exhibit anger because I see those reactions as weakness and uncontrollable. You don’t amount to much when you are angry because if you are speaking out of these emotions, could your emotions be toying with you in your research?

  6. Catherine, you need to hsow some respect to the term racist and stop throwing it around willy-nilly and accept that Richard’s criticism of you is based on the quality of your work and its conclusions rather than racism.

    There is a very big difference.

  7. So Catherine has a theory which says that black men and women are superior and godly, or at least, were, whereas the rest of us are just lesser beings with a limited intellect and who can be blamed for mankind being cursed as it were and she is calling you a racist? WTFSRSLY woman…

    • Superioty is not by birth, skin colour, etc. Superioty is also not by the foremost of beings. Superioty is active and as a result, dynamic and can only be determined at a time T, considering a particular contribution. If it was a first-Come Serve affair, the Indians should own America. The question we should really ask and find answers to is the Truth in Cathy’$ researches. I say we consider this question and give it more importance because we really need to know how past because without knowing where we from, we can’t know where we going.

  8. Calling Richard Bartholomew is an insult not only to him but to all those how have actually suffered from racism. All he is doing is exposing your absurd theories. And calling people racist when they are not demonstrates that you cannot handle criticism.

  9. Hey guys , lets be real and stop throwing muds like school children , I believe Prof. Catherine when she said that you can’t criticise a book if you have’nt read it , secondly your criticisms seem to be drawn from the fact that she is revealing the qualities and content of character that extols the African . This behaviour can be termed RACISM . I would rather advise that we all get copies of the book , read it and then be really qualified to even discuss it. ADAM as we know is everyone’s ancestor, not only Bartholomew’s. Again, if Prof. Acholonu’s view is in agreement with those of the American geneticists , then why crucify her alone? Is that not about race again.

  10. Hi people. Sorry to disappint you, but the duty of the researcher is to put across, their findings no matter how unpopular. Falsehoods have been making the world go round, and none of you can pretend you dont know, unless you are one of those who thrive on it. Do I hear fundamentalism and fanaticism when someone says his two brains were shut down when he heared that ancient Africans left behind a corpus of stone writings? If Adam was not a downward climb, why is the world so ‘peaceful’ and everything ‘perfect’? What you are doing is what Barrack Obama calls ‘fear-mongering’. Like Sarah Pailin was a class mate of some of you? What did you say Chinese Cabbala is? See! That’s exactly what I am talking about. You judge intelligence by colour and race, thus Africans and Chinese can’t have any thing to contribute to knowlegde. I still say you are in the minority because this view is so dinosaur.Jesus said that many are dying for lack of knowlegde, and promised to send help “to teach you all things….” So be humble, listen and learn…. Still thanks for all your contributions. Keep that thoughts flowing.

    • “So be humble, listen and learn” I feel is more suited to you Catherine, your findings have little basis in fact and you pin together idea with no objectivity but an agenda.

      More importantly, you lose all credit when you go aorund calling people racist who clearly are not.

      That makes you look very, very weak minded.

      • WOW dANIEL hOFFMANN! i hope u dont think am insulting u by saying u r very very weak minded? because if so; then u should apologize to the Professor.

  11. Carl, it’s true that we – or I, at any rate – have not read the book. But what am I to think when the author of this book writes rubbish such as the following, in this blog’s comments?

    “our findings reveal that the creation of Adam was a downward climb on the evolutionary ladder, because he lost his divine essence, he became divided, no longer whole, or wholesome. All over Africa and in ancient Egyptian reports, oral and written traditions maintain that homo erectus people were heavenly beings, and possessed mystical powers such as telepathy, levitation, bi-location, that their words could move rocks and mountains and change the course of rivers. Adam lost all that when his right brain was shut down.”
    “Do I hear fundamentalism and fanaticism when someone says his two brains were shut down when he heared that ancient Africans left behind a corpus of stone writings?”

    That doesn’t sound like something a real scientist or researcher would write. For instance, where is it shown that ancient peoples knew about Homo Erectus, or that H Erectus could do all these miraculous things?. And the second example doesn’t even make sense. (Perhaps because I have “two brains shut down”?)

  12. You all are truly racist. What is wrong with this lady’s methods and results? If she is crazy then so is the entire field of archeology, anthropology, western history. The people who told us that Columbus discovered North America are here lecturing us on science and research. If she is nuts, so are you. What she is doing is nothing different from what you racists and your ancestors have been doing for centuries and are still doing. Western civilization’s pretense to be the centre of the universe is obscene and if what she is saying sound ridiculous and crazy, just know, that is exactly how outrageous western history, civilization, religions sound. Please spare us your outrage. Nonsense.

  13. Oh great, now we’re all racists.

    Jeez, some people love to bandy the word about and denigrate it’s meaning.

  14. hi people, still at it? Okay let’s all get level headed about this thing. I WANT TO ASK A SIMPLE QUESTION. WHAT IS SO HARD TO BELIEVE ABOUT THE FACT THAT MITOCHONDRIAL DNA ANALYSES FROM FOUR LEADING USA UNIVERSITIES HAVE CONCLUDED THAT ALL HUMANS ALL OVER THE WORLD WERE BORN BY A WOMAN WHO LIVED IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA ABOUT 280,000 YEARS AGO? WESTERN GENETICISTS TELL US THIS. They say that this means that EVE WAS AN AFRICAN. This means that all of your ancestors and mine were native Africans, possibly from my village. All I have done is to concurr with your and our great Western researchers. But I have proved them even more right by supplying more evidence from language analysis, cultural and anthropological materials. Clearly some one has not been reading and updating himself. What is this flood of attacks coming from my Western brothers and sisters simply because an African dares to say he\she discovered something? A palaeonthologist from the West once came to Africa and found the fossil remains of a woman he termed an ancestor of Homo Habilis, 3miliion B.C., and he called her Lucy. Africans didnt complain, even though there is no African woman anywhere called Lucy. Her name ought to have been Ada, Abena, Makeda, or something. You see, I love this thing about the African. He is so trusting. And he will belivee anything from any scientist. And when the scientist corrects himself with a new discovery different from the first, as is often the case, we say No wahala – No problem. But you Bartholomews will not even allow an African to have an opinion about our common ancestors? What do you call an attitude like that?

    • For someone convinced of how right you are you protest too much.

      Also, to be clear, no one in their right mind denies that the modern continent of Africa is the cradle of humanity, bearing in mind that such distinctions did not exist at the dawn of human kind but where you’ll struggle to find any fans here is when that premise is attached to religion and also gallops away from the scientific premises and moves to the world of the supernatural and the distorted.

      Just a thought.

  15. This is great, don’t be so quick to discount, because the stories traditionally taught us or the history, I find a little confusing and hard to relate. Don’t be quick to judge, just try to open up your mind some.

    • just try to open up your mind some

      Just not so much the brains fall out.

      • Since an African woman can make a thought prevoking idea, does it shake the core of your theory of white superiority? Africa is a noted fact of early civiilization. For historical purposes, Jesus was an African, this is not to say that in the Sovereignty of the Almighty He couldn’t have manifested Himself as an Anglo-Saxon. Nevertheless, He thought it was wise to show up an African. Oop! that just shot down white superirority, huh?

  16. I don’t have a theory of “white superiority”. If I did I wouldn’t bother pointing out the problems with Acholonu’s pseudo-scholarship. There are plenty of real scholars and intellectuals in Africa, but this nonsense has nothing to do any of with that.

    By the way, I note your anti-Jewish take on Jesus.

    • Richard Bartholomew,

      Please don’t glorify your ignorance!

      Words like “real scholars,” “pseudo-scholarship,” are terms frequently used by pseudoskeptics without first examining the available evidence.

      I met many of your kind in the past, and I know how to deal with people like you.

      In Africa everything is older than in the rest of the world. The concept of the four-letter word for god in Jewish tradition originated in the heart of Black Africa more than 25,000 years ago. The same is valid for Jesus Christ, who was an OZO initiate of Igboland, Nigeria.

      Welcome to the new world!

  17. I am an ‘american’ of African descent who’s gene has been present in the Americas for well over 300 years. I have no doubt that I am of Igbo descent via Barbadoes in the Lesser Antilles. It is said that ‘blood is thicker than water’. My great-grandparents were from Barbadoes and both my mother and father are of Barbadian descent, tho I am a 3rd generation removed from the culture of the peoples of Barbadoes who are predominantly of Igbo descent.

    Briefly, in January of 1970 when the ‘Biafra War’ raged – I had just graduated from the U.S. Air Force Booth Camp in San Antonio, TX. While at the airport on my way to photography school in Denver, CO – I went to the concession stand to purchase some magazines: Newsweek, Times and so on. On the front covers where pictures of pregnant women and starving children suffering from the ‘economic blockade’ by the Nigerian Federal Government. I was moved in ways I could not tell the sober, as if I was feeling the suffering of my actual relatives yet people I think I did not know at all. I WAS 20 YEARS OF AGE AND AN ALL-AMERICAN YOUNG ADULT! HAPPY AND VERY CONFIDENT ABOUT BEING WHO I BELIEVED I WAS, A CHILD OF MY PARENTS AND MY RELATIVES. I knew I was related to Africa in the past and that was all.

