Walid Shoebat’s Son Shares Blog with BNP Supporter

Following on from my previous post, I note that Jeff Davis of Mosquewatch also has a YouTube channel, under the name “AmericanBNP” – a previous channel named “Mosquewatch” was removed for “terms of use” violation. The blog Mosquewatch also has postings by Davis on the subject:

I Stand With The BNP

I have no choice. No one else in the UK will take a stance against the Muslim hordes flowing into the United Kingdom. No one here in America will do the same as well. Our 2 party system is broken. All of our leaders, are nothing more than empty suits. If you are an American that loves the UK as I do, I suggest you back the BNP and support them. Time is not on our side. Wake up America, wake up Britain.


If some people tell me that I am a nazi for supporting some ideas of the BNP….. Are all Republicans for open borders because President Bush won’t close them , OR KICK THE BUMS OUT ? For my fellow “Conservatives” DO YOU AGREE WITH EVERYTHING PRESIDENT BUSH DOES ? I don’t, nor do I agree with everything the BNP stands for.

Actually, I’m happy to accept that some British National Party supporters are simply stupid and ill-informed rather than racist. But is it a racist party, and its leaders have been known to make private pro-Hitler and thuggish comments that have been captured by secret filming. Party leader Nick Griffin – author of a booklet decrying Jewish control of the media – turned from anti-Jewish hatemongering to anti-Muslim rhetoric simply for tactical  reasons, as he explained at an American Renaissance conference:

The proper enemy to any political movement isn’t necessarily the most evil and the worst…The proper enemy is the one we can most easily defeat.

Mosquewatch has several other contributors – as well as the Swanksta there is Walid Shoebat’s son Theodore (or “Ted”) Shoebat, and a comic-book artist named Bosch Fawstin; Fawstin draws cartoons of a superhero named “Pigman”, who battles Islamic terrorism. Like Davis, Fawstin seems to think that going on obsessively and vacuously about how Islam must be defeated is some kind of actual contribution to fighting extremism.

Theodore Shoebat also has his own blog, Tedland Daily, where he cuts and pastes news stories about Islamic extremist atrocities and various right-wing opinion pieces (mixed in with attacks on evolutionary biology). This blog is directly linked from the Walid Shoebat Foundation website, so it would appear to have some official standing, or at least recommendation. But it should be noted Shoebat Jnr shares this blog with Jeff Davis, who posts under the name “”mississippimud2007”. Davis hasn’t mentioned his enthusiasm for the BNP on this site, and doubtless the Shoebats would be appalled – but isn’t it rather embarrassing?

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  1. The challenge is still open. What say you ? The ball is in your court.

    Put up or shut up. I think you are a coward and you are afraid too show your face. Just my opinion. Prove me wrong.

  2. embarrassing?

    You are. You have nothing. You hide behind a computer. You are the one that is scared Sir, not me . You don’t show your face. YOU ARE THE COWARD.

  3. A) His face is on the “Back Cover” page.

    B) You are not Michael Savage. DWI.

  4. “Put up or shut up.” Or else what?

    “Show your face! You are a COWARD!” What kind of an argument is that? Think what you like if it makes you feel better about yourself – do you really think I give a toss?

    Although if you want to do something useful, why don’t you explain to us your relationship to the Shoebats and tell us whether they know about your enthusiasm for the BNP.

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  6. MosqueWatch regular Bosch Fawstin has a new gig at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood blog. I think that’s a step-up…

  7. […] from Shoebat’s son and others. He also uses the pseudonym “AmericanBNP”, expressing his support for the anti-Muslim views of the British […]

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