McCain “Very Honored” by Endorsement from Apocalyptic Christian Zionist

From the Caucus blog of the New York Times:

Senator John McCain got support on Wednesday from an important corner of evangelical Texas when the pastor of a San Antonio mega-church, Rev. John C. Hagee, endorsed Mr. McCain for president.

…Mr. McCain, who has been on a steady search for support among conservative and evangelical leaders who have long distrusted him, said he was “very honored” by Mr. Hagee’s endorsement. Asked about Mr. Hagee’s extensive writings on Armageddon and about what one questioner said was Mr. Hagee’s belief that the anti-Christ will be the head of the European Union, Mr. McCain responded that “all I can tell you is that I am very proud to have Pastor John Hagee’s support.”

This is no surprise; as I blogged at the time, McCain took part in Hagee’s virulent Christians United For Israel conference in July, which also gave a platform to Brigitte Gabriel, one of the most foully abusive of Muslim-haters to enjoy some sort of serious reputation (I blogged her here). Then as now, here’s Hagee in all his “New World Order” conspiracy theory glory (the words are his; the person who posted it to YouTube added the images and music):

(Hat tips: Pharyngula; Max Blumenthal for the Hagee video)

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  1. There’s a 3 videocassette series, which includes the Hagee sermon this particular bit was excerpted from. The series, sold by Hagee’s San Antonio Cornerstone Church, seems to have been sold most heavily sometime in 2003, possibly prior to the US invasion of Iraq, and judging from the pictures of the actual videocassette boxes the footage- which accompanied the set’s audio tracks of its three Hagee sermons -appears to have been fairly lurid. The videocassette series pops up, for auction, occasionally on eBay.

  2. The first time I really listened to Hagee was about six or seven years ago, when he was hosting an infomercial for a set of videos he was selling to help parents combat the “satanic influences” inherent in the Harry Potter series. He had the man and woman who made the videos with him, and it turns out their previous “documentaries” included videos alleging the murders and drug-running carried out by Bill and Hillary Clinton!

  3. […] has featured on this blog before (see search function), and his recent endorsement of John McCain has caused some controversy. The video below presents a typical Hagee sermon, […]

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