Rwandan who Protected Tutsis Refused Baptism from Hutu Pastor

An interesting report from Rwanda suggests that tribalism among Christian leaders is far from being a thing of the past:

Augustine Kamegeri, a popular resident in Bwerankori cell, Nyamasheke sector in Karongi district alleges to have baptised himself.

The 84 year old man was conceived that he would baptize himself since he had been disappointed by a Hutu pastor. The man of God reportedly refused to lay hands on Kamegeri because of his role he played in the 1994 Genocide of protecting Tutsis from angry Hutus.

“I pleaded with the pastor but he refused saying that I had betrayed my own tribe,” Kamegeri says…

As well as boding ill for the future of Rwanda, this follows claims that tribalism among pastors and ministers played a role in the recent violence in Kenya.