Molotov Mitchell: Punk Dominionist

Terry Krepel draws attention to the antics of WorldNetDaily video columnist Jason “Molotov” Mitchell, whose latest diatribe takes the usual groan-inducing line that Obama is actually…a Nazi.


Krepel notes:

More about Molotov Mitchell: His real name is Jason, he has produced a number of inaccurate, smear-laden anti-Obama videos (including an embrace of the Obama birth certificate conspiracy), and  he’s a part of something called the Zealot Movement, an extremist Christian movement built on the straight-edge punk lifestyle that, according to Mitchell, “avoid[s] the putfalls of American, effeminised Christianity” and embraces “sexual purity through the practice of abstinence until marriage and the abolition of homosexuality.”

Mitchell was also behind “Flamethrower TV”, a show which received some attention last year when he made and ate a cookie bearing a cartoon face of Muhammad, to the delight of WND‘s Joe Kovaks.

The “straight-edge punk lifestyle” has been around for a long time, and it combines punk music with a puritanical rejection of alcohol and drugs. Mitchell’s “Zealot Movement” adds a layer of Christian dominionism:

A limited world view combined with a misplaced desire for tradition has caused the Church to be splintered into a thousand factions, all claiming to be keepers of the “true Faith.” Now we stand in the wake of schoolyard massacres, no-fault divorces and infant genocide with nothing to offer but dead tradition and books about the rapture.

In other words, rather than wait for the “rapture” to take Christians into heaven, Christians need to take charge here and now:

…We are children of the Sword, the face of Truth on a dying planet.  We are the worldwide tribe and at the feet of our King the nations will bow.  We are the pure and royal priesthood.  All that we put our hands to must prosper.  We are servants to man, relentless in our toil, driven by love of the Greatest Servant.  We are the Brotherhood of Christ.  Our family does not break like those of the fallen world.  We are the enemies of injustice and defenders of those without defense.  Our eyes are the coals of righteousness and our hearts burn with hatred for all that is evil.  We are the warriors.  We are the fearless.  We are the Zealots.

That’s from a Xanga website belonging the “Zealot Leader“; no name is given, but there is a photo of a bared tattooed torso which appears to belong to Mitchell. The same material appeared on a “Zealot Movement” website in 2001 that is no longer active. This Zealot Movement website also carried a quote attributed in the Bible to King Jehu, “Come with me and see my zeal for the LORD”; that’s in 2 Kings 10:16, and the way that Jehu demonstrates his “zeal” in the following verses is by killing the family of Ahab and then massacring the followers of Baal.

Mitchell gives some background to his philsophy in an interview here:

Straight Edge made me feel great physically, and cleared my mind of the drug-induced haze of my teen years, but when that happened, I realised that that was the end of the ride. My body was whole, but my spirit was sick. Straight Edge couldn’t help me when I wondered why I was here; straight edge was great for my body, but useless for my soul. I faced that, deep down, and began to study religions with the new clarity straight edge had given my mind. I studied Buddhism, Islam, and Mormonism. I came very close to becoming a Hare Krishna follower, before finding many glaring inconsistencies in the Vedic texts and their hierarchy of gods and demigods. Ultimately, I began to read the Bible as much as I hated the idea of reading the Western world’s propaganda, when I stumbled upon a Scripture that intrigued me. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6) Now, most world religions can all hold hands and say, “we all serve the same God; we just do it in different ways,” but this quote from the Man all religions credit as divine and the greatest of teachers was a shockwave for me to read. I thought it was profoundly arrogant, at first, but then I considered the possibility that he could be right. If that was so, then I was in trouble, and so was just about everyone else. C.S. Lewis made a powerful suggestion that Jesus could only be a Liar, Lunatic or Lord. So I began to study the life of Jesus against the lives of the other prophets, the accounts of Josephus, the archaeological evidence behind Scripture, etc. and ultimately saw that there was no other option-Jesus was indeed, Lord.

The Zealot Movement was a natural progression from there on out. Anyone serious about the Christian religion will avoid the pitfalls of American, effeminised Christianity, and join a serious movement. The Zealots are one of the best, compromising nothing and obeying Scripture as Law, the same as the Early Church Fathers did.

