A Sermon from Pastor Zuma

From South African newssite IOL:

“We need to teach our people to fear God,” ANC president Jacob Zuma said on Wednesday, and he suggested the way to do so would be by making children pray before school – “as it was in the past”.

…The ANC leader, who once headed the country’s moral regeneration campaign, put a large part of the blame for the “modern interpretation of values” on the media, saying there was too much sex and violence on radio and television.


South Africa is a country based on the rules and principles of God, said ANC president Jacob Zuma in Kempton Park on Thursday.

…The preamble of the Constitution “calls upon God to help us”, said Zuma at the National Presidential Religious Leaders conference.

…”The Bible says pray for those who are in government. I believe we must go beyond that. You must advise and criticise if there are things we do that are not in keeping with the principles of God.”

…An Mpumulanga representative told Zuma religious leaders would go to their communities and ensure they “voted correctly because you care and you have compassion and are committed to bettering the lives of God’s people”.

An Eastern Cape religious representative said, “Msholozi (Zuma) is a burning bush which will never be consumed”.

Zuma was anointed as an honorary pastor in 2007 by some charismatic Christians.

Zuma (a polygamist) of course knows a bit about “sex and violence on radio and television” – in 2006 the media was full of reports about his trial for rape. Zuma claimed that the sex had been consensual, and he was acquitted because “the state had not proven the case beyond reasonable doubt”. However, he was widely pilloried when he explained that he had protected himself from HIV by taking a shower after the act. One cartoonist (Zapiro) invariably portrays him thus: