The Springbok Club’s Favourite “Maid” and a Neo-Nazi Website

Edmund Standing at I Kid You Not has cast an eye over a piece by pro-BNP blogger “Sarah Maid of Albion”, who is complaining about YouTube “censoring” (i.e. declining to host) extremist videos:

In attempting to prove her point, ‘Sarah’ links to ‘another story from the USA‘. The story, it turns out, is found on a website called ‘Newsnet14’. ‘Newsnet14’ describes itself as ‘an online resource for people of European descent around the world’ and considers itself an alternative to ‘Zionist media mongers’

The short article (more like a blog entry) recommended by “Sarah” is an attack on the Anti-Defamation League, and its author informs us as an aside that Jews control pornography. The article also includes a hyperlink to Resist, which Standing notes is “home of none other than Tom Metzger of ‘White Aryan Resistance'”. It should also be noted that Newsnet14 is registered to “Aryan Wear”, purveyor of “skinhead boots, nazi boots, swastika boots, skinhead shirts, nazi shirts, white pride clothing…”, etc. etc – further details here.

However, although Standing is unimpressed with “Sarah”, the “Maid of Albion” has one fan: none other than Alan Harvey, who has reproduced an anti-Mandela screed written by her on the website of the Springbok Club, with a gushing introduction that praises her discernment when it comes to media:

This excellent article appeared on the blog of Sarah, an Englishwoman endowed with an incisive and razor-sharp understanding of South Africa’s recent history. Unlike so many millions of brain-washed lemmings in the UK, she sees right through the media-contrived smoke & mirrors, lies and myths.

Although Harvey is firmly pro the Israeli right-wing, the “Maid of Albion” is not the only person he recommends who has promoted anti-Jewish propagandists. As I noted a few days ago, Harvey is also a supporter of Clive Derby-Lewis, who once hosted David Irving in South Africa.