WorldNetDaily Columnist Defends Using Neo-Nazi Source in Article

UPDATE: Folger has now amended her piece, with a note repudiating Fields. Apparently these words of support from Gen J.C. Christian failed to make a positive impression.

From the website of Janet Folger, WND columnist and President of Christian-right lobby group Faith2Action:

Right now, people in powerful places want nothing less than to eradicate Christian faith from American society…SPEAK OUT. MAKE A DIFFERENCE. BUT FIRST GET THE FACTS in Janet Folger’s The Criminalization of Christianity.

But from where does this tireless activist “GET THE FACTS” herself? Ed Brayton recently pulled apart one of her WorldNetDaily columns and noticed, among much else, the following quote:

…Dr. E. Fields, in his book “Is Homosexual Activity Normal?”, reveals “41 percent of homosexuals say they have had sex with strangers in public restrooms.”

Alas, “Dr E. Fields” is Edward Fields, a notorious aged neo-Nazi and KKK supporter. Ed emailed Folger with this, and got the following response from her communication director, Ross Conley:

The reference to Dr. E. Fields was found on an internet search for statistics on public sex. Such a reference can be found on a number of websites, including this FreeRepublic article. We honestly had no idea that this E. Fields was the same man who holds such racist views. A Google or Yahoo search on “Dr. E. Fields” shows nothing…

So, Folger pulled a reference off the net without bothering to check out anything about where it came from (let alone consulting the actual source itself). And in fact, if you do Google “Dr. E Fields” you actually get a page of results, including the following:

24) The BM also sent delegates to the Belgian nationalist congress at Dixmuide, and hosted Dr.E.Fields of the extreme anti-semitic National State’s Rights …

Conley’s FreeRepublic reference is also rather underwhelming, being taken from Catholic Apologetics International. Ed initiates us:

CAI is a weird little offshoot of the Catholic Church run by Robert Sungenis. Sungenis is an uber-Catholic who acts like some of the more idiotic Protestants – in particular, with his support for geocentrism. Yes, that’s right kids, he thinks Galileo and Copernicus were wrong.

But Conley (and, we must assume, Folger herself) doesn’t have a problem with using a neo-Nazi for getting information about homosexuality. As he explains to Ed:

…However, if we are going to use such a standard to reject any research by a person who holds racist views, we had better all stop quoting men such as Charles Darwin and Karl Marx. Both held extremely racist views…

And how do we know this?

…as any internet search with their names and the word “racist” will show.