Christian Right Party Plays on BNP Fear

Pentecostal minister George Hargreaves has posters in South London explaining why voters should choose him on 4 June:


MediaWatchWatch has some fun with the dodgy sentence structure (I suggest an en rule after “BNP); Harry’s Place scoffs at the claim, and notes Hargreaves’ Christian Right agenda – I blogged his anti-gay views here. He also once famously declared that environmental protections against overfishing should be scrapped because there is “a supernatural element in the restoration of fish to our seas”.

Back in the 1980s, before his Pentecostal days, Hargreaves wrote campy songs for a singer called Sinitta. Here are his most famous opuses:

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  1. I suggest an en rule after “BNP

    How about an inverted crucifix? That’ll really get the point across.

  2. Those posters are up in Harlow too. What struck me about the poster is that it tells you absolutely nothing about the Christian People’s Alliance – no actual policies, nor fundamental beliefs and principles. As said above, the poster manages to be poorly written using a handful of words, so why would anyone save a precious few Christian fundies vote for them?

  3. […] site has a list of supporters; George Hargreaves of the Christian Party (whom I blogged here and here, and who won’t be pleased by the Welsh flag  not far below his name) is near the top, and […]

  4. […] going to Europe as an MEP. The defeat was not due to the Christian Party, which had preposterously declared itself to be the only party able to win against the BNP – they got a very un-macho 17,907 votes in the […]

  5. lol, so interesting…

  6. […] earlier this month he withdrew due to his wife’s ill-health. I’ve blogged on Hargreaves previously; in the 1980s, before his religious conversion, he wrote the successful camp pop songs So […]

  7. […] last summer’s European elections, Hargreaves tried to persuade voters that he was the only candidate who could defeat the BNP, and – as I blogged here […]

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