Moon and a Gambian Church Leader

From the Banjul Point:

A four-member delegation from Universal Peace Federation (UPF) recently paid a visit to The Gambia as part of efforts to introduce the federation to the country.

The delegation, which arrived in The Gambia on 31 August and led to The Point offices by Mr. Ebrima Jadama of Family Federation for World Peace, include Kue Youl-Lee, Mina Takakusaki, Louice Miyake and Nana Toril.

According to Mr. Jadama, UPF is a global alliance of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a world of peace, adding that the federation was founded in 2005 by Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, a South Korean domiciling in the U.S.

Details about the members of delegation are virtually non-existent on-line, although a Taiwanese site belonging to the Unification Church refers to Jadama as a “Gambian Church leader”; in all likelihood this means a Christian church. This is significant; Ed Brayton has recently given us an overview of Rev Moon’s association with church leaders in Michigan, while I have been keeping an eye on the activities of former Roman Catholic archbishop Emmanuel Milingo. Milingo, who has been excommunicated by the church, endorses Moon’s mission and is attempting to recruit disaffected Roman Catholic clergy who wish to marry.

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  2. Your Lordship sir

    Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus christ Amen.
    l am Evangelist Maxwell Okezie, lm an end time evangelist with the divine gift of evengelism, lm visioin is to go round the world to build up ministires and churches as well as total deliverance for countries.
    lm a Nigerian but right now lm in Senegal, for evangelism and expansion of the kingdom of God.
    My vision is to go and liberate the people for God.within the area they live, meanwhile, l will love to come to Gambia for the same vision and mission,l only ask for your permission and your spiritual help to do this work ,
    Note that this work is not for our individual purposes but for the purpose of expanding the kingdom of our Lord. l will like you to come together and fix up a particular date for a revival and evangelism, all l require is your prayer team and the evangelism team, who lm going to work with in order to win souls for God in your country.l am eargerly waiting for your response and reply as soon as possible, we are all serving one God
    Rememeber; though we are many, we are one body the lord
    Brethren let us build the kingdom of God together
    Your brother in the Lord
    Evangelist Maxwell


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