Another Nigerian Pastor Makes Children Confess to Witchcraft

From Leadership Nigeria:

Residents of Masaka in Nasarawa State heaved a sigh of relief recently as they were delivered from the activities of demon-possessed children by pastor Bawa J Madaki of Eternity Church Masaka.

In recent times, Masaka and Nyanya-Gwandara both in Karu local government area of Nasarawa State, have allegedly been invaded by demon-possessed children who are said to have been tormenting the residents…

One man told the paper that after his daughter’s deliverance she confessed to having caused him to lose his job and to having “tied” her mother’s pregnancy. Also:

Margaret was said to have confessed that she was a great person in the spirit realm. Her name was “Queen Shiayet” given to her by the master of the cult. She said she had killed so many people by causing accidents on the road.

Meanwhile, a boy confessed to killing his mother “by sucking her blood”.

Pastor Bawa Madaki has no other internet presence, and the Eternity Independent Baptist Church is similarly obscure. Nasarawa State is in central Nigeria, some distance from the southern coastal state of Akwa Ibom where the neo-Pentecostal child-witchfinders exposed by Channel 4 late last year are based. One wonders if Madaki has seen Helen Ukpabio‘s horror film End of the Wicked.

This account also has resonances with other stories I have written about: almost a year ago I blogged on a certain Rev Massok, who makes young women confess to all kinds of demonic and other-worldly exploits in Cameroon; and the idea that witches are the cause of road accidents is central to the teachings of the Ugandan Pastor Thomas Muthee, who gained global prominence a few months ago due to his links with Sarah Palin and her church in Wasilla.

It seems that many people are fearful of criticising “men of God” such as Madaki due to possible divine retribution. A commentator to one of my blog entries on Helen Ukpabio warns that:

You all should know that curses are obedient and just servants and that they are faithfull in discharging their duties accordingly.

Those of you raining curses on an innocent woman of God based on false allegations posit on her should know that for sure, when those curses go and finds out that she is innocent, those curses must definately go back to the sender to accomplish its mission (BACK TO SENDER)

An easy way to know if Evangelist Mrs. Helen Ukpabio is innocent from all these element of allegation is to search and assess your life in absolute totality. Evaluate yourself if all is still going on well with you right from the time you decided to comment on what you do not understand neither the motive behind all the intentions.


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  1. The characterization of Witches as evil and of Witchcraft as harmful has resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in every country in Africa.

    We, self-defined Witches, regard this prejudicial stereotyping of Witchcraft in Africa as an offense against human dignity everywhere.

    The incitement to “convert” or “deliver” Witches in the name of Jesus is nothing more than a religiously motivated incitement to hatred and violence.

    We condemn the Witch-pointers and Witch-hunters throughout Africa as criminals! We condemn their actions to “eradicate Witchcraft” as crimes against humanity.

  2. I had been wondering where all of the Bush-Cheney administration folks were going to find work next month.

    Now I realize that they can go to Africa and help drive out the traitors and other sorts of witches to relocate them in some other place in the world.

  3. Thank you for your article and for being willing to speak out against the atrocities that are being carried out on so-called witches throughout Nigeria.

    One note: Eternity Church is NOT an Independent Baptist church, as was erroneously noted in the article.

    As a missionary, I can tell you definitively that Independent Baptist churches are publicly opposed to the exorcisms that are so prevelant amongst too many churches in West Africa

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