Principles Left Behind?

Tim LaHaye, on violence, 1981:

As you compare this description [of the present world] with that of Lot’s day, you will note that both generations produced lovers of violence. Whenever men degenerate sexually to the level of animals, they also adopt the animalistic propensity for violence. (1)

Tim LaHaye (with Bob Phillips), on violent video games, 2002:

This type of sick and violent television and movie programming, filled with “rageaholism”, is sent overseas and represents the United States…There is also a host of violent home video games. Game arcades are filled with violent games. (2)

Tim LaHaye, on the Left Behind: Eternal Forces controversy, 2006 (emphasis added):

These groups don’t attack other violent video games…Their real attack is on our theology. (3)

Jerry Jenkins, on same:

I looked at the violence for the game to be in the (Christian retail) market. It’s not more violent than the Old Testament. (4)


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