“Master of the Black Arts” on Springbok Club Trip to Kent Megaliths

The latest news from Alan Harvey’s Springbok Club:

In June 2009 the Kent Branch of the Springbok Club held a trip to mid-Kent in order to visit a number of the ancient stone megaliths…Pictured… [is] Dr. John Pope-de Locksley performing a re-enactment of what he believed ceremonies were have been like at the White Horse Stone.

From the photograph, it seems the ceremony involved reading something from a bit of paper while wearing a funny hat.

John Pope-de Locksley last spoke to the club in December 2007, as I blogged here. He describes himself as “a master of the black arts, a third degree witch and Odinist…a natural shaman and master of Yoga and other preternatural mysteries and systems”; he is also an associate of David Farrant, an occultist who has been providing first-rate tabloid fodder for decades.

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  1. He REALLY needs the little pointy court jester shoes to go with his clown hat.
    Are these people normal in most other ways?

  2. Thank god we have these geniuses to preserve the rich heritage of Western Culture. What would we do without them? The pointy hat broke me up something fierce. Nearly got Cheerios all over my monitor.

  3. Just what is your problem Mr. Bartholemew? Our organisation – which is basically an expatriate South African social grouping – organised an away “fun” event last month to visit some ancient sites in mid-Kent which were of interest to several of our South African members who wanted to learn more about their ancestral past. One of our members, Dr. John Pope-de Locksley – a learned man who has studied this subject intensely – gave a most interesting talk, including a “re-enactment” of what he believed ancient religious ceremonies at these sites would have been like. Okay, okay, so he wore a funny hat whilst doing so; so what? All of our members present (most of whom were Christian) gained a lot of knowledge from his talks, and none seemed offended. Just why do you seek to belittle and attack the innocent enjoyment of our organisation in this way?

    • “most of whom were Christian”

      Obviously that doesn’t include Pope-de Locksley and neither does it include Alan Harvey. Alan Harvey is a member of the neopagan “Odinic Rite” –

      The Odinic Rite has been described by Searchlight as “”One of Britain’s weirdest pagan fascist cults” – it was set up by a former Mosley Blackshirt John Yeowell. One of its key lecturers formerly included Richard Lawson, who was in both the NF and the short-lived ‘Strasserite’ splinter the National Party (- along with a certain Alan Harvey)

      Nor did it include the co-founder of the Springbok Club, Bill Binding, the one-time “deputy head of the British Ku Klux Klan” who was also Odinic Rite. Pope-de Locksley who is Binding’s nephew, holds the odinic rite wreath here at Binding’s Odinist funeral:

  4. … and another thing, it is NOT “Alan Harvey’s Springbok Club”, it is simply “The Springbok Club”.

  5. Actually, I was quite interested to learn about the megaliths, which I hadn’t heard of before, and I’m sure it was all good clean fun.

    But the main point is that the Springbok Club, like the two Swinton Circles, is of interest for “parapolitical” reasons. The speakers who address the group and the events it holds help outsiders to understand trends and alliances (and splits) within politically activist groups such as yours. John Pope-de Locksley is a particularly exotic element.

    My original interest, by the way, was with the Springbok Club’s associations with elements of the generally Tory “new right” – I first came across the site when I was researching David Marsland.

  6. Thank you for your very friendly and concilitory response Mr. Bartholomew. The mid-Kent stone megaliths are indeed fascinating, and still raise some mysteries. Both Kit’s Coty House and Little Kit’s Coty (the Countless Stones) are milleniums old, dating back until at least the Bronze Age, and perhaps even the Late Stone Age. Although smaller, they bear some of the characteristics of Stonehenge, although many now believe that they were actually entrances to burial burrows, the earthworks of which long ago disappeared. Little Kit’s Coty collapsed before recorded history however, which makes it even more difficult to arrive at a conclusion about. The name Kit’s Coty House is far more recent however, coming from a shepherd boy named Kit (short for Christopher) from the 17th/18th century who used to shelter there during inclement weather. The White Horse Stone is of far more recent antiquity than the other megaliths, it being a stand-alone stone moved to the area from far away during the 1st millenium AD, almost certainly for religious reasons. Yes, John Pope-de Locksley is a bit of an eccentric, but we like eccentrics, and he certainly seems to know his subject – albeit that his re-enactment may have seemed rather comical for outsiders! His connections to South Africa are only slight, but he is a good and keen member of the Springbok Club, and everyone seems to like him.

    The Springbok Club is basically a movement of expatriate southern Africans living “in exile”. Although we undoubtedly have a political dimension (we advocate the re-establishment of civilised rule throughout the African continent – for the benefit of all) we are actually more of a social organisation, keeping exiled Rhodies and South Africans together through social events such as the trip to the mid-Kent megaliths. Our connection with the Swinton Circle came about more through accident than anything (I won’t bore readers by going into intricate details!), but when the split in that organisation occurred last year we naturally sided with the democratic Conservative official wing, rather than with the Robertson/Wilkinson breakaway faction who wished to establish links with the neo-fascist BNP. We are proud of the fact that both Rhodesia and South Africa fought side-by-side with the rest of the Empire/Commonwealth against the scourge of Fascism during WWII.

    Hope this explains a bit more about our organisation.

    • Doesn’t ‘split’ in an organisation usually mean more than just one person being expelled from that organisation? Curious that Harvey calls himself the “democratic Conservative official wing” when the Conservative Party won’t have anything to do with him since he was expelled from the Swinton Circle

      And wasn’t Harvey expelled from the Swinton Circle because it was Harvey “who wished to establish links with the neo-fascist BNP” via his link with Jeff Marshal the BNP’s London Organiser?

      • I’m afraid you’ve become a little confused with the christian name Alan/Allan here Dick! It was Allan ROBERTSON who was expelled from the Swinton Circle at an EGM of the organisation held of 17th January 2009, together with his sidekicks Daniel Wilkinson and Christopher Luke. It was Robertson and his clique “who wished to establish links with the neo-fascist BNP” and not I nor the mainstream of the organisation. The Jeff Marshall once turned up at a Swinton Circle meeting uninvited, and seemed a very polite nd respectable person who did not cause any trouble, and so we invited him to further meetings. Once we discoveed his connection to the neo-fascist BNP we were both surprised and disturbed however, so we then thought it politic not to invite him again.

  7. Good evening Mr. Harvey,

    Just out of curiousity, in saying that your Club advocates “the re-establishment of civilised rule throughout the African continent – for the benefit of all”, I have two questions.

    1. Bartholomew’s first reference to your Club referred to “white” rule. Do you have any problems with civilised “black” rule?

    2. One example of white rule, in South Africa, was the apartheid. Does your organisation support this practice and do you think it should be applied to other African nations?

    • Thank you for your thoughtful response Anthony. To answer the points which you made :-

      1) We referred to “White rule” simply because we are White ourselves and are mainly concerned with the plight of our fellow Whites – but just because we are concerned about our own people does NOT mean that we also don’t wish to ee other races benefitting from civilised rule. I would say that Black rule in today’s Botswana (Bechuanaland) is civilised, and that it also existed in the erstwhile Bophutatswana – but it is very rare and far between.

      2) The system of apartheid – or separate development to give it it’s English name – was a very advanced and praiseworthy political system by which radically different racial groups with different cultures and traditions could live in adjacent areas in peace and mutual respect. In a nutshell it can be described as good neighbourliness. If this system was to b adopted on a global scale then the world today would undoubtedly be a far safer and more pleasant place

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