Conspiracy Theories Mocked on WND

A t WorldNetDaily, a conservative US Radio host (Rusty Humphries) on the receiving end of an Islamist death threat mocks the reasoning abilities of Muslim fanatics:

He…told WND the threat highlights the Islamic fundamentalist penchant for promoting the idea of grand conspiracies.

“Everything is a huge conspiracy to the terrorists,” said Humphries. “On my many travels to the Mideast, I’ve been told by Muslims it was the Jews who sent Monica Lewinsky to Bill Clinton so the Jews could rule the U.S. The terrorists believe the West is plotting the extermination of Islam.”

Here are two books that WND is currently heavily promoting:

WND Conspiracy Theory

The former book, WND tells us, is the “incredible but true publication how the secret societies direct the courses of civilization and affect your life”, while in the latter,

Hundreds of pages, photographs and footnotes document the convergence of multinational corporations, foundations and political and social instruments to assemble a one-world government and the “New World Order.”

And let’s not get started on some of the many conspiracy theories that WND has promoted: as well as regular NWO “militia media” paranoia, particularly risible classics include one article that begins by asking “Could the Roman Catholic Church’s sex abuse crisis be tied to embedded Satanic and occultic imagery in its artwork – some of it hundreds of years old?”, and another which promotes the idea that a race of giants created the Pyramids.

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  1. I hate to go to that web site…so tell me, does the “Islamist death threat” seem real to you?

  2. ahaha… I needed a good laugh tonight. :-)

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