Cincinnati Zoo Controversy: Ken Ham Speaks

From the AP:

The Cincinnati Zoo has canceled a joint ticket promotion with the nearby Creation Museum in Kentucky…

Ham says it is not true that the zoo is scientific while the museum is not. “The zoo talks about animals and animal behavior and so on. We would agree with all of that,” he points out. “The only statements [with which] we would disagree is [sic] when they talk about the origin of the animals — where they came from in the first place — which is not observational science.”

There you have it. Total agreement on all other points…


2 Responses

  1. Why would you ever want to ride a Triceratops?

    There are so many cooler dinosaurs to ride. In fact, why would you ride a dino at all when you would obviously have one of those steam-roller cars that you start with the soles of your feet and then magically propel themselves?


  2. Can you please say where you got that picture, and if there are any more like it?

    Thank you!

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