An Important Distinction from Joel Richardson

A hilarious clarification, from Christian fundamentalist blogger Joel Richardson:

Now, please do not get me wrong, I am not comparing Barack Obama to Satan. I’m comparing him to Hitler.

Glad we’ve got that straight, otherwise we might have thought that Richardson was someone who perhaps should not be taken particularly seriously:

After comparing the design of Obama’s podium to the Pergamum Altar, it is clear that the two are nearly identical. While some are claiming that Obama’s Temple is modeled after the Russian Kazan Cathedral, it is clear that Obama’s Temple bears a much closer resemblance to the Pergamum Altar.

Fair enough. OK, so the kitschy Obama podium has some (naff) backlit windows, while the Altar doesn’t; the podium has only eight or so columns across its main part against the Altar’s dozen or so; the podium has Doric capitals while the Altar has Ionic capitals – oh, and the podium appears to curve – but other than that it’s nearly exactly the same! Amazing!

But so what? Well, the “Pergamum Altar” (also known as the “Pergamon Altar”) is a significant piece of Classical architecture, but for the author of the Biblical Book of Revelation it was also the “Throne of Satan”. And, as Richardson points out, it provided the model for Albert Speer’s Zeppelintribüne! Just two reasons why Obama is like Hitler:

They both found it appropriate to model their respective power-podiums after Greek Temples dedicated to the “gods”. Both have chosen to give perhaps the most important political speeches of their lives in replica Greek Temples, under the lights, in an open field, to the masses of their cheering fans.

This is, of course, a new spin on old conspiracy theories about how the neo-Classical architecture of  Washington D.C. is soem sort of occult plot. Perhaps McCain would be advised to go for a Gothic theme.

I last encountered Richardson – co-author of Why We Left Islamhere.