Obscure Religion Blog Hosts A-List Political Brit Bloggers Spat

Sunny Hundal, writing on Liberal Conspiracy in February:

Last week Tuesday Aaron linked to this blog post by Tim Ireland on Bloggerheads…Quick off the mark, although I didn’t read it until much later, I was sent an email by [Paul] Staines threatening to take me to court for the link. He was: “not minded to not pursue this just because you withdraw it at a later date.” That is quite a threat. I was asked to get in touch soon or else. “And I won’t leave the pistol in the holster this time,” he ended.

I cited this incident in a blog entry a few days ago. The blogger Staines (also known as “Guido Fawkes“) left a brief comment:

There was no threat to sue LibCon.

Tim now asks:

C’mon, Guido.

You made the claim. Can you back it up or not?

Sunny has emailed me from the USA to tell me he stands by the story.

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