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(This entry contains material from various far-right sites which I have chosen not to link)

Judging from the website of the far-right Adelaide Institute, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has managed to assemble a true menagerie of nutters and saddos for his Holocaust-denial conference. All the expected figures are there, such as David Duke (whose Ukrainian links I blogged on here) and Robert Faurisson (whose gushing praise of Ahmadinejad I blogged on ahead of the media curve here). But there are numerous other characters – including some ultra-orthodox anti-Zionist Jews, who were always likely to embarrass the Palestinian cause sooner or later. Some participants are completely obscure, but a few have a bit of internet presence. Here’s a sample, in no particular order:

Patrick McNally

Here’s an extract from one of his articles, helpfully carried on the Adelaide Institute:

Elite Jewry really has to be congratulated on the ingenious way it has been able to suck stupid Whites into fighting its multi-faceted war against the Islamic world. The fingers of elite Jewry are all over New York’s 9/11 debacle, but nobody in the White power elite dare point that out…

His email address was “”, which is associated with Tokyo Keizai University, but he’s now based at Chuo University. His Japanese wife, Midori McNally, accompanied. He was due to speak at the conference on “A Philosopher looks at the Holocaust”

Bradley Smith

Smith runs “CODOH”, formerly “The Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust”, now “Committe for Open Discussion of the Holocaust Story”. There we can find works such as “Reading Mein Kampf”, in which he rambles bizarrely while comparing his own life with that of the fuehrer:

…I never went to the opera, and never knew anyone who did. Ironically, while in John C. Fremont High School , like Adolf [sic!], I did study architecture for a year and a half as a vocational major. I was drawn to design, but would not take the trouble to learn the engineering that was demanded. I managed to not get thrown out of the class by not completely failing my exams. It didn’t matter to me. I was in a world of horses and horsemen.

Adolf read a great deal at that age, and reports that he “pondered deeply” what he read. All his free time after work was devoted exclusively to study… I read for pleasure, not as Adolf did, to study.

However, Smith’s wandering mind does take him off-topic occasionally:

…Last night, half asleep and yet restless, I watched most of Alexander the Great on television. Brad Pitt as Alexander and Angelina Jolie as his mother. Jolie is an actress with facial features of great beauty and deep sexual wantonness. As a movie, Alexander was poorly conceived and poorly executed. At the same time it contained the outline of a magnificent story. I found I did not want to turn it off. The battle scenes were immense, impressive, but unreadable. With all its faults, it made me want to read a short biography of Alexander. I have a set of 1954 Britannica. The materials there on Alexander will be all I should need. I suppose…But last night, in the moment, it occurred to thought to compare the teenage “dreamings” of Alexander and those of Adolf Hitler…

Mohammed Hegazi

An obscure figure from Melbourne, Hegazi has enlightened the world with his views on the Bali bombing:

…In the aftermath of the Bali blasts, the dubiously controlled American and British mass media were quick to announce the “possible” responsibility of one “Islamic” group or another.

Instead, could we contemplate the possibility of CIA or Mossad responsibility? After all, they are the only party to benefit from the post-carnage propaganda.

Historically, similar occurrences were the responsibility of Zionist groups. The bombing of occupied Jerusalem’s King David hotel in 1946 was the work of the Irgun gang headed by Menachem Begin.

George Kadar

Although described as based in Budapest, one assumes that this is the American white supremicist who once ran a “patriot” group called “American Springs”. In one article he describes a trip by David Duke to Hungary:

…Dr. Duke and the interviewer went through the usual motions for a while, the “victims” tape recorder rolling while this reporter kept psycho-bubbling about the KKK and “500,000 Jews” carried out of Hungary during the War, etc. After a short cross-examination by Dr. Duke he admitted to being a Jew, and closed the interview real fast…Many in the audience were veterans of the fights having taken place in the country against the Judeo-Bolshevik forces during the last two months.

Matthias Chang

Chang, a Malaysian barrister, is the former political secretary of Mahathir Mohamed, and the author of Brainwashed for War – Programmed to Kill: Out in the Open Mind-Control Programs/Operations of the MOSSAD, CIA, MI6, Etc. From the Amazon review:

…a continuing effort by the best-selling author of Future Fastforward, the erudite scholar of political intrigue and conspiracy, Matthias Chang, sets for the modi operandi of the Zionist masterminds to brainwash and program the minds of the people to achieve their goal of world domination. Tracing back four decades and more, Brainwashed for War – Programmed to Kill documents the atrocities carried out by the imperialist forces to subjugate the peoples of the world. Replete with documentary evidence, this volume exposes the vile propaganda warfare, mind-control, and brainwashing operations carried out by some of the most powerful clandestine intelligence agencies in the word – including Mossad, the CIA and MI6 – and how these operations have come to impact our lives today.

Jan Bernhoff

An obscure figure, Bernhoff also participated in the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest.

Michael Collins Piper

Known for his book The Final Judgement, which a reader has helpfully summarised:

…When New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison charged businessman Clay Shaw with participation in the JFK assassination conspiracy Garrison stumbled upon the Israeli Mossad connection to the murder of President Kennedy…What didn’t Oliver Stone, in his famous movie “JFK” not mention any of this? It turns out the chief financial backer of Stone’s film was longtime Mossad figure, Arnon Milchan, Israel’s biggest arms dealer.

I could go on, but one can only take so much…

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  1. I find it telling (and a bit amusing) that the reference to the Alexander movie is so, well, wrong. Colin Farrell played Alexander, NOT Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie played Alexander’s mother. Perