WorldNetDaily Warns on US “Leftist Jewish millionaires” influencing JNF

WorldNetDaily’s Aaron Klein has an update from Jerusalem, as plans are suggested for the division of the city:

WND had learned key Jerusalem neighborhoods mentions as slated for possible evacuation are owned by a U.S. Jewish group that over the years has allowed tens of thousands of Arabs to illegally squat on its land, resulting in the current Arab majority.

The US group is the Jewish National Fund, and under the subheading “‘Leftist millionaires’ influencing JNF?”, Klein tells us that

…Asked to explain why the esteemed Jewish organization would allow Arabs to illegally occupy strategic land purchased for Jews, one JNF source involved in land acquisition pointed to what he claimed was the “disproportionate influence” over the organization by a small group of Jewish multimillionaires in New Jersey who lead major public fundraising efforts for JNF…The Jews include the Wilf, Halpern, Zuckerman and Tisch families, according to the JNF source.

Funnily, WorldNetDaily had a rather different attitude when the Greek Orthodox Christian Patriarchate cancelled a deal with an Israeli settler group called Ateret Cohanim, which in 2005 plotted to lease church-owned land near the Jaffa Gate in a Palestinian part of Jerusalem. Despite the fact that fraud was apparently involved (the church’s financial officer is missing, reportedly in South America), when the church repudiated the arrangement Joseph Farah predictably editorialised that this was simply anti-Jewish racism, since Jews should be allowed to live anywhere in Jerusalem. Palestinians daring to live on Jewish-owned land, however, is another matter.

It’s also worth noting that while Klein is keen to name some American “Jewish millionaires”, he’s never felt the need to mention Ateret Cohanim’s bankroller, LA-based property developer and casino owner Irwin Moskowitz, perhaps because of Moskowitz’s reportedly rather sanguinary views. This is despite Klein having had cosy chats with Moskowitz’s son-in-law and man in Jerualem, Aryeh King.

(Klein’s distorted reporting is subject which I have chronicled on numerous occasions, most recently here; Terry Krepel at Conwebwatch has also produced several in-depth essays. I have also kept an eye on the Greek Orthodox leasing scandal, which still has numerous loose ends. See here)

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