Canadian Christian Right Spin on Canadian Politics

From the UK Daily Telegraph:

Canadian leader suspends Parliament to keep power

Canada’s parliament was closed on Friday after Stephen Harper, the prime minister, succeeded in suspending it until the new year in order to avoid almost certain defeat in an imminent confidence vote…As constitutional scholars denounced the move, Mr Harper said he was going to use the time to think about the economy.

OneNewsNow has its own spin on that:

Canada’s conservative P. M. survives coup attempt

A Canadian pro-family leader says he’s very pleased that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was able to avert a coup d’etat attempt by a left-wing coalition bent on ousting him from office.

…Brian Rushfeldt, executive director the Canada Family Action Coalition, says one would expect a coup attempt in developing dictator nations — but not in a 146-year old democracy.

The Canada Family Action Coalition is a creation of Victory Churches International, an international charismatic grouping founded by George and Hazel Hill in Alberta in 1979 – I haven’t been able to find any biographical details about the Hills prior to the establishment of their first church, and they are now based in California. Rushfeldt used to be Dean of the associated Victory Bible Colleges International.