Toy Monkey Impaled and Buried in Anti-Darwin Protest

“Let our distinguished academics see how Orthodox people treat their pseudo-theories”

Interfax-Religion reports on the most bizarre anti-Darwinian protest yet, from the Union of the Orthodox Banner-Bearers and the Union of Orthodox Brotherhood in Russia. Apparently the pious members bought a toy monkey, which they then set upon:

The banner-bearers drove the stake in the monkey’s chest. As Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich, the head of the union, explained to onlookers, “it is exactly how satanic cults were punished in old times”.

Then the banner-bearers carried the monkey’s coffin on their shoulders behind Sts Cyril and Methodius’s monument, promising to bury it some place outside the city. “Let our distinguished academics see how Orthodox people treat their pseudo-theories”, Simonovich-Nikshich said.

This is only the silliest in a series of stunts by the Banner-Bearers: recently we’ve had a more predictable burning of a Harry Potter book (“It burns well”, Simonovich-Nikshich noted); last year a picture of Madonna got the Van Helsing treatment. Simonovich-Nikshich warned then that:

“We declare a new Holy Inquisition that will fight against the sacrilege of crosses, icons, Russian Orthodox symbols, including during Madonna’s show. The singer is an advocate of Kabbalah,”


The main goal of the inquisition will be “to fight against slander, rather than to kill people,” he said.

An interesting academic article here by Stella Rock has some background:

The Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers…was co-founded in 1993 by Leonid Simonovich…The contemporary Union of Banner-Bearers follows the Black Hundreds precedent of denying membership even to converted Jews…For Simonovich and the members of his Union, we are living in the Last Days, and politics is an irrelevance…America is castigated as a secular Satan, whose crime in bombing the Serbs is not her interference in the affairs of another state, but her decision to take up arms against an Orthodox country…Simonovich resurrected a more important fundamental – the Patristic declaration that a synagogue is a refuge of demons. Simonovich’s organisation also seeks to resurrect the medieval myth of Jewish ritual murder as evidence of the Jewish threat, publicly calling for the canonisation of Andriushy Iushchinsky, whom Jews were accused of murdering in 1911, and declaring that the murder of Tsar Paul I bore the hallmarks of a ‘Masonic’ ritual killing…Further threats to the integrity of Russian Orthodoxy are offered by Roman Catholics, NATO and the West…

Name variation: “Union of Orthodox Gonfalon-Bearers”