    I haven’t been to Africa yet. However, as a student of world history for more than 40 years – so many details go back to Africa. In the context of Dr. Catherine Acholonu’s book “THEY LIVED BEFORE ADAM – Prehistoric Origin of the Igbo” – “They Never Been Ruled” I find to be fundamental theoretically. LINGUISTICLY, I find that there are two (2) nameplaces for “ADAM/EVE (EWE, EWA, AWA)” in the whole world, which are the “Adamawa Mountains – Ethiopia” and the “Adamawa Region – Nigeria” along the same lattitude. I believe, the human ancestors masked its scientific understanding with rituals celebrating ‘fertility rites: reproduction, harvest…’ and that is what the original stories of “Adam & Eve” were about. So, should “Adam be the Earth: nature and nurture.” And, “Ewe, Awa, Ewa be Water: semen” THEN the ‘ROMAN INTERPRETATION OF THE OLD TESTAMENT STORY OF ADAM AND EVE IS BACKWARDS.’ The Roman (370-400 AD) writers are not the original creators of this primordial story of creation, say the least. In the Hebrew interpretation of the same story – ‘woman is not the cause of original sin’. WHICH actually reads like a ‘slave-holders ideology to maintain a ‘chattel slavery system’ from the woman’s womb to the tomb’.

    Last comment – As an American of African descent, I speak spanish and english fluently however I am not a Spaniard nor an Enlish… in fact my manner of speaking the languages are ‘africanized’. The methods of thoughts are ‘africanized’. After my great-grandparents foreparents survival of the enslavement period and neo-colonization in the Americas I have inherited foods, dancing, singing, proverbs which have taken on the language or FORMS of the Spanish and English but whose essenses are ‘africanized’.

    The ‘eurocentrics’ don’t get it! The truth does not remain buried. We always return to the source.

  18. Is there any way to buy this book for less than fifty bucks?

  19. Jesus being Jewish doesn’t make Him a specific color because being Jewish is primarily a religion or nationality, just like being an American or German. But being Jewish is not a race only a nationality. Historically speaking again the ancient Jews were African/Asia descent.

    • Jesus being Jewish doesn’t make Him a specific color

      Jesus probably had a complexion much like modern North Africans or Middle Easterners, and he is not likely to have looked particularly “African” in the way you mean it (ie of recent sub-Saharan heritage). Of course he certainly wasn’t Anglo-Saxon or European either.

  20. I see that you agree that Jesus was not Anglo-Saxon, nevertheless, this has been the lie taught us here in the United States by using Michaelangelo’s model, a Picasso fantasy or a daVinci illusion of Jesus Christ. Why aren’t you explaining calmly that He had a complexion much like modern North Africans or Middle Easterners. Just what color are they? There is no such place as the Middle East. Palestine, Gaza is Northern Africa or Saudia Arabia. The Middle East was created in 1948 when Israel became a nation. This was to not correctly say Africa. I hope you’re not like Sarah Palin, thinking Africa is a country instead of a continent.

  21. Dr. Acholonu,

    Good Afternoon. I am a Nigerian residing in N. California. I have read a little bit about you right from when you were the deputy first lady (and the imbroglio that ensued between you and Enwerem over your decision to run for President of Nigeria in the early 90’s) uptil now.

    Just curious, arent you Roman Catholic? If so, how can you reconcile the Christian Religion that frowns on evolution with your ‘findings’ that Adam was this, Adam was that and your claim about evolution? Honestly, I just find it to be stupefying and bizarre.

  22. Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

  23. Dear Akanimo, yes, I am a Catholic. Let me also inform you that on 5th September the Annual Odenigbo Lecture of Assumpta Archdiocese, Owerri was delivered by one Rev. Dr. Munachi Ezeogu of the Spiritan College of Theology, Enugu. The topic was “Jesus is an African”. There is a movement by Africans to rediscover their bearing in world religions, that hs nothing to do with me. And by the way, the Clergy has been supporting my work.
    Do you think Adam being an African will make you stop believing in God? Scientists tell us we are all descended from African First parents. I think ‘First Parents’ means Adam and Eve in our religious context. Or are there any other First Parents you know from your own brand of Christianity?

    I love the man who says in another one of Bartholomew’s Blog sites on me that he is waiting for some one to prove me wrong. Yes. The only way to prove me wrong is through research. Not by mud-slinging or hate mails and hate blogs. That man calling on reseachers to prove me wrong, sounds more sensible than those who shut their brains simply because they are afraid to hear that Africans contributed something to human development, and are doing research to prove it.

    Reading the abusive words Bartholomew heaps on me and my work (and this is not just me, but all Black African Scholars, because he has never met me), and his fury about our findings, one can see that we are not talking about research, its all about stopping Africans from thinking they too can discover anything.
    Pray, when will someone tell Bart that he has not shown ANY CREDENTIALS WHATSOEVER to join in (let alone lead) a debate on academic research of any kind. The ability to blog is not an academic credential. Let us please have him tell us what schools he attended and what his academic backgound and ara of specialization is, as laid down by the Western Academy which is our reference point. We would like to turn this debate around and turn the search light on Bartholomew. Who exactly is this specialist in all subjects, who will not read a book he has dedicated his life to condemning? Who is this Jack off all trade who has been spending his energy on a particular researcher since 2005, condemning book after book, out of which he has read none? Some one says I protest too much. I dont know what that person would do if he is the one being insulted the way Bartolomew has been insulting me since four years, setting up blog-sites for the sole purpose of denigrading his life’s work. Eighteen to twenty years of research is not eighteen days. If I can take out that much time to do research, I can surely take out a few minutes for the likes of Bartholomew.

    • Dear Catherine,

      I am here to give literal evidence that all nearly all your conclusion are literally correct based on the journey and 36 years of unintentional, subconscious then conscious research.

