Palin Church Fire: “Hired Assassin” Claim

WorldNetDaily returns to the subject of the suspicious fire the occured at Sarah Palin’s church in December. There have been bitter complaints that the fire has not been the subject of greater media attention or official investigation, but now WND highlights some new allegations:

[Blogger Kevin] Collins said he discussed the situation with a church elder, Tom Ryan, who confirmed the case isn’t a simple arson, but an attempted murder situation.

“There were five adult women and a 17-year-old girl in the church during the arson,” Collins wrote.

He also reported the telephone wires and those controlling the fire alarm and water sprinkler were cut before the fire was set from within the building, because footprints were found inside the control room.

“Clearly the arson[ist] knew the victims were present,” he wrote.

“The facts speak clearly. This attempted murder was perpetrated by someone from outside of the Wasilla area, a hired assassin who went there to kill people because of what they believe,” Collins reported.

The cutting of the wires is surely newsworthy, but why is this coming to light only now? It’s not even mentioned on the church’s website. Collins blames “slovenly old media”, and claims the media is fearful the perpetrators will turn out to be left-wing. However, I’m sure Ryan or Pastor Larry Kroon could have got a hearing from many media sources with this information, both secular and Christian.

Instead, and curiously, Ryan has chosen to go to a Freeper-style right-wing blogger who chest-thumps at length on the usual subjects – a typical screed is entitled “Face it: Obama declared war on us. It’s time to choose up sides and fight back to Save America”; Collins also has a book to sell (co-authored with Paul Vallely of “Stand Up America”). From a summary:

Operation Sucker Punch (Blood for our Future) is a thriller where the stakes portrayed could not be higher. President Harlan Andrews of the U.S. prepares to launch a joint preemptive first strike with Israel against the world’s radical Islamic terror states. The strike must be pre-emptive and carried out with overwhelming lethal force. A top secret intelligence report proves that there are just months remaining before Mohammed Waleed, the Iranian Islamic leader, completes the building of deliverable atomic weapons. The tension builds as time runs out. The plan is to trick and set a ruse for the radical Islamist to attack Israel. Then, they will fight a war based on America and Israel’s timetable. Only this pre-emptive offensive can save the free world from the global caliphate. If the plan works, Waleed and his allies will be annihilated in this winner-take-all war. If the plan fails, America’s President and Israel’s Prime Minister will be tried as war criminals.

Is this really the only person that Ryan could get the word out to?

(Name variation: Kevin “Coach” Collins)

2 Responses

  1. “He also reported the telephone wires and those controlling the fire alarm and water sprinkler were cut…”

    Water sprinklers do not require electricity to work. Fire alarms typically have battery back up systems.

  2. According to the story, the wires were cut in the control room.
    Presumable this is where the alarm panel was located. If the wires are cut at the panel, the gate valve for the sprinklers cannot receive the signal to open. Also, the siren cannot receive the signal to sound. If the phone lines had not been cut the alarm company would have received a signal from the panel that there was trouble on the system. The only warning that the people in the building would have had that someone was trying to kill them was a beeping at the panel. There could also have been a beeping at the keypad, but most fire alarm systems do not have a separate keypad. The battery back up is of no consequence since the panel could not communicate.

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