…Go to Barnes and Noble, buy a cheap Bible and read it. Even if you hate the idea of Christianity, like I did, you’ll never change America until you’ve studied the Judeo-Christian foundations of the “last world power.” If you want to make more money, find out why the money has “In God We Trust” on it. Turn off the TV and read that Bible with an open mind. Pretty soon, you’ll see things you’ve never seen before.

Mitchell also dislikes Wiccans and pagans, whom he also accuses – with thudding inevitability – of being Nazis; as he explains back on the Xanga site:

The occult and paganism are indeed separate entities with different theologies, practices, etc.  but only as much as Hitler’s S.S. and the German regulars were separate.  Semantics.  They’re both antichristian in their belief system, which is to say that they both oppose the very foundation of Western civilization and submission to spiritual authority.  Goddesses and earthen worship, Lucifer and hedonism, it’s all in the same category- “do as thou wilt.”  And the deeper you dig, the more ugly connections you will find, between Norse mythology and wicka, earth worship and survival of the fittest, ultimately culminating in what Hitler called “a brave religion founded in the worship of Nature and not the effeminate pity ethic of the Jew Christ.”  Call it what you will, humanism, hedonism, wicka, Odinism, race supremacy, the Occult- only one base principle dictates their doctrines- “Do as thou wilt.”

Christian Zealotry stands apart with its theology being based in “Not my will, but Thine be done.”  Sacrifice and giving vs. survival and self-gratification.  If you want to plod along like sheep, following nothing but your lust, then join the Occult, the wickens, the Nazi Party, or just don’t even think about spiritual life and responsibility at all.  But if you want to follow the higher path that most will never dare to tread, the Way of Love, the Royal Priesthood, the Eternal Brotherhood, then submission to Christ is your Destiny.

“Black Metal” also gets the thumbs-down; returning to the interview:

Black metal represents liberalism’s logical destiny. The black metal practitioner and the ACLU both hate the concepts of the moral majority, the Ten Commandments on a court house, prayer in school, and anything else that would dare suggest absolute Truth, but the black metal-head has the spine to carry his beliefs out to their logical end, and openly attack. They all subscribe to Nietchzeian philosophy, the ACLU, NOW, the homosexual community, the black metal scene, and they are all out for the same thing: the total annihilation of Christian law, as it is the only obstacle they can not seem to surmount.

In 2005 Mitchell’s “Illuminati Films” made a documentary on musical subcultures, entitled Dark Planet: Visions of America. A 2007 review in Black Oak Presents by Robert Benson (p.11 of this pdf) calls the film “imformative and imaginatively compiled”, but he complains that it “grossly exaggerated” the cultural significance of these groups and has “many fatal flaws”. In particular, he complains that the “zealot” segment, in which Mitchell’s wife “DJ Dolce” is interviewed, is biased to show members as “happy and charitable”, and that the skinhead segment dismisses the reality of  a “white power” grouping. The black metal segment, meanwhile, “spouted the usual rhetoric about Satanism in American society”.

In February, Mitchell treated WND readers to a particuarly bizarre piece in which he mocks liberals for believing in evolution so that they can avoid moral responsibility, but being inconsistent because they don’t follow the logic of “survival of the fittest”, which should mean support for capitalism, militant Islam, and discouraging homosexuality; the larger point he is attempting to make, if there is one, remains obscure to me.

UPDATE: A reader draws my attention to another interesting connection. According to this profile:

Mitchell’s parents divorced when he was five, and his father, an evangelical pastor who now heads the Beacon City Church in Boston, raised him. “I was a troubled adolescent, an angry young man who was always fighting and drinking,” he told me. “Dad kicked me out when I was seventeen, which was one of the best things that ever happened to me.” He became interested in the punk scene and spent a year, by choice, living on the street, which is where he discovered God. After reading the Book of Mormon and the Koran, and nearly becoming a Hare Krishna, Mitchell turned to Christianity. “No light came down, but it was the beginning of a transformation,” he said.