      My name is Emeka and I was born in London, then moved to Canada before my parents finally moved to Nigeria in my early teens. I knew nothing about Nigeria when I first moved there and even less about my origins.
      My Grandfather is from Nri, (Engwu Agidi E.A. which for me stands for Energy and Atom not Adam and Eve), and the stories and legends of my family were so extraordinary and so full of myth that I began to research on Nri doing my university thesis on the Nri people. What I discovered was amazing, what I discovered by linking the names of my ancestors was a story.
      I left Nigeia 23 years ago to pursue a new life but full of great pride and respect of what I had discovered of my African Origins. I also lived in what many people described as a different consciousness and wrote journals called Talking to the Silence, where I sought to understand why most of the world lived in fear. At the age of 22- I decided to go under cover into what I called the land of forgetfulness, to prove to people who thought I lived in a beautiful dream where all I saw was the golden ratio of beauty. But I felt that they lived in a nightmare of whee fear tainted every perspective. My writings were soon discovered in Paris by writers like Allen Ginsberg and a big fuss was made to publish my journals. I was amazed by the fuss but more amazed by the reasons they wanted to publish my journals, they felt that I was like a alien who searched the world for beauty… that I was a beautiful freak. I did not publish the journals because they were scientific evidence of my notes about my notes about where my life was leading me. But on reading the journals for the first time I began to understand why the world thought I was living in a different dimension or plane of consciousness. But to me the jolting thing about reading my journals was that I could see an obvious link and pattern to my life… as if I were literally being led by another power. I come from a science background and lived most of my life in the west, so evidence is crucial to my rational mind. But my experience with my mother’s family and my mothers almost mystical devotion to her philosophy of beauty, made me aware of the power of the two realities that of the seen world and the unseen world… Cause and effect. For the next 20 years despite trying everything to steer my life one way, I was led on another path, the pathway which to my amazement which was revealing how past and present and future were linked in the present.
      I spent over 20 years mostly uncover researching, reading all cultures, philosophies, religions, mathematics physics as I sought to understand and rationalize what I always knew but could not articulate… that there was order and harmony to the world. I was on a journey in which I did not know what it was about to reveal, I had to be a scientist and play many roles as my life lead me to places all over the world, living with hundreds of people as I sought to understand why they lived in fear and why so many people lived with masks on. While at the same time being challenged by a world as to why I lived in a consciousness where I saw only beauty and the golden ratio of a journey which through its very nature linked the unseen and the seen. I of course fought tooth and nail to gain control of my life, but it seemed that force greater tan mine was steering me through uncharted waters, to link and investigate something that I was a mystery to me. I felt myself being used by some other energy (which in itself was impossible to my rational mind) which was leading me down a path. I watched my life take on a life of its own and how complete strangers told me of a mission that I must complete. I was being governed by circumstances as if my own free will was being interrupted by another will, and no matter how I rebelled I was forced to go through doorways which all had meaning- all were linked until I began to understand I was unraveling a story and a truth. I moved tto New York and a strange condition struck my body, so strange that no doctor could identify what was happening to me, My body movements seemed to be controlled by another force, so was my consciousness. I required a rational explanation or I would have gone mad, But I also discovered that it forced me to continue to investigate and link and story I was observing and translating from my world of silence and deep cover. I found myself being forced to tive with people, complete strangers in New York city, People who I never met before, yet each opening up their doors for me… this is quite impossible for New York city and especially if you are brown skinned and over six foot. Yet each place I lived was a link between the last place, The patterns of where I was moved to and the people who provided me with information once I was able to access what I call thier true self or vibrations (after extensive work to relive them of fear or the reason they wore masks or went under cover) that it was making a story, and I was able to read it by creating a series of codes using the colors spectrum, the chromatic scale, numbers and letter in the roman alphabet.
      The people I lived with were all extraordinary and came from all works of life, and it seemed that in order to access the information that I knew they had for me in their sub conscious (most natural or most comfortable state) which linked the story I had been reading and following since I first wrote my intention of going undercover to understand the reason why most could not see the golden ratio of life or speak, live in the consciousness I lived in (bliss- beauty Oma). In understood fear of course but I could not understand how they lived there, and I began to see that it seemed as though the very consciousness of fear challenged my consciousness of beauty to prove it by putting me through experiences of hurt fear anger rage violence as if to test if I could sustain that vibration while experiencing the worst of human nature. Yet I was able to untangle the web of why the people behaved in such a way, which when I succeeded with the riddle I found myself released and then moved to the next place… I began to see to my astonishment that I was living the life of an Nri priest, ritually cleansing people around me fear naturally by applying the bridge of my experience and understanding to bring them back to their senses and the consciousness of creation which I know to be bliss and ecstasy… How was this possible I wondered, and how was it possible that the past could have such a dramatic effect on my actual life, my body and even my consciousness. People said I was channeling, and people would understand the beautiful gestures, so graceful which to my amazement would react to certain people as if it knew them. I spent years researching that which my sub conscious (really conscious) self knew. And I saw that each person I was being led to was a link in this story which by my making a bridge through research investigation and gaining empirical evidence, use of codes of this human universal language past and present I could read the unseen world by using the seen world as anchors and the information I pieced together of humanities histories religions etc… that by applying common sense, and getting evidence outside of my own self and conclusion that I could read reality…
      What came forth in the end is extraordinary… and the people who seemed to rise in consciousness when I spoke to them through my consciousness by building a bridge through empathy to where they were told me things which seemed to spring for our collective DNA- A LIBRARY CONTAINED IN THE HUMAN BODY, and all knowledge contained within the stream of consciousness as long as the people were put at ease. One woman told me that the awakening of human consciousness would not happen until the beings who walked the earth were awakened and the only way they could be awakened was proving empirically and in all languages of consciousness that very truth. By untangling all the myths and the terrible webs of lies, distortion and corruption created by beings in fear or laziness (those who make ascertions of truth and fact without investigating every point of view 360 degrees). And to my amazement I found myself unconsciously being led to places where that very truth was waiting for me to investigate.
      I have been researching and reading and following the clues and the embodying the very essence of what scientific research is, which is observation notation investigation, empirical analysis, until waiting for the outcome, verifying it until finally being able to present it as evidence to others… But it seemed to me that no matter how much my work was creating an effect on people in New York, some calling me prophet and all sorts of name, that nothing could be established until I got to the end of the story.. or revelations…
      i just recently got to the end, And I am exhausted, have lived a wandering life and through places that most people would not believe could exist… a journey invisible and made to be invisible, living in a place where the self is made to not exist, where everything compels you ( against your will) to getting to the point. The final equation cam to EN and NE F full circle… E ri and Nri… Emeka and Nnamdi, “Praise Father is here.!”.. I have always had memory of other dimensions which I now know is the plane of past present future literally existing in the same point. I found myself proving and getting evidence of things that we all know but had not yet literaly proven empirically by literal embodiment. Only then it seems can you see the truth and the correct answer. it was a journey of holy spirit… what is Holy spirit it is breath of pure intention and motion action of pure intention to find the truth.
      Everything that you wrote I am here to tell you based on my journey which I did under cover, unconsciously, in the dark led me to the exact same literal conclusion that you gave… the difference being that I LITERALLY KNOW WHY AND HOW YOUR DISCOVERIES ARE THE TRUTH. BECAUSE I LITERALLY LIVED IT. And I had to be able to link and prove while in the present that I was making a journey into the past and into the future by being able to translate this movements and journey in this reality that I was being compelled to unravel the truth of the past and the future by unraveling the knots and lies of the reality we created- the great illusion to unveil the truth of the past and the future, with evidence and witnesses, which led me three days ago to tell the people I am currently staying with (and who have their own evidence) that I just passed through ancient Egypt and the Kingdom of Kemet- each one representing the journey outward of man to understand the meaning of existence through atomic nature and through energy, (Egypt equation was the understanding of the mystery of ABC Triangle- pyramid with a base\basis of four the mystery of life and death being the same thing, and Kemet, being the mathematical understanding of nature and the golden ratio of sound and color) which allowed me access to the consciousness of Eri and Nri) Energy and Atom, not Adam and Eve (there is no gender) and from EN\NE, I arrived at Adam A… in the beginning the beings had energy of royalty majesty, the feminine principle, guided by movement the masculine principle… that all began with energy and energy is existence and the correct frequency of existence is the true definition of truth and love T= 20 TH LETTER AND l THE 12 LETTER… 2012… when you merge the numbers they come to 5. THE FIFTH LETTER IN THE ALPHA- BET called Existence. Mankind is evolving to the consciousness of existence. The unseen hand of “god” is called the unseen hand- the wind, Nnamdi- also called truth (Afo) and Love (ifu nnanya) in motion… Equation for Energy is E-=CMe 4\3… which is see each other through the eyes of love and you will get the truth and the 4\3 being the pyramid inverted as base and triangle, to get the point of existence and why we are here… By seeing each other truthfully is the only way we can generate energy of eternity, which activates the immortality gene… constant regeneration by proving that matter, the flesh is but an illusion. all started with energy for all is Existence… And to go beyond the door of the song of the spheres the universe of existence is by reaching the frequency of original existence, by expanding upon that which was already perfection… thus opens the door to the fifth dimension.
      The only way to arrive at the truth was that mankind had to take in all points of view and only by removing the taint of fear assumption bigotry and evil (mental stagnation) could you arrive at the true picture and then you would begin to build the steps of creation from there.
      Catherine Ac… A triangle is ABC… YOU HAVE THE AWARENESS AND THE CONSCIOUSNESS BUT WHAT YOU WERE LACKING IN YOUR AMAZING EQUATION WAS THE B.. Evidence of the embodiment of your thesis and discovery being the literal Truth.
      I hope that I have provided that for you…
      As for the nay sayers the mathematical equation for humanity is Be the energy is Love, the energy of the universe is the journey to discover the truth… which means that truth or the universe literally responds when its truth has been reached.
      Let the truth speak for itself… you have done something amazing… well done.
      Cause and Effect is CE… SEE 4 YOURSELVES…
      before you falsely accuse.
      Chukwu Emeka Kolo.

  24. Why are you all fighting here? This is all misunderstanding by those that suppose to understand themselves. The Igbo people are known to be African Hebrews just same as the Jews of Middle East of Africa. If there are people who should be fighting about who they are, it must not be the Igbo people and the Jews regardless of colour. Their experiences are same and their intellect are fairly comparable in almost all areas of human endevour.

    I am an Igbo man but I do not agree with the work of Catherine Acholonu and its conclusions but still I think she is doing a great job and anyone that faults the conclusions that the Ancients of Africa (Igbo people) are part of the people of promise, needs to either read and study more on what was, is and yet to come. Another troubling thing I notice with some people is to always find fault at the mention of the name of Jesus as being anti Jew whenever it is mentioned and quoted? Why this insecurity among the Jews of Middle East of Africa and those in diaspora?

  25. […] One blogger well worth reading is Richard Bartholomew on, broadly, the interfaces between extremist religion and racism, and the real and media worlds. This week he had a rather scary piece on Jewish extremism in the IDF. He is an equal opportunities critic of fundamentalisms, although normally there is more Muslim and Christian types. There’s another very different example this week on Nigerian claims to racial supremacy. […]

  26. Very, very interesting conversation. I would like to read Catherine’s book and make my own judgments but I commend you Catherine for the work that you are doing. I am an Igbo woman, and I have a genealogy blog here:


    Thanks for your post! You seem to get it! You should check out my genealogy blog also.

    • WOW! Just read ‘migrationstoriesofnigerianigbo’ which clearly demonstrates the historicity of African Civilizations by Africans by the inargueable DNA evidence, and the Igbo nuclei influences in many many regards… “Post Deluge.” For discussion purposes I’d use a timeline say from 10,000 B.C.E. to the Present. There exist abundant archaelogical evidence all over the world… i.e. buildings, artifacts, sculptures, scriptures, petroglyphs, idiograms – overwhelming signs and symbols that always go back to its original source, located in a “West African Sudanic Complex.”

