Biafran “Offspring of Efraim” Organise London “Israel-Palestinian Peace Rally”

(Title corrected)

Various Christian Zionist websites are publicising a Christian “Israel-Palestinian Peace Rally” to be held outside the London Israeli Embassy next week. The organiser is an obscure group called the Good Shepherd Movement, and it is promoting the slogan “Try Peace”. The “Try Peace Campaign” website explains:

We the coalition of people who want to speak out for Peace as a Voice of Reason, wish to call on all honest people and those who love peace to stand up and condemn Hamas and its allies for resuming rocket attacks after a period of agreed ceasefire with the State of Israel. Nobody wishes to see the Palestinian population subjected to the same blockade to which the Nigerian Government and its Allies subjected Biafra to between 1967-1970. We all know what happened to the lives of millions of the Biafran people. We feel that continued broadcasting of pro-Hamas protests by the media is irrational, biased against Israel, dangerous to the welfare of ordinary Palestinian people whom Hamas is hiding behind to carry out a proxy war for the enemies of Israel…

However, unlike many Christian Zionist organisations, the Campaign also believes that “Palestine has a right of a viable state”.

As indicated in the above quote, the Good Shepherd Movement has a particular interest in Biafra; the GSM leader, Enyinna Amadikwa, has a rather unusual perspective:

In 1990 in Macclesfield, in the North of England, I was opportuned to purchase an antique map of Africa which indicated in reality, that Biafra existed before Nigeria by  hundreds of years, if not thousands, therefore making it an ancient landmark. This realisation instantly made me to recall my visions and my role in the restoration of what is Biblically an ancient landmark…It might appear that we have pro-Israeli posture because it has been passed down to us that the Biafran people (Igbos) have a historical heritage with the Hebrews of Israel.

A report in IBO Media notes Amadikwa’s participation at a London Iri ji (Igbo celebration of the New Yam) festival:

Amadikwa stressed that Biafrans were offspring of Ishmael [UPDATE: sic – see comment below about this misquote – RB], who migrated to Ethiopia before dispersing further to the dream country…Asked later if GSM was an offshoot of the embattled Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) Amadikwa said no, he said that GSM believes that the ills plaguing Igbo Land like lack of respect for elders, corruption and others would not be tolerated in the new Biafra.

The idea that Biafrans – and specifically the Igbo – are related to the Jews was popularized by Olaudah Equiano, who cited Dr. John Gill’s opinion that Africans are “descendents of Abraham by Keturah his wife and concubine “. Equiano added:

We practised circumcision like the Jews, and made offerings and feasts on that occasion in the same manner as they did. Like them also, our children were named from some event, some circumstance, or fancied foreboding at the time of their birth.

Some Igbo groups today go further, suggesting that Abraham adopted these customs after visiting the Igbo, although there is no suggestion that Amadikwa takes such a view. Also, Amadikwa’s vision for Biafra is explicitly non-tribal.

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  1. I have heard accounts of an African group that some tie to the descendants of Enoch. Are these stories related? Any ideas if there is a grain of truth behind either?


    I am writing to state that I have been misquoted. I have never said nor believe that Biafran people came from Ishmael.

    Good Shepherds Movement believe that Biafrans are descendants of Efraim (Bia-Efraim)

    Thank you

    Enyinna Amadikwa
    President Good Shepherds Movement

    • the Ibos / Hebrews of Nigeria are not from Ishmael. they are from Gad/ Ogadimma tribe of Israel. they are not alone in the journey, the rest of them the ica Ibos and Qua Ibos/ Akwa ibom are all jews from different tribes of Israel, even the Ijaws are of Benjamin/ Njemanze. all these groups makes up the Biafra/ephraim people. we also have the ijebu ibos. the Biafrans never came to west Africa as a person but as people. they were many Hebrews trying to escape from the Romans who seek to destroy them.that is how and what brought them to west Africa to hide from the oppressors.

      • In light of truth, i respect your opinion from the biblical stand point.two sons of jacob who formed the nation of igbos, gad,the father of Ehi. Ehi is the father of the ijebu- igbo to the oduduwa, douwn to the ika igbos, who celebrates the Ehi vestival each year.and than,the son of benjamian. Eri,the father of the abia,imo akwa-igbo calabas, ijwas, ondos anambra, and so on.

  3. Thanks, I was curious how you squared Ishmael with Keturah.


    Israel solidarity rally today in London 14th Jan 2009 was a great success!!

    Thank you for your support.

