“Service for Peace” and a Pilgrimage to Nepal

And while we’re on the subject (see yesterday) of Korean Buddhist leaders and Rev Moon, Asia News reports from Nepal:

Korean Buddhist leaders who arrived last night in the city of Lumbini, birthplace of the ‘Awakened One’, came together in the wee hours of this morning to pray all day for peace in Nepal and the world.

…Called “Pilgrimage for World Peace,” the event is led by the famous Korean Buddhist leader Sun Mook Hye Ja, who told journalists that the pilgrimage to Nepal is meant to encourage peace in the world.

…The “Pilgrimage for World Peace” was organised by the Service for Peace and Korean Culture Center.

“Service for Peace” was founded in 2001 by Moon’s son Hyun Jin Preston Moon. It operates in a number of countries, and is based in Bridgeport. Rev Moon has taken a particular interest in Nepal of late, which I have blogged here.

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