      I have always imagined Ancient Egypt like a “Capitol” of a country, to infer that the source of so-called Egypt came from within the “HEART OF AFRICA” not from Rome-Portugal-Spain-Holland-England-France nor Germany. WHY?… Egypt? What was the scientific geodesic, philosophical reason for building “Giza” The Great Pyramid at 30 degrees Latitude 30 degrees Longitude – marking the center of the total land mass of the Earth? To do this engineering the study and mapping of the Earth had to done by circumnavigating it, say the least.

      Just a moment ago I saw a photo for the first time of “Stepped Pyramid” structures in Nigeria, the same and equal to the “Stepped Pyramid” structures in Egypt – as burial chambers in reverence to the God from whence we come from. LINK:

      From the same link, I also read about the National Anthem of Biafra “The Rising Sun” – a detail regarding the names of the 30 Tribes/Clan, one of them called the Mbembe. In the Country of Mexico in North America, there is music genre performed by a group of musicians called “MARIACHIS” and Mexican musicographers do acknowledge the African influence in Mariachi Music. But they speculate where the name Mariachi comes from, a native tree used to make planks for the stage platform for the Mariachi’s performance. WE understand that well over 200,000 enslaved West Africans were taken to Mexico in the 17th Century. Just because the West Africans enslaved were bonded did not mean they did not have their humanity. In trying to learn a bit of Igbo words here and there I came upon the word “Amarachi” : signifying “God’s grace.”

      Should anyone listen to “Mexican Mariachi Music” their performances are like “God’s grace!!!” …the joy of life, the rising sun and the moon at dusk. Very very happy!!!…music.
      There’s a song that is Mexican Folklore called: “Para Bailar La Bamba” – translation: “To Dance the Bamba” – and the song goes on “…se necesita una poca de gracia.” [“…it needs a little bit of grace.” It’s a song made famous even in the United States Rock n’ Roll genre by Ricki Valens.

      “BAMBA” is the spanish speaking phonetic translation of “MBEMBE” and the musicographical influence of the Mexican Mariachi is probably Igbo – with the exception of the Brass Sections and String Instruments. Amazing truth!

      To me, humanity did not begin with the Post Deluge period.

      Catherine Acholonu presents reasonable evidence for the beginning of humanity with an understanding of the Igbo Traditions – way way way before the deluge….for tens tens tens of thousands of years. The Igbo Traditions may have developed in conditions of peace and consistent material prosperity which gave way to a complex division of labor and the benefits of civilization. For Example: Within the “West African Sudanic Complex” agriculture was invented in the area of what is today Ghana – 30,000 years ago, based on paleontological evidence.


  27. Wow! Its been long guys. This is me saying thank you to all of you for giving this your time. We learn every day. I am really humbled by all the research material flowing from you all. I am taking notes. Like I have been saying, When you donk know a thing, the honorable thing to do is ask questions and seek explanations. If the expklanations still dont make sense to you, you are welcome to say so, but with reasons. Where I come from, you have to be civil when you speak to or about people. An honorable man does not say someone is talking nonesense, even if the person is. Its an outrage to hear someone call a person’s life work, nonesense. And he didnt even read it. It shows lack of home-training. Well, all I can say to Bartholomew is that the lesson he will get from here is that Nigerians usually dont take ‘nonsense’ from anybody. Igbos least of all.
    As for Jews being Igbos or vice versa, well I dont like to go into these racial issues, but Abraham’s Father Tehra was Chaldean/Sumerian and those people were Kwa people (West Africans). Every surviving element of their culture as unearthed by archaeologists (see Wallis Budge’s book on that) was same as we find today in Nigeria and environs. Abraham’s language was Igbo an so remains the Jewish language, examples are too many (see my works and those of many others), customs too. But Igbos were in the scene thousands of years before Abraham was born, so who is the father of whom? Bartolomew is insulting his ancestors. HE IS AN AFRICAN, IF HE IS A JEW. His skin colour is just a result of recent admixtures to his ancestral black colour. He is a multiple mullato. Short and simple. Let him get usd to that, and find his own roots.

  28. My Sister Catherene,

    Thank you again for your comment on the ongoing discourse over your work. As I read through the one you just posted, I see you comparing the Jewish question to race? It is not race but a people hood. Within Igbo family lies the completeness of the Hebrew people hood. This is one major task that we must engage in to let diaspora Jews come to terms with. This will make a lot of things much easier and will even strengthen the hands of all Hebrew people all over the world.

    The struggle here is to get those who are usurping this heritage to their advantage to the exclusion of others. Most Jews today know very little with regards to events or developments in Africa. They just don’t care since it has no direct effect to their lives. They even collaborate with those that kill us perhaps without even knowing it.

  29. Dear All,
    You must be wondering where I have been these past months? I have been writing a new book – Book Three of my Adam Series. Its now completed now, and has gone Press. Should hit the bookstands by August. Title is – The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam: Unearthing Heliopolis (Igbo Ukwu) – The Celestial Capital of the Gods of Egypt, Bharat, Punt, Tilmun and Kush.
    This is another full length book of six hundred pages, packed with research new information. Did you know that the British archaeologist who excavated Igbo Ukwu found a lost city and kapt the information to himselF? Did you know that Nok has city walls of stone recently discovered by the Goethe University, Frankfurt team of archaeologists? Did you know that Igbo Ukwu bronzes contain proven inscriptions that match more than six different Middle East ancient writing systems – Cretan hieroglyhics, Proto-Sinaitic, Hittite, Proto-Phoenician, Elamite Indic etc. Did you know there were ten huge majestic step pyramids discovered by the British in Abaja, Nsukka zone and secretly obliterated without a trace, except photos taken by anthropologist G.I.Jones? Did you know the grave unearthed in Igbo Ukwu by Jones contained EVERY emblem associated with Isis and Osiris? Did you know that Manetho’s and other reports insist that Moses was a governor in West African Nubia (not East) when he fought the Pharaoh. Did you know that Egyptian East – the Land of the Rising Sun was West Africa. Read Ralph Ellis’ Eden in Egypt and see how Hebrew origins lay in ‘Egypt’ and ‘Egypt’ was a new coinage for a country where the gods lived and ruled the world from by 12,000 through 10,000 B.C. and beyond. A country that lay where Nigeria is now located, a country which saw Atlantean refugees flooding into it to escape the Food of Noah, the Atlantean…. Our new book is not just groundbreaking, it’s earth-shattering. A must read! By the way our second book in the Adam Series -They Lived Before Adam won the 2009 International Book Awards in USA two months ago. I suppose the judges were not listening to Bartholomew.

  30. “You must be wondering where I have been these past months?”


    Your level of self-delusion is matched only by the crippling fiction of your writing.

  31. Please, see the latest research on the origin of the Igbo on Nigerians Report,

  32. Mr. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, are you incapable of being nice to Professor Catherine Acholonu’s person? Weren’t you taught to mind your manners? Otherwise, are you suffering from self-delusion having been crippled by your wrongful education?

    Almost a year ago on July 25, 2009 @ 7:51 PM Professor Acholonu wrote on this blog an excellent opinion about ‘euro-centric crippling delusions’ and its effect on the wrongfully educated. Please scroll up and re-read. I think her views are truthful NOT defensive at all.

    Euro-centric scholars/intellectuals demonstrate an incredible inferiority complex and its symptom is intellectual xenophobia. If it ain’t ‘white’ it ain’t so.

    Two (2) weeks ago I watched for an entire hour a program on the Discovery Channel – and the subject was ‘the ancient european discovery of America’… that they were the first arrivals in America; that is before the Native Americans via the Bering Straits. They talked about the Vikings. Irish Monks. Japanese because of pottery found in Valdivia, Ecuador thought to be of Japanese origins…all in all the talk produced little evidence. They showed the map of the world and the paths the aforementioned may have taken… AND THERE WAS AFRICA!!!… and never a mention of the preponderant evidence of the ancient African influences thruout all of the American Hemisphere for more than 15,000 years.

    THAT so-called documentary is the epitomy of stupidity I have ever seen. What morons thought of that ‘chronological lie’?

  33. Good Day!… Daniel Hoffmann-Gill,

    My home and your home is the Earth, with the same local address in Space/the Universe. We are all brothers and sisters as of the first time… WE loved one another then as we must continue to do; …”All we need is love.” Disrespectful, enemy and hatred like methods of thinking are predatory/plundering, destructive!… Peace, justice and development may be the most profound sense of love, which I am in favor of.

    An informal conversation about “horseshit” may be useful – horse manure is a form of energy as well as ‘human shit’ which shall be used in ‘Urban Farming’ of the temporal future, dictated by the force of necessity and the authentic human social evolution and survival of our species on our planet. Please imagine better foods: more minerals and nutrients content; better tasting prepared meals – better fed brains and so on. The development of new social/economic productive forces is moral and must be done, absolutely.

    I clearly understand your stated projection… “Fiction, made-up nonsense to fit your (OWN) religious beliefs.” and how difficult it is for you to mind your manners as a human to another human.

    You may be in shock face to face with actual evidence and may go to your grave insane. The insults you hurl are useless and self-evident DHG. Truly feel sorry for you and others with your wrongfully learned mentality. You weren’t born that way. WE are all an immaculate conception of the Universe, the CELESTIAL VAULT (Nne Ette/Nut/Isis/Hathor/Mari/Wisdom), literaturely of course THO a correct understanding of what happens cosmologically 24/7.