    Good Shepherds Movement
    Try Peace Campaign

  5. The posting was written as a neutral piece for information, it was not written in “support” of the event.

  6. Igbos are Ibri (Hebrews) from the 12 tribes of Israel. Check out this information by reading the Igbos: Jews In Africa series, The Chronicles of Igbo Israel, the Igbo Israel Union Online website, etc.

  7. Why are africans so pathetic?

  8. I am Igbo; Israelite for sure, but not Ephraimite.

    • Ever seen the real face value image of Africa from cosmic micro wave radiation background of Atlantic ocean current motion in air form central core fluid intelligent system atmosphere that show the nature made idol universal figure cosmic kind of beast glorious spiritual head being in one body language symbol seal ?

  9. To begin with, there is a massive confusion in reference to the word Jew. A Jew is not necessarily an Israelite or a Hebrew. The majority of the Jews today are Jews by religion and not by blood. So, there is nothing like a Jewish race. On the contrary, there was and still a Hebrew race of which Israelites are the chosen line. Igbo or Ndi-Gboo which is what the term Hebrew stands for in English is an ancient race established by God. Igbo origin goes beyond this earth, and yet is as old as humanity starting from Adama and Ada (Eve).

    The Igbo of today like the Edo (Iduu), and Yoruba are cultural groups than one people, except that there more Hebrews and Israelites in the Eastern Igbo land than in the Western Igbo land called Yoruba today. I want everybody to get this, because I am sick and tired of seeing the Igbo begging Jews to accept them as fellow Jews when the bene-Israel among the Igbo have more evidence of who they are than the proselyte dominated group that lives in Israel today. Have anyone noticed that the majority of Jews have European surnames. Arabs have Arab surnames and Igbo (Hebrews) have authentic Hebrew names. I bet you don’t know this either. That is, the fact that the group known as Jews today do not know, speak, or understand the true Hebrew landguage. But you, the Igbo, speak the true Hebrew – the language of God Himself. I challenge even the most knowlegeable among the Jewish Rabbis and scholars to refute what I am saying. It is a pity that the Igbo who are Christians say their own language when praising God without knowing it. For example, when you say “Jehovah Tsidkenu” which they told you means “Jehovah my righteousnes”, is actually pure Hebrew and it should be “Jehovah Chikaenu”. I know that due to mental slavery, we have problem believing one another, but anyone who doubts me should ask people who know Ora-Ivite in Ana-edo how they pronounce Chi and they will tell you, Tsi. The Jews say that Adonai means Lord but this is have the meaning because “Ado” is Lord and “nai” is “Nnayi” is our father, meaning “Lord our Father”. In the same way, “Adonenu” is “Lord in Heaven”. I don’t expect any Jew to question what I am saying because I can go further to show the individual that Jews do not speak Hebrew. And by the way, I am a Kehen Godal (Levite High Priest) by birth with the evidence to back whatever I say. Daluzinu Ndi banyi.

    • Can anyone out there then explain why Nigeria as a country has the most languages spoken on earth? The languages and dialect spoken in the former mid-western state of Nigeria for alone is more than that of a continent combined.

  10. […] Acholonu’s complete C-SPAN talk can be seen here. I’ve also blogged on a religious movement in the UK that uses Igbo identity – see here. […]

  11. In fact i am very proud to be a biafran no matter how we suffer. I am happy getting this amasing information thank you. I am interested for some lessons, books and ndi igboo dictionary because i wud like to study the language. I did not learn venacular in the sch cause i did not grow in my land. Ndi igbo have a lot of ways of speaking, which is the real language anambra, imo, ika ibo or what? Pls kindly give a reply if possible.

  12. Igbos are typically hebrews in nature. Their practices and behaviours reflects so much of hebrew culture than that of the present jews who don’t really know their stand. Genesis is an Igbo word ‘ga na isi isi’ and some dialects have it for ‘ge na isi isi’.
    Thanks for this site

    • My friend, i have you right here….in my very own tongue in Alayi Bende LGA of Abia is Ge ne isi isi. And without been careless we should never forget where we found Abia in the Bible ***in CODE is ABA* BENDE**ISUKWUATO***ARUCHUKWU (ABIA). again the Believed God of Creator called “Ubinukpabi” clearly Chukwu-obioma meaning God that made everything plus God of Happiness. rememebr it is widely blvd that the creator made everything for His pleasure i.e an act of happiness that same God was resident in Alayi (mn Ala Anyi) “Our Land” and latter moved to Arochukwu in the same Abia State of Nigeria (as known as God’s own State). Plz lets study this Link;

  13. My haplogroup e1b1a7 which is igbo around nigeria cameroon or equatorial guinea. I believe I was of afro sephardim descent. Thinking that I was from the tribe of benjamin because my dream of wolves and my wife told me she a dream I change into one. Now finding out that the state of israel confirm igbos as ephraim. Benjamin Joesph Manasseh and Ephraim are all Rachels children so send me a your opinion thank you God bless

    • Good you are not fair from the truth. Go and study Genesis Chap:46 all the way. you will find your face as DNA of the covernent IBO/ IGBO/HIGBO/HEBREW.HEBREW means get down and lifth,he ri buru.thats what your mama being doing all those days at the farm.

