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I blogged on several anti-Obama neo-Pentecostal “spiritual warnings” that appeared in the run-up to the election; one that I missed was a warning from Rev. Mbijiwe Mwenda, whose thoughts on the subject were channelled to the US public by Lee J. Grady of Charisma magazine. Mwenda concentrated on Obama’s ties to Raila Odinga, who is presented as a malignant figure of whom “some say he is a Muslim secretly”. Of course, since Mwenda is a man of God there is no need to wonder if he has a political agenda of his own. Mwenda warned Grady that “something is about to go wrong in your country”; this can’t be a long-term problem, though, since according to Mwenda’s website “We are living in the last seconds of the last minute of the last hour of the endtimes”.

Mbijiwe Mwenda is also known as “Mwenda Muthuri Mbijiwe Wonders”; according to his bio, he

did his theological/pastoral training for two (2) years in the All Nations For Christ Bible Institute Int’l (ANFCBII), founded by the late Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa, in Benin City, Nigeria, West Africa. He also attended the Freedom Bible College (FBC), founded by Rev. Abraham Chigbundu, GO, Voice of Freedom Ministries Int’l, in the same city and graduated with a Deliverance Arts Diploma.

The late Benson Idahosa is famous in neo-Pentecostal circles globally; Chigbundu describes himself as “an outstanding teacher and preacher in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Ministry since 1981 with undeniable testimonies, signs and wonders following his ministry”, who “introduced systematic deliverance in Ghana and the black community in London respectively.”

Mwenda’s books include God’s Supernatural Power to Make Wealth, Understanding Dreams and Visions, and Identifying and Breaking Sexual Altars. Here are a couple of extracts I gleaned:

A lot is going on in this matter of sex in dreams. This simply signifies that a spirit husband or wife is in one’s life …There is this girl I had about, who has never made love with a man. But as far as sex is concerned she knows everything. This is because almost every night she made love to a certain man whose face she had never seen. She said that the penetrations were so real that she fears that the spirit broke her virginity.

There was this girl who loved to sleep more that anything. Almost 90% of her day was spent in bed because every time she slept her spiritual sex mate would make love to her, which was more than anything she ever desired. On the day of her deliverance serpentine spirits were manifesting, but she was set free…Sex in dreams has caused miscarriages and barrenness; it has hindered the unmarried from getting married. It also cause low sperm counts in men. If you are in such situation, I suggest that you go for deliverance.


I had in the other village that an elderly fried who was very rich. He said that his former friends, three in numbers, who were long dead, had appeared to him in dreams for a period of close to a month and each of them was complaining that he had abandoned their families since they died. “His fried” demanded that he must buy foodstuffs for their families and visit them. He did this to the three families. A few months later this elderly friend died too. Clearly, a death covenant and familiar spirits with the dead were the medium of contact for those demonic dreams.

Mwenda has also dabbled in political analysis, with America fear no evil-The world is counting on you. This book, which was published in 2007, commends the USA’s role in the world in opposition to terrorism. Mwenda commends three American “inspirations”: John Hagee, Joel Osteen, and Benny Hinn.

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  1. the segments were truthful,i was blessed by the teaching ‘destiny hijackers’ praise the lord!

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