    The DNA/RNA memory complex is not fiction in many regard; the African gene is the parent gene of all humanity. As an animal species, our diverse melanin content is an albinal fact, caused by a genetic mutation way back when during the long precession ‘…before Adam’… I’d speculate 4 – 6 million years ago – until today. FYI – Africa has the highest tendency of “albinism” on the planet i.e. – two African parent genes producing a hybrid with fair complexion, blue eyes and fair/(blond) hair. AND, the parent gene (reproduces) with a hybrid gene, and hybrid genes with hybrid genes and so on and on – the appearance of our species is what it is. So it is reasonable to believe, that human ideas, concepts, thoughts, religion, philosophy, manufacture, sciences originated in Africa during the long slow movement of evolution during its precession BEFORE 20,000 BC ‘…and before Adam’ (WHICH I REGARD LITERATURELY – DATE ABOUT 3,500 YEARS AGO OR 1500 BC).

    Africa is where human consciousness formed in the manner we recognize ourselves today, and that is why culturally humans have more in common than otherwise, regardless of ethnicity.

    Professor Acholonu has submitted to humanity her very very very enlightening – better yet, an illuminating path to RE-DISCOVERING how humanity created civilization from within the heart of Africa by 50,000 to 20,000 BC and HOW it may have occurred and how the people continued to diffuse globally.


    With all due respects

    • Daniel’s failure to comprehend what you are saying is his own inability.

      On another note, Catherine Acholonu’s work is illuminating to say the least. I look forward to reading more of her work.

      • You and others deal not in fact but opinion, twisted to fit your old world view.

        That is all.

      • @Daniel

        Because you don’t understand it’s opinion right? Um okay, you are funny. You can’t respond with much else but a few words or a sentence. Try better. Step your knowledge up.

        That is all.

      • Because debating with people that believe in such nonsense is pointless. It is like arguing on quicksand.

        Your non-scietific approach, inspired only by your faith in imagined gods is not a good basis on which to begin a rational and concise discussion,

      • @Daniel

        I thought I dismissed you. Whatever your religious/spiritual views are, you don’t need to disrespect others who don’t think like you on this basis. “Imagined gods”? LOL. Right my culture is deeply spiritual, we don’t think that we exist here simply through what modern science tells us. And you will find similar cultures around the world that are very in tune with spirituality from Africa, Asia, the Americas, etc. And these are some of the oldest cultures.

        You are absolutely right, it’s so pointless to debate with you. Your thinking is very limited, so it’s useless. I doubt you have even read Acholonu’s book. She will continue to build with others who less steeped in ignorance and open to new ideas. I will do the same. No one is losing sleep over Daniel Hoffman-Gill, the man of few words, who can only say things like FAIL.

        Bye, bye now.

      • *who are less steeped in ignorance

      • You thought wrong.

        As you have thought wrong often.

        Try harder.

      • @Daniel

        As I have thought wrong often? Um, who are you? Lol.

        Won’t continue to stoop down to your level.

        Bye, bye now.

  34. This page is a great lesson in the results of lack of honor of others and their beliefs. Surely the author of the book has something important that can be gleaned, and though she writes with different assumptions and beliefs, they are likely no less relevant or truthful than our own. Strike the mote from thine own eye before you seek to strike the mote from mine (or that of another). By ridiculing the author’s different ‘filters’ through which she perceives the world, the commentator and supporters have undermined the possiblity to sensibly resolve what deficits might exist in the work discussed, and have built a barrier to learning from what undeniable truths might exist in the work, which seem likely to be substantial, whatever it lacks, because of its origin in a context which is poorly represented at present. Duh.

  35. Daniel… YOU do not want to deal with facts, your opinion is twisted based on your old world view.

    THAT ignorance incapacitates your natural God given intelligence ALL humans have.

    CURRENT FACT: Believe it or not! The August 2010 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN – Front Page reads…

    “SECRETS OF OUR SUCCESS” – Once humans almost went extinct. Here’s the untold story of our salvation.” The article begins on Pages 54 and 55 and the hook reads: “When the Sea Saved Humanity” – ALSO there are four (4) bullet points to the right of page 55 categorized as “KEY CONCEPTS” – nicely done and honest.

    PAGE 56: Shows a wonderful geological mapping of the African Continent of which Saudi Arabia is a part of, illustrating how the geological environment might have been between 195,000 and 123,000 years ago. The author Mr. Curtis W. Marean conducted is study along the southern coast of Africa and he alledges his study was not ramdom. His study is to be taken at his word. The study is VALID and most useful to humankind, and Mr. Marean is not FLAPPIN’ HIS JAWS’. Although his study is not cast in stone.



    POINT: “Conceptually” – there is more [grassland, tropical rain forest, savanna an woodland…” in the heart of the African Continent.

    POINT, SEGUNDO: PAGE 60 – Photo of ‘CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY with assertion which reads:

    “Stone tools found in PP13B include sophisticated implements such as microblades (bottom two rows), which would have been attached to a wooden shaft to form projectile weapons. The toolmakers also appear to have heat-treated the stone to make it easier to shape–a technique that was believed to have originated much later and in France.”

    HOW INTERESTING!!! Catherine Acholonu asserts in “They Lived Before Adam…” socially-economic-religious-philosophical-scientific things were going on usually about 200,000 BC – 150,000 BC. The largest ‘STONE MANUFACTURING SITE IN THE WORLD (SO-CALLED AUCHELEAN [French name]) is in Nigeria carbon dated : 150,000 – 180,000 BC.

    NOT IN FRANCE!!! Mr. Marean’s article is saying that the sophisticated “CUTTING – EDGE TECHNOLOGY” got to FRANCE by diffusion… HOW ELSE? Who took it there?… If not the African ancestor.

    Mr. Marean’s study is isolated in a particular area of Africa. I would assert that there had to have been other areas with similar development and more advanced con-currently outa the heart of Africa. THE NUCLEUS – THE CENTER was not the southern coast of Africa. It was the area of Nigeria.

    The concept of the human population on the verge of extinction by the southern coast may be bogus! Those folks were leisure-ly… what do people do on beaches today still? Eat lots of food – beer (which did originate in southern Africa) – good sex.

  36. Wonder why we are talking about beliefs and faith. That comes from the fact that most of the people in this argument have not read the works being argued about. Some one once asked for the price of They Lived Before Adam to be brought down. We have reduced it by a full quarter of the former price. Our new book The Lost Testament is also ready for purchase. Our works have nothing to do with our beliefs, because our beliefs run counter to one another and cant be brought to bear on our work. I am a Christian, my primary co-author is Hindu. The Lost Testament has me as lead-author with an Emeritus Professor of Physics as a major contributor along with a Culture Officer in UNESCO and the Hindu IT Specialist who has been co-authoring with me from Book One (The Gram Code). What our work dwells on more are cultural, linguistic and heritage comparisons across nations and continents. All together the three books add up to about 1,600 pages of data collected through field work and library research, drawing together discoveries of other scholars that add up to new information about missing spaces in Africa’s contributions to world civilizations, languages, culture, history, etc. This is what our work is about. In fact most of the time we have info that runs contrary to accepted religious beliefs. When the evidence is hard to deny, even our beliefs must give way and allow knowledge qua knowlegde to speak the situation. The reader is then able to form his own opinion, which could run contrary to ours. This, I think is what research is about.
    For us, it is not about whether or not we are right or wrong in our findings. It is about leadding the reader onto new, lost or forgotten aspects of human history and asaying to him “Look, what do you think of this? Looks like we’ve been fooled by History. What do you say?”

    • we have been shanghaied, not by history, but by the white men who tried to rewrite it. emphasis on TRIED. actually, thats the real failure.

  37. I have been meaning to correct Bartholomew’s misquote about my C-Span broadcast last year. He didnt hear me well, probably due to my accent. I did not say that Nag Nammadi is the scripture of “Egyptian Crystal Religion”, rather I said that it is the ancient Scripture of early Egyptian Christians. Our new book speaks onto the Arochukwu/Nri origins of the Hebrews and throws light on the enigma that has always surrounded the closeness of Igbo and Hebrew language, culture and customs, for which reason many Igbos claim Hebrew origin, not the least of which are those living in Israel today, struggling to be accepted as the lost tribe of Israel. We draw plenty of material from Raklh Ellis revelations from his sty of the Hebrew Torah and proving the Hebrew Traditions and language are Egyptian in Origin. WE WENT A STEP FURTHER AND SHOWED WHERE EGYPTIAN TRADITIONS CAME FROM – FROM THE QUA/KWA MEGA-CULTURE OF WEST AFRICA, WHERE THE GODS WHO RULED EGYPT HAD THEIR DOMAIN – A FORGOTTEN LAND KNOWN AS PUNT! Egyptoloists now know that Egyptians looked towards West Africa as the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, to a land which ancient cartographers marked as MEDIAN, which means ‘Center of the Earth’. That land was called Biafra Median in Old maps – ‘the Land of the Rising Sun’. That land is Eastern to Central Nigeria. That land was a center of a great civilization in ages past. It was PUNT – the land of the gods of Egypt.. The evidence are the Igbo Ukwu and Nok excavations.

