Thomas Tabback: Joe the Plumber’s Book Collaborator Gets Biblical

A new book promotion from WorldNetDaily:

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, aka “Joe the Plumber,” is back making public appearances, speaking to tea party rallies and making his voice heard through a new book, “Joe the Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream.” …Now the full story of his experience can be told for the first time – including his run-ins with Sarah Palin and John McCain on the campaign trail.

The book is co-written with a certain Thomas N. Tabback, who is also Wurzelbacher’s publicist, and is published by PearlGate; this publisher has only one other title on its website, a novel by Tabback entitled Things Forgotten. However, the Plumber book is not actually that “new” – WND itself gives the publication date as February. The book was announced back in November; Wurzelbacher explained why he chose to collaborate with Tabback back then:

“Everyone came at me to write a book. They had dollar signs in their eyes. ‘101 Things Joe the Plumber Knows’ or some stupid s— like that. Excuse me, I am sorry,” he said. “You know I will get behind something solid, but I won’t get behind fluff. I won’t cash in, and when people do read the book they will figure out that I didn’t cash in. At least I hope they figure that out.”

The book is to be published by a group called PearlGate Publishing and other small publishing houses.

“I am not going to a conglomerate that way we actually can get the economy jump started. Like there is five publishing companies in Michigan. There’s a couple down in Texas. They are small ones that can handle like 10 or 15,000 copies. I can go to a big one that could handle a million or two. But they don’t need the help. They are already rich. So that’s spreading the wealth to me,” he said.

Thomas Tabback is profiled on the PearlGate website:

After carving out a successful 11-year career in the pharmacy healthcare industry, Tabback walked away from corporate life to realize his life-long dream. With his debut novel, Things Forgotten, Tabback ambitiously tells a story centered over 3200 years ago, the period of the Israelite Conquest of Canaan. It is a tale of the timeless struggle between good and evil, and the parallels between the lives of ancient peoples and those of us today. Together with his passion for ancient and biblical history, these are the themes which have shaped Tabback as a writer over the last two decades. His writing style is steeped in rich history and the essence of the human spirit, qualities that will surely linger with his readers.

The novel is apparently about a modern police officer who, while in hospital, finds himself experiencing events from the ancient past through the eyes of “Nahar”, a descendant of Esau. Apparently we have to read the book to find out how Nahar and the policeman are connected; presumably it is not through reincarnation, which would be unlikely to impress Christian readers.

We’re also told that

Tabback tours the country giving speeches to crowds both large and small about the dangers of the new government monarchy in America, what we can learn from biblical history and what WE THE PEOPLE must do to preserve the American Dream.

A profile attached to the “Cincinnati 9/12 Project” (which was inpsired by Glenn Beck’s rhetoric) has more:

He is an inspirational speaker and is currently traveling the country shouting “Give Me No King!” in relation to the movement towards Socialism in the United States and the need for WE THE PEOPLE to resist it! Tabback recently gave a speech at the Tax Day Lansing, MI Tea Party and roused the crowd to a chant of “No King, No King…” Tabback will also be a featured speaker at the Midwest FairTax Rally in Columbia, MO June 13th. If you have had it with government waste, punitive taxation and abuse of power, then you won’t want to miss Tabback’s speech, because WE THE PEOPLE aren’t gonna take it anymore!

The moment from Lansing is captured in this video:

Most recently, Tabback addressed a “Tea Party” in Quincy, Illinois; the Qunicy Herald-Whig reports:

Thomas Tabback, an author and inspirational speaker, told the audience to remember what the nation’s independence is all about.

“This is one of the most important Independence Days in a long time. There’s a huge power grab going on and still, many average Americans out there don’t realize how many of our freedoms are at stake,” Tabback said.

Tabback urged his listeners not to fall for the feel of “a new revolution” in America. His battle cry: Give me no king.

Give Me No King is also the title of Tabback’s blog, which so far consists of three short essays. He explains:

The lessons of history are truly wasted on our politicians holding office today, whether Democrat or Republican. Truly, I can’t tell the difference between them anymore, as I’m sure neither can you. Fact is, this country was founded on the principle that with liberty, WE THE PEOPLE can and will prosper, that without the shadow of a king, WE THE PEOPLE will forge a better life for our children. So what happened? Perhaps the progressive exclusion of God from our public square today has diluted the lessons of biblical history. After all, doesn’t anyone remember the history of ancient Israel? What happened to those people once they cried out for and were given a king? The ancient Israelites were invaded, divided and eventually carried off lock, stock and barrel as slaves to foreign nations, just as Moses had prophesied. Today, the Golden Age of Solomon is all but lost amongst the vast archives of history. Were it not for the Bible, people wouldn’t even know it had existed. Is that what awaits America?

You have heard it said that America today is like the Roman Empire of old, and that if we are not careful, we will go the way of the Roman Empire. I say that is a false comparison. We are not the Rome of yesterday, but we are the New Israel. We are the Israel that followed the glory days of David and Solomon. We are losing our faith, we are losing our culture and we are losing our precious treasures to our enemies whose corrupt and evil ways we are adopting as our own.

Tabback also supports modern Israel, although he doesn’t appear to identify with the visions of apocalpytic Christian Zionism:

Despite the rhetoric spouted by extremist groups on either side, citing religious differences and blood feuds, the primary reason for the conflict between Israelis and Arabs boils-down to property and political power…What about the future of Palestinians and Arabs if Israel defeats Hamas? In Israel, the future is now. Today, an Arab Israeli has equal rights, may vote in elections and may hold public office, which many do. If Israel is allowed to defeat the terrorists within its borders, a young Palestinian today might grow to become Prime Minister of Israel. After all, a black man is about to take the oath of office to become President of the United States.

As well as his novel and speeches, Tabback is also a poet. One of his poetical works appears on Townhall:

Then came to me the words of the Man from Galilee:

Take up thy mustard seed O brothers and sisters of Liberty!
Let blaze thy Faith! And watch this great mountain before you move from off its seat.

In 2008, Tabback was named as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by Medimpact Healthcare Systems, Inc; details here.

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  1. Only in America…

  2. Palin-Plumber 2012
    Christians First

      • I was just suggesting a possible Republican ticket for the next presidential election. And a bumper sticker slogan that would be appropriate to the mindset of their constituents.

        I live in a small, semi-rural town in the Southeast US where the (rather cryptic) message of Mr. Tabback would be well received. Driving down the main highway, you pass many businesses with banners and placards that read, “We ARE one nation under God”. A Baptist church near my house has the message, “America: Still a Christian nation” on their sign.

        Since I’m unfamiliar with how things are in the rest of the world, I was hoping those of you in the UK, Europe, etc. could tell me whether you find this stuff shocking and disturbing or not. I had been under the impression that American politics, wacky as it is, is pretty tame compared to other places. Is this brand of “populism of the righteous” something to be concerned about or no?

  3. If this guy is an authority on america then I’m the King of Kansas.
    Generally speaking, self-appointed pundits SUCK.

    The good thing about Joe?
    He doesn’t waste much water washing his hair.

  4. Palin-Wurzelbacher, 2012: Dumb and Plumber

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