  14. ibos or igbo are jews

  15. i want to suggest something to help ibo/israel union

  16. let’s make peace with reality and move on with the truth of EZEKIEL 17:12-14 for the prophetic focus on Nigeria and igbo race

  17. The word ‘Genesis’ is actually ‘Jee na-isi isi’. We should try and get our facts right, Igbos are not and can never be Jews. Eugene Akannam was right about the Jewish people, the word ‘Jew’ does not mean the ‘Children of Israel’ as Jews does infact used to refer to people of a common religion – Judaism.

    They do not really speak or understand the true Hebrew language. I have confirmed that what they speak and call ‘Hebrew’ is actually ‘IGBO’ (a corrupt version). I even doubt that the name ‘Abraham’ really means ‘Father of Many’ because its equivalence in Igbo language is “Abiama’ which means an entirely different thing. Infact, I think that it is ‘Noah’ that means ‘Father of many’ because its cognate in Igbolanguage is ‘Nnaoha’ which connotes the meaning. I was surprised to come across the biblical name “EBER’; it is pronounced exactly the same way ‘Iba’ is being pronounced in ‘Nara Unateze’ in Nkanu. Infact, there are people called ‘Umu Iba’ – ‘Children of Iba’ in ‘Nara Unata-eze’.

    May ‘IKE KERE UWA’ bless you all!!!

  18. Knowing our origin is very important and vital as a people. Uniting with our brothers all over the world should not mean to us as uniting to form one nation which can never be possible. But, it is important to make this correction: I said earlier that Igbos are Jews which I will admit is a mistake. We are not jews since anyone can be a jew! I wanted to say we are Hebrews but it seemed I used the both words interchangeably.

    Now that we have known who we are, it is important we work together and promote a strong brotherhood with our brothers all over the world, let our bond be stronger! Why I had to say this is because the pursuit for Biafra may not actually be the wise decision. It better the Igbos remain the Hebrews of a better Nigeria than the Hebrews of a dying Biafra.

  19. I thank Chikaenu, Ekikekeluwa, Chineke nke igwe na ala, Obinigwe, Onyeisiumumuo nile
    GOD of our ancestors Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.
    For this great awakening of the Igbos the undisputed people of GOD that angered our GOD by refusing to speak the only language of GOD and spiritual (in the sense that every race, nation, tribes speaks it in the spirit realm ) the Igbo language (asusu igbo) We have being existing far beyond 1948 of the modern Israel. The ISRAELI current PM Ben borrowed our language (asusu igbo) as his name NATANYAHU Nate anya hu(look and see) Ndi Igbo Chineke nacho anyi biko nu.

  20. In As God Said Temple GOD has giving us a seer (Onyemgbeochie)and gave him core history of Higbos, Igbos & ibos. You can talk to him on phone number 08032166238.

  21. Igbo/ibo/Ibri/ha ibri means the same thing. God almighty speak Igbo language that is why he name the first man ADA M .Adam speaks igbo. find out. Esau’s wife Genesis 36v2 is Ada. Jehovah nissi, Jehovah jireh, Adonai and many more. Abraham begat Isaac begat Jacob & Esau J begat Israel out of Israel Gad numbers 26v16&17 Gad begat Eri, Arodi, Areli etc, Eri begat nri, Enugu, Agulu etc the children founded the ancient Igbo towns and villages, include Agulu(son)+Eri(father)=Agulueri, Umueri etc. Nnri founded umunri etc. on the other hand Arodi founded umuaro, Arochukwu, Arodizuogu, Ugbene arod etc; Aleri founded many as well . pls visit Biafraland to see things that will make you mad because you will not just be convinced but overwhelmed, something like Obugad, onuyx stone of Gad engraved, star of David buried in obugad in aguleri founded by the foreigners and was stamped in Nigeria coin(25k) . thank you very much . Igbo has a clear ancestor”.

  22. I am an African America, my ancestors were from Africa, transported on a ship called Jesus, from the Transaltantic Slave Trade. I want to know were those Africans called Igbos who are now American citizens from the Bight of Biafra (also known as the Bight of Bonny)?

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