  38. There has been a steady resistance to the studying of cultural/traditional similarities of the Jews and that of the African Hebrews now called the Igbo people of West Africa. This resistance may be connected to the British influence on the present day make up of the State of Israel. A closer study will expose certain things that link both people far back and it has absolutely nothing to do with religion or belief systems yet, they have certain characteristics and certain fate that has befallen them over the centuries and these are all markers if you ask me.

    Take for example the fact that Israel got scattered for almost two thousand years until 1948 and compare that to the fact that the Igbo people happens to be in the majority of those that were taken into slavery by Europeans into the Caribbean Islands, Oceania and North America. More than a million Igbo slaves died at the high seas during this era.

    While the Jews suffered holocaust in the hands of Hitler and his co conspirators, the Igbo people suffered what amounts to a combination of genocide and holocaust all brought about by the combined armies of the Arab world, former Soviet Union and Britain using Nigerian army as a front. The Igbo people faced extermination from the face of the earth from 1967-1970 just exactly as the Jews were faced with similar challenge.

    Are all these incidents coincidences or there are somethings that we all are missing regarding who the Jews and especially the Igbo people really are?
    Why is it that across Africa, it is only the Igbo people that circumcise their male children at the eighth day? Why is it that within Africa, it is the Igbo people that also observe what amounts to Sukoth? There are many more similarities to be pointed out but racial bigotry seems to be blinding some people’s visions and this is very shameful.

  39. Some people are truly afraid of Acholonu’s discoveries and revelations.Dispute the facts of her research if you have facts. She is bold and courageous to confront Euro centric intellectualism that have enslaved the world for centuries.

  40. In our new book – THE LOST TESTAMENT OF THE ANCESTOR OF ADAM, we located mythological Egypt in West Africa and discovered that Hebrews were from West Africa originally; that they migrated to Egypt from West Africa and lived there for hundreds of years before being chased away during the Hyksos exodus and finally landing in Palestine by 1,600 BC. – the same time others who left Egypt with them dispersed all over the Aegean. The mounting similarities with the Igbos confirm our conclusions that Hebrews were Igbo, from the Aro/ Nri clans. The Aro also have their own version of the Ark of the Covenant to this very day. Since linguists have maintained that Igbo language was spoken in its present location by 4,000 BC, it can only mean that Hebrews are Igbos and not vice versa, for Abraham, their ancestor, was born later than 3,000 BC. What is confusing people is that they see the environment of today’s West Africa and wonder how any history could have happened there. Well the environment used be different. There was actually a lost city where Igbo Ukwu now stands, so too in NOK. It was the mythical nation of PUNT where Egypt’s Gods lived before latterday Egypt of North Africa was born – created by a Nubian (West African) called Menes.

  41. Dear Prof.Acholonu ,I truly appreciate your effort and your latest work exudes confidence despite centuries of manipulations by Western scholars who by their exploitative tendencies have hidden facts of African history .The facts are beginning to emerge .Congratulations for successful completion of the series.

  42. Prof Acholonu’s works are world class by any standard and she deserves respect and not mindless attacks.Truth is,that guy Bath may not qualify for her student any time.He shouldn’t have belabored himself with so much difficulty.

  43. We, the staff and scholars of the Catherine Acholonu Research Center, Abuja consider ourselves more than blessed to be part of the making of History as we present our latest book THE LOST TESTAMENT OF THE ANCESTORS OF ADAM: UNEARTHING HELIOPOLIS / IGBO UKWU – THE CELESTIAL CITY OF THE GODS OF EGYPT AND INDIA. Working with an eminent Professor of the class of Catherine Acholonu-Olumba is an honour of a life-time, and one we shall forever cherish. Thank you Madam professor.

  44. Hmh. Recent genetic findings by USA researcher Clyde Winters had shown that Dravidian Indians and their agricultural seeds are of West African origin. The researchers just took it from our mouths that Dravidian Indians were West Africans. Also, the History Channel recently aired a program that concludes that earliest human habitation was in Eastern Nigeria/Cameroon! See! Again they just took it right from our mouths. Ever since They Gram Code was published in 2005, many research results have been coming up and proving us right. Indeed the Hindu Ramayana and Mahabharata epics were stories of events that happened in ancient Nigeria. Rama was Osiris and Sita was Isis, and Rama/Osiris was the godman whom the Yoruba call Obatala, the Igbo Eshi, the Benin Idu, while Thoth was Orunmila – the scribe of the gods. Olokun was Poseidon and the River Niger, which then flowed into the Nile was the bearer of global civilization, and of men and goods from the nest of Eden to the rest of the world. . . . Thanks, Adrian. It is my pleasure to work with great men and women like you.

  45. PS. Our books are available on Amazon and Paypal sales networks or if you contact us directly. Agents are wanted too and will get reduced prizes. We encourage others to do more research in this area, because there is so much that we alone cannot do. What we have doen is to point the way. For example, we are gettting signals to the effect that the story of Abraham and the Canaanites was an aspect of the story of Oduduwa’s Yorubas and Obatala’s Igbos, with the Benin/Edo (Edom) caught in between.. Jacob appears to us to be a cognate of Yorub (Hebrew “J” is pronounced “Y”) as Edo is a cognate of Edom and Canaan (Qain in Hebrew was a cognate of Nkwo / Kwa) – the clan name of the original Igbos of yesteryears, around whom our study is partially centered. Oduduwa was either Abraham or Abraham’s god Yahweh who is Egyptian Ra and Sumerian Marduk. This is an interesting area of study and will advance our understanding of religion in no uncertain terms. It was outside our scope though.

  46. Wow, am greatly perplexed by all that i’ve read so far.My interest in the work of Prof. Acholonu increased when i flipped through a Daily Sun newspaper,september issue i had discarded.The caption of the editorial caught my eyes, and it says ” YOU ARE ENSLAVED BY INFORMATION”.After reading that newspaper column, i was never the same again, there is this sparkle of light i felt inside me.I am not a good follower of HISTORY, but what i read in that column got me thinking, and that was how i ended up on the internet, searching for the works of Prof. Acholonu.Well, all i have to say is that posterity will judge the works of the Prof. be it right or wrong, time will tell.

  47. My God…the audacity. I repeat, the audacity. This so called Bartholomew that has no credentials, no status in the academia, no research background…has the audacity to actually criticise the work of a Fulbright Scholar and Author of morethan 20 World Bestsellers- in d person Catherine Acholonu. I only hope u are a fellow researcher to add some weight to your argument. Bart, if u are a researcher- I don’t think your arguments are meaningless but they are not constructive enough, and they appear to be a little too vinctive.

    Funny, i was actually going to speak against her writings but when I went through her profile I realised that a scholar like this wouldn’t actually feed us with crap. I just finished the 2nd part of the book. Its interestin how she demonstrated that all the decendants of Adam (be you black or white) are not perfect beings since there genes are believed to be corrupted.

    Also, fusing the Metaphysical (supernatural) with logic (science and liquistics) and philosophy (culture) is one of the most difficult things most researchers have been able to achieve- since most scientists don’t believe in the supernatural, and most spiritualists on the other hand believe they have transcended the simple levels of physics and chemistry. Whether these claims are true or not, Hollywood will make a fortune out of the story of these ancient Nigerian god-men alone.

    Finally, I don’t actually believe its the professor “Catherine acholonu” that is replyin our blogs- may I remind the person writing on her behalf to please choose his/her words cearfully- u can always be quoted in future

    • “I realised that a scholar like this wouldn’t actually feed us with crap.”

      Are you kidding me? That is your defence of bad ideas? Hiding behind academic titles is a marker of an idea that can’t be challenged?

      Richard has plenty of credentials, so rather than attacking him, investigate his ideas, go for the argument not the man and then perhaps you’ll look less like a desperate defender of awful ideas.


  48. Wots all d fuss…I’m always online browsin d internet & playin games n stuff- I stumbled upon d Dogon of Mali when I was tryina look up a game character in google. It turns out these dogon people kno everything bout the earth. It kinda sounds like the argument u guys are havin.
    So I did a lil research of my own- the Benin Empire, Ibo Eri Dynasty, Dogon of Mali, Ibo Ukwu, Egyptian gods and kings, etc….believe me the Zulus’ aint got nothing on these ancient folk. Their “Creation” stories & cultures are waaay off…totally not conventional- look them up on d internet and stop arguing!! :-)

  49. Funny how Epps and Smith have same IP address.

  50. We do??? I use a public computer in my university tho. Errm…u don’t have to insult me Dan- I can see Bart is ur life partner. I’m using a less formal text format, if u were in the 21st century you’ld prolly get d picture.

    Sorry Bart…I just butted in. What is the argument about? Is it the book or the scholar? Cos if u haven’t read the book as they all say…den y not do that before criticising the content. Isn’t that rather unprofessional. I guess that way ppl will sure of wot ur insinuating- it looks like u guyw whole argument is lookin more like race thing.

    Btw, did u happen to look up the topics that I recommended?

