Milingo Expects Blessings from Pope and Rev Moon

Married Priests Now, which lobbies for the Vatican to allow priests to marry, is planning a pilgrimage to Rome. Priests who have married will arrive in December:

There will be the renewal of marriage vows, as well as of priestly vows. Those who will not afford to have their wives with them let them have photos of their spouses, even those whose wives died.

However, this bit seems a bit optimistic:

We expect to be presented blessings by the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, True Father and Mother, Rev. Moon. The married priests need the blessing of both of them. This expected presence of the two important figures will mean a lot in the world in which we are living.

May God Bless our endeavors.

Archbishop E. Milingo

Milingo’s bizarre and tortuous journey from controversial Roman Catholic exorcist-archbishop to Unification Church supporter has been fascinating to watch – I’ve blogged a few times on it in the past (here, here, and here).

(Hat tip to a reader)