Hooligan Memoir of “Casuals United” Organiser

A bit more on Jeff Marsh (“Seasider Marshy”), Paul Ray’s collaborator in the “Casuals United” (see my previous post) – Amazon has an author profile:

Jeff Marsh was a well known figure in the Soul Crew and was involved in hundreds of battles and streetfights and was jailed 3 times for violence, including a two year sentence for stabbing two Man Utd fans.

Marsh’s memoir Soul Crew Seasiders is available to browse on Google Books, and it contains many nostalgic reminiscences. Typically:

…As we came out of the club it immediately went off with a load of drunken Geordies. As they were so drunk we slaughtered them in seconds…Stanleys were glinting in the moonlight. (67)

Etc, etc. But it’s not all violence; one memory is particularly Proustian:

The “shit pancake” boys were at work on these trips too. Basically, one or two of our boys…had a habit of crapping on the toilet seat, picking it up with toilet paper then writing “CCFC” all over the walls in shite. This was a lovely reminder to pub landlords that we’d been there, and was carried out all over the UK…They just had to hold their nose, try not to puke and clean it up. Nice!(67)

Marsh also claims he is not racist:

As long as you’re all Cardiff who cares what colour you are? (90)

However, as a skinhead there were sometimes unfortunate misunderstandings with persons of colour:

An occupational hazard of being a skinhead was the hassle you got from blacks…They couldn’t tell which Skins were racist or not, you would get attacked by them all the time. We went to see the band Bad Manners in Cardiff and ended up being chased through the streets of Grangetown by a mob of Rastas with knives…One day some of the younger Skins came running up to us saying they’d been started on by some Asians in the fairground…We all ran up through the fair and found them…One came over to me and I smashed his nose…(18)

But on the other hand, after being refused entry to a club in Plymounth, his friend

…starts shouting “ain’t no black in the Union Jack” and the black bouncers went mad. (115)

It seems this this kind of thing was supposedly just banter; recalling work colleagues in London:

I got on well with all of them, they called me “Taff” and used to write “Sheep-shagger” on my hardhat but I never went grizzling to the Race Relations Board asking for compo. (114)

He also describes creating a false rumour of  the “racist BNP” organising a meeting because “it was hilarious to watch everyone running around like headless chickens” and to see “Anti Racists” getting into battles with the police and local dockers.

Here’s another of his videos:

And here’s the latest warning to Islamic militants:

Soul Crew Seasiders

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  1. Cheers for helping me sell books mate, the orders are flooding in.


  2. Anyone get the impression it’s all about to go off?

  3. Yes, it is bubbling up.

    It’s because the Rule of Law apparently does not apply to Anjem Choudary, the master of hate speech in this country.

  4. Anjem Choudary will get his, don’t you worry!

    • Anjum Chaudry is in league with the British Elitist. His main boy Omar Bakri used to say that he was in cohoots with Bin Laden and as soon as 911 kicked off everybody who was associated with Bin Laden was getting nicked except Omar Bakri! What does this tell you?? The EDL and Al Mahajiroun are causing a rift between Muslims and Christians for a purpose and we innocent Muslims who love Britain will get it in the neck!

  5. […] blogged on Marsh’s background here. The background to this split is not explained, although Smeeton has left a comment on this blog […]

  6. FACT.. marshy aint Racist. the lads we all run with for
    years at cardiff are every shade of black brown or white we talking bout cardiff FFS its a cosmopolitan city. notice how boards like this are quick to slag off anyone who is ante-choudray but they dont seem to spend to much time delving into his past do they?
    goverment sponsored quell the “white christian masses” even though there were lots of black kids marching in luton. chodary should be deported to live in a village in helmand where he can do what he likes to women and little girls

    • Odd then, if he is not a racist, that he admits to BNP membership and hanging out with the KKK in his books. He also refers to trying to politicise the soul crew, but they were not interested in his racist views.

      Have read many of his posts on various Cardiff city message boards – trying to deny he is racist is just plain ridiculous

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  11. I’m a Perth casual and I,ll be in Glasgow for opening party of the SDL.All casuals must join and kick fuck out of these extremists till they behave or fuck off home!

  12. Where were the soul crew in the late 70’s and early 80’s at Newcastle-they never came up here. The story about the stanley knives…why does no one up in Newcastle know that story? It would have made the papers or a pirate movie with the flashing blades!

    Read some message boards about the soul crew member who ran into the supporters shop this Friday and asked the security guards to protect him. The same cardiff fan who states that also says on Saturday morning there were Geordies in every pub in Newcastle looking for Cardiff, who were supposed to be the big boys staying over for bother. He said he was glad to get out of Newcastle. Wearing stone Island and peeking around where the CCTV cameras are…is about all you are. There was some good hidings given out to the idiots who ventured into Newcastle centre, but the majority of Cardiff fans were great and enjoyed their trip up here. Great folk and always welcome. Soul Crew…ha! Never made it to the toon when it mattered did they! Keep reading the comics

  13. […] founder, Jeff Marsh, has a background in violent football hooliganism (see my blog entries here and here), and a voice recognition expert was consulted to confirm that Marsh is the same person […]

  14. The soul crew wer the best mob av seen turn up at newcastle their not organised but turn up in number’s and their all up 4 it av got lots of respect for your top lad mac and am sad to say the top newcastle lads didnt show and the soul crew laffed at us

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