  51. We do??? I use a public computer in my university tho. Errm…u don’t have to insult me Dan- I can see Bart is ur life partner. I’m using a less formal text format, if u were in the 21st century you’ld prolly get d picture.

    Sorry Bart…I just butted in. What is the argument about? Is it the book or the scholar? Cos if u haven’t read the book as they all say…den y not do that before criticising the content. Isn’t that rather unprofessional. I guess that way ppl will be sure of wot ur insinuating- it looks like u guys whole argument is lookin more like a race thing.

    Btw, did u happen to look up the topics I recommended?

  52. Dear maniac pretending to be other people who can’t spell and thinks it’s 21st century,

    Go away now before you embarrass yourself any further.

  53. Dear Daniel pretending to be smart, pls we all kno u and ur friend Bart are one and thesame. What are u, like his alter ego?! Only popping out when u want to lash out at people, and becoming Bart when u want to sound all intellectual. Please get a life or get a shrink.

    Oi…your blog is silly anyway- go write ur own book. Hope it won’t be some childrens’ story book while ur pretending to be Dan, and a Sci-fi story when u change to Bart. Close ur blog

    • Merry Christmas multiple identity oddity!

      Sorry to end your odd delusion but Richard and I are very much seperate and real people, I only leave comments here when faced by raw idiocy, ie: you.

      As for my blog, that is my business, if you don’t like it, don’t read it, you’ll be sad to know it will not be closed.

      Take care poor fool.


  54. I have observed the historic criticisms going on here. A student of criticism would get a ready example copying all of these comments to demonstrate his point. For I have seen errors of criticism such as Argumentum ad hominem, almost everywhere I look. I just finished reading “The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam” and promptly called Professor Acholonu to tell her what I thought of it. My position on the matter is this: A high capacity for research and deep thought is demonstrated in that book. As to whether the theories are correct, I would say that it is better I and everyone else making armchair criticisms here should go into the archeological field to verify the theories and then present their results here or anywhere else for the benefit of everyone. This is maturity. I am worried that emotions are easily taking over where mature reasoning is needed, if one is to take the comments here as example of the 21st century paradox of the propensity to criticise when little or no verification is done. On these grounds, I say that I am not yet qualified as I have not carbon-dated the artifacts and sites mentioned. Or if carbon-dating is questionable, I have not found out exactly how to measure how old these objects are. But the hotness here have gone on too long that I had to come forth to bring us all back to scientific order. No offence intended. JEFF UNAEGBU is author of eight books, including the longest poem in Nigeria, “Ode on Lagos” and maker of fifteen documentaries about Africa and its peoples.

  55. The long line of strange sycophants and their advertising blurbs continues.

  56. I believe I am understood when I said that because of research constraints,I have not made a concrete assertion about whether Acholonu’s theories are valid or not. I only say here that she displays a high capacity for research which is not the same as saying that her theories are correct or not. Please within the bounds of social decorum, I am forced to ask the last commentator, what really is the problem: Is it lack of the ability to understand the English language or a display of a very rare offensive attitude in writing? I have not even made my point yet and I am labelled a sycophant! What puerilism is this! Pls go back and re-read my last comment word for word before. Thanks.

  57. Very much expected. Already very predictable. Thanks all the same and welcome again to an already two year old debate on this site. Rush now like a good school boy and watch “Professor Acholonu Discovers the Lost testament of Adam (1-end)” on Youtube. Then come back and make another predictable comment else make it now or remain silent. Very very predictable. Still, no offense intended,

    • Your endless defence and desire to keep coming back here speaks volumes about your lack of faith.

      If you were really certain, you wouldn’t keep coming back to protest far too much.

      Internet fail.

  58. Thank you for obeying both orders. Happy new year and new resolutions (?) Hmm, I doubt.

  59. Pardon?

    You must have confused me with someone who cares.

  60. Wishing everyone on this site a wonderful new year on behalf of the Catherine Acholonu Research Center. May we invite you all the purchase your copies of Catherine Acholonu’s third book in the Adam Trilogy under the title “The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam – Unearthing Heliopolis/Igbo Ukwu, The Celestial City of the Gods of Egypt and India (2010). Pls be reminded that the first two books of the Trilogy are The Gram Code of African Adam (2005) and They Lived Before Adam (2009). Also watch Catherine on U-Tube discuss the findings of our center as published in the Trilogy. Enjoy the reading.
    (Adrian is a Research Assistant at CARC)

  61. I come here again, not to make any critical survey, but to destroy naivety. Before we continue to debate on this issue, let us take out time from our “busy” schedules to go watch this interesting lecture by Professor Acholonu. After watching it, I was beside myself in deep thoughts about Africa and the rest of the world. Please can anyone tell me their own feelings about this new movie on youtube: “Acholonu and the lost testament of the ancestors of Adam”? It will be enlightening to discuss on this new book by Professor Acholonu especially with the present hot youtube upload!

  62. Better do and stop being an alien bohemian!

  63. “I’ve been a performing monkey for family and friends since birth, discovered being funny helped lift the fug of being a victim. Lots of fights, dead best friends and anger management since then.” __ Daniel Hoffmann-Gill.

    Thanks for letting me know who you are.

  64. And if you don’t remember when you wrote that, go check your blospot again.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR funny pal.

  65. It wasn’t for you.

    Bye bye troll.

  66. Hi, Jeff,
    Hoffman tells “If you were really certain, you wouldn’t keep coming back to protest far too much”. Meanwhile Hoffman lives on the website. One wonders if he ever takes time for a drink of water, let alone to eat. Is he the guardian of the site, or is he a pseudo name of the site owner? He sounds more like a bull-dog guarding the site with the sole intention of scaring people off of it. He has no capacity for thinking nor for argument, only brawling and barking hate works. Going through the exchanges from the beginning, it is clear Bartholomew’s other fans have all dropped by the way side, all but this so called Hoffman-Gill who is also a regular on all other blogs of Bartholomew. Check it out, and you’ll see what I mean. That means there is no Hoffman-Gill. Its Barth showing his true racist identity, which keeps him from reading Acholonu’s work. We are African monkeys after all, eh? Since when did monkeys start thinking and writing books? We get the message Bartholomew, I mean Daniel Hoffman-Gill!
    But guess what? The world is changing fast and you are becoming an anachronism, like King Kong on Broadway in 2011.

  67. Hi, Jeff,
    Hoffman tells you, “If you were really certain, you wouldn’t keep coming back to protest far too much”. Meanwhile Hoffman lives on the website. One wonders if he ever takes time for a drink of water, let alone to eat. Is he the guardian of the site, or is he a pseudo name of the site owner? He sounds more like a bull-dog guarding the site with the sole intention of scaring people off of it. He has no capacity for thinking nor for argument, only brawling and barking hate works. Going through the exchanges from the beginning, it is clear Bartholomew’s other fans have all dropped by the way side, all but this so called Hoffman-Gill who is also a regular on all other blogs of Bartholomew. Check it out, and you’ll see what I mean. That means there is no Hoffman-Gill. Its Barth showing his true racist identity, which keeps him from reading Acholonu’s work. We are African monkeys after all, eh? Since when did monkeys start thinking and writing books? We get the message Bartholomew, I mean Daniel Hoffman-Gill!
    But guess what? The world is changing fast and you are becoming an anachronism, like King Kong on Broadway in 2011.

  68. So bad you had to say it twice.

    I find it odd that you are certain I don’t exist when I do, esp. as I’m an actor and my existence is proven in all forms of media.

    If you’ve heard of google you dolt then use it.

    I suppose you have to be that desperate in order to justify keep coming back here and making an ass of yourself.

    Much love!

  69. My dear Adrian, sorry for catching up on this late, at least I am not among those who sleep on the Internet, you know what I mean. You laugh. I am very pleased to see this comment. It is well written and researched and speaks of someone who has a sense of keen observation. Well, I am trying to tame a disturbed mind here. I have seen his video clips in his website and I could not help laughing loud and long. He is actually not here to criticise as normally as others do but to reassure a certain part of him that is not quite at home with African intellectuals. A british diamond blogger and observably a sanguine, this funny man is also here to pull off a show of amusement in the expense of some people. But I find it all amusing and him, an amused and amusing fellow, if for a specimen in a psychological laboratory where clowns and jesters are used as guinea pigs for experiments in sanity, near-sanity and insanity situations. They say if you know a man you will not hurt him. My observation of him had that effect on me. His hate words are not to be taken as deeply as they look, for their owner does not even see them that way. It will be suicidal for the aggrieved to think otherwise than think of them as the gimmicks of a stand-up comedian– just like we will still laugh heartily at one in a club when he is raining clear abuses aranged as stage-jokes on us. Thanks any way and, watch, he will crack one now:

  70. You’re talking to yourself.

    Go and have a rest with a tiger.

    You cad you.