The pastor father is Wayne Mitchell, and Beacon City Church is part of the Every Nation grouping of churches; I have blogged on this controversial neo-Pentecostal group  – which has its origins in the 1980s “Maranatha” movement – a number of times in the past. Wayne Mitchell formerly pastored King’s Park International Church, which I wrote about in 2005, and which is currently pastored by Ron Lewis. A poster to a critical web forum concerning Every Nation noted in 2007 that

Ron Lewis has a new website:

I noticed on the media page that there are several videos produced by Illuminati Pictures, an independent film company based in Durham that appears to have ties to KPIC. They also produced Campus Harvest’s new promo video that’s just been posted to You Tube.

Campus Harvest  was founded by Lewis, and one Campus Harvest video featuring Jason Mitchell can be seen here. One wonders whether Ron Lewis or Wayne Mitchell have any views about “Molotov”‘s methods of telling the world the message of Christ.

Jason Mitchell Illuminati Cookie

24 Responses

  1. What always boggles my ind is that these people is the way they find “inconsistencies” in all other religions except their own. Do they truly not see the inconsistencies in the Bible, especially in the Christian New Testament?

  2. Giving punks a bad name.

  3. Punk music without drugs and alcohol? Outrage! (“Twenty twenty twenty four hours to go/I wanna be the opposite of sedated!”)

  4. Straight-edge punk lifestyle: All the rebellion of punk (now with 100% less rebellion).

  5. Modusoperandi:

    Straight edge is a fine movement, this clown is not representative of the straight edge movement, which is against drugs, alcohol, smoking and sex without responsibility, a fine agenda for a young punker to follow.

    What this guy has twistd it into is as far removed from the Straight Edge ideology as can be.

  6. “I was all messed up on drugs / now I’m all messed up on Jesus”
    Cheech & Chong’s words are still as relevant today as they were thirty years ago.

  7. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill: Okay. Now tell him that.

  8. You mean on his website? I’m sure it’ll change his mind…I just don’t like people dispariging straight edge, it is a movement with much value, badly misused here.

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  10. Richard,

    Molotov here. I found this article largely accurate, so thank you for your integrity. My only dispute is with the opening suggestion that I called Obama a “Nazi”. Coupled with that picture, the statement is misleading. In the video “Right Wing Extremists: Part 1”, I stated that “Nazi” meant “national socialism”, so as a socialist, Obama had more in common with Hitler than other conservative presidents. Additionally, Obama’s support of ghastly practices like partial birth abortion and “therapeutic” abortion put him closer to the Furher as well (but I didn’t mention that in the video). Otherwise, it was a fair critique/representation of my views.

    And to clarify the “dominion” line, I believe what the Bible teaches and I fervently respect people’s choice to believe otherwise. That said, having chosen one ideology that claims superiority over others (The Way, The Truth, The Life, etc.) I challenge other ideologies on a regular basis. If you believe that others are in danger, you tell them. Of course, people with other views don’t have to love me in return, but they should be tolerant enough to join the debate before bursting in, guns blazing. As you mentioned, I’ve spent most of my life with people who are nothing like me and still maintain friendships with many of them. We don’t agree on all things, but we’re mature enough to discuss and debate them over a pint, without getting hostile.

    As for Straight Edge: as a Zealot I’m more “pure” than I ever was as an enemy of Christianity. I’ve learned that prayer and fasting is far more fulfilling than passing on a beer or sneering at smokers. The body will deteriorate and die. It’s the eternal that matters most.

    Thanks for allowing me to respond, Richard. Feel free to write me any time.

  11. Mitchell you are a true piece of crap and an ignorant hate-monger.

    • Boris you so original.Bet your a Hollow Headed Hipster who votes communist ,oh so sorry socialist(I can’t see any dif in the 2) . LOFL :O

  12. Hey Boris, truth is always defined as hate or racism by Liberals, it’s the only tool in your arsenal. Molotov is a clear thinker. I love how intolerant you self proclaimed defenders of tolerance become when someone disagrees with your ideology.

  13. Hey Joe, if I’ve seen one neo-Nazi like you attack ‘liberals’ for being intolerant of awful ideas, I’ve seen hundreds.

    It’s the standard attack from people like you Joe and it is pretty hollow.

    Intolerance per se is not a bad idea, ie: I have no tolerance for child killers, just as many of us here have no tolerance for bigots and racists and religious nuts that use it as a device to hurt and harm others.

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