  71. Very very interesting. Have you noticed how he keeps yelling to everyone that they are “so desperate” that they have to “keep coming back here”. Meanwhile he is perennially coming back, and doesn’t even notice that he is making a joke of himself; and as I said, he lives “here” and thinks he has every right to. I still think he is the real owner of the sight. The photo clip which says Bartholomew may just be a cooked up relic. Get what I mean? Anyway, you know all he wants is to get attention away from the real issue, which is Acholonu’s ground-breaking Trilogy. If we stay attention on his childish dog-barks and brawls, we help him succeed. Now that we know him for WHAT he is, we should all just IGNORE him big-time, and get on with the discussion of the axis-shifting, myth-devastating revelations of this great lady of letters. The Trilogy is an invitation to Africans to engage in more inward-looking research and to no more take anything as given. According to Wikipedia’s copious entry on Catherine Acholonu, “her works call for the re-writing of History to ensure Black Africa’s place in it”. We of the younger generation have no excuse not to make our own contributions towards the advancement of knowledge.

  72. It is so good that we have opened our eyes to the realities of age-old manipulations of history. We are strong after rest and we intend to lead once more. Acholonu is indeed a bright scholar and I have looked at her entry in wikipedia. Could you suggest to the editors to put her picture there by providing it to them? My humble biography in wikipedia has my picture, therefore I think hers deserve it even more. Yes, Adrian, we of the younger generation will continue to advance knowledge. And, yes, “silence is the best answer to a …..” You laugh.

  73. I hear an echo.

    You ‘two’ should be a double act.

    You keep coming back and argue that I keep coming back.

    Reductive nonsense.

    Goodbye now cretinous sycophants.

  74. I don’t know if she will want her picture there? I have watched the U-Tube entry on The Lost Testament, the lecture she gave at the University of Nigeria. Its awesome. Did I hear her say the university is the Alma Mater of Chinua Achebe? Wow!

  75. Yes, Adrian. Achebe was at UNN from Ibadan though. In fact, Achebe had sat in the same conference room Acholonu was lecturing in the video. This was when he was a research fellow in the Institute of African Studies! History sure feels good. Thanks for the view at my channel. I think she will want it there. If yes, I can put it there for her.

  76. Public Displays of Affection.

  77. There’s an ongoing debate on Acholonu’s new book The Lost Testament of the Ancestors of Adam, going on on the Net. It’s real hot. I think it was steered up by what she said about Thurstan Shaw not revealing that Igbo Ukwu was a lost city. The book has much evidence that the today’s Igbo Ukwu is sitting on widespread ancient ruins belonging to time immemorial. She is questioning Shaw’s dating. Apparently Shaw’s wife gave money to some Igbo Ukwu indigenes in USA. A donation, they say, but their attacks of Acholonu since after getting the money, make the donation to look more like a bribe. You wonder why they have to say it loud that they were given money. Perhaps the lady’s gesture was innocent, but look how they have smeared the whole thing.
    If you ask me, I dont think Shaw, a veteran archaeologist, needs Igbo Ukwu sons to defend his intellectual position. At the worst he could have asked his students to reply to Acholonu. That would have been honorable. I hear he is quite old now. But as our people say, an old woman is never too old for dance steps she knew in her youth.

  78. As for the pic. I wouldn’t know if she would want it there. You can use your discretion. Or you may email her and find out. I cant know what she would want,and I wouldn’t want to pry.
    By why are we talking about pictures? Her photo is there from the video. It’s a video, but its still a picture. So what’s the problem with another picture?

  79. racism is the major problem the world is facing.
    the so-called superiors are now feeling inefrior.
    if u like appreciate her, if u don’t like, good for u.

  80. Bartholomew, thank you for posting this. West African history is a special interest of mine but it’s made nigh impossible to be a layman in the field when all one seems to find is afrocentric neo-pagan wish fulfillment (it’s almost as bad as learning about ancient Minoan history when it comes to grade-A pseudo history).

  81. I would like to know why is it so ‘racist’ when the truth about ‘Black’ people’s place on this planet is brought to the forefront and acknowledged. No one considers it ‘racist’ when ‘Black’ People history, achievements, and contributions to this planet are completely looked over and ignored all so one group of people can feel superior and take claim for ‘civilizing’ the people whom in raw reality actually ‘civilized’ them….And that is the whole point of ‘White’ People’s denial of ‘Black’ People’s true history—–Inferiority Complex and ill research.

    Alot of what is stated above has been acknowledged and confirmed by many ‘White’ and European archaeologists, anthropologists, etc during the early 20th Century, and 19th Century when many ‘Whites’ began the study and classification of the world’s Indigenous People of Color…..If you havent already maybe you shold see out the works of Sir Godfrey Higgins, David MacRitchie, and Constantine Rafinesque, etc. all of whom wrote books during the 19th Century pertaining to Ancient ‘African’/Indigenous History and confirms much of what is in Ms. Acholonu’s book.

    The whole point of it is, is that regardless to what most people regardless of their so-called ‘race’ want to beLIEve, 96% of REAL AUTHENTIC Planetary History has been suppressed, covered-up and ignored. And yes a great majority of that History is what is considered to be ‘African’/’Black’/Indigenous History. The masses are only taught what certain people desire us to know. And If certain people want to keep it in mind that ‘Africans’/’Blacks’ never accomplished anything but being slaves and playing the role of Hattie McDaniel in “Gone With The Wind”(servants to so-called ‘White’ Masters/Oppressors), then why would they allow anything to survive that would threaten those theories(so-called ‘White’ Supremacist’ Theories)….

    Most of you whom have posted in this forum regardless of your so-called ‘race’ are nowhere even prepared to handle the truth/fact about Factual History or anything else because your egos and beliefs that ALL you have been taught by so-called ‘experts’ is the Gospel, won’t allow you to consider or accept the fact that you DO NOT know all that there is to know…. And ‘racial’ superiority and inferiority along with mis-education has been absorbed into your minds so long until when you do hear the truth/facts you regard IT as ‘racism’, conspiracy theory, or pseudoscience….

    And If anyone considers this post to be ‘racist’ or offensive too damn bad, i could care less about hurt feelings… Do your own research, loose the biases and old beliefs, loose the judgement, loose the cowardice, get rid of the inferiority complex, and change your inner self.

    PS The science that you call psuedoscience is the real science that small minds and limited perceptions cannot begin to fathom or understand


    • This is the thread that just keeps on giving with mental comments.

    • This debate keeps going ga-ga with each retorted try, and most people commenting here seems to have a holier-than-thou approach to issues. The use of hate words need not crop up. Mind you, it is not good when a phrase such as “inferiority complex” keeps coming up in someone’s post. This is not to say that you have or have not done a good research, nor that I am on your side or not. I am also not more holier than you are. Take note.

  82. No.

  83. This blogger is so lame. Bart/Dan has a way of insulting people that r simply analysing the Professor’s work. Please Bart or Dan or whatever you call yourself these days stop behaving like a child…grow up! Write a book, be a professor, get a job, better still read a book before you come out and rant like a kid…blogging aint a career

  84. Very interesting talk you had here. Would have been better still if there had not been ‘hot’ talk about racism and the like. I have been studying Igbo history and culture. And what I have found is that the Igbos are descendants of ancient Israelites. I have published 5 books which have drawn international attention, on the subject.


    The above is a link to Remy Ilona’s latest book . The book tells a story of the Igbos that the author believes should be listened to. The book, ‘The Igbos And Israel: An Inter-cultural Study of the Oldest And Largest Jewish Diaspora’ which was reviewed by University of Basel Social Anthropologist Dr. Daniel Lis has been receiving positive comments and reviews by numerous persons; ranging from Igbo academics to Jewish academics.

  86. where is daniella? ricardo? (sobbing) has it finally ended? oh i miss the trolls! am sorry! am sorry for calling u guys brainless! u can still become sensible its not too late! come back? please!

    by the way am a Nigerian original black Hebrew Isrealite Elect of the end times. thoroughly enjoyed all the childishness of the two white fellows/actor. really sorry about the brain thing i couldnt resist! hope am forgiven! hey, is Daniel Hoffman still alive?

  87. Re: Catherine Acholonu: Igbo Traditions Reveal Ancient “Genetic Engineering”

    Richard Bartholomew wrote: “Of course I’m not a racist – I’ve written against racism numerous times on this blog, and I’ve been proud to carry a guest-post by the Nigerian intellectual Leo Igwe.

    Acholonu’s theory is a grandiose fantasy, and it would be patronising to say otherwise. It’s rather pathetic to see someone who wants to be taken seriously hiding behind a bogus accusation of this kind.”

    The time has come and I’ll prove you wrong.


    Nenad M. Djurdjevic

  88. Richard Bartolomew,

    by the way, I posted a link to this page on my fb page because I want many Africans and Westerners as well as several scholars to assist to our scientific dispute.


    Nenad M. Djurdjevic

  89. It’s very interesting reading up on comments here, but more interesting that; Prof Catherine Acholonu has gone, but her works live on while some people have made themselve the Chief Judge of blind criticism on another achiever’s job well done!
    Morever; Prof is no more, and her legacy lives on, so it’s not necessary for all to love her work nor appreciate her findings, but what more essential is that everybody should try to leave the world with a footprint, and before you crucify another woman or man’s effort, make sure you are right! And with reasonable point(s) to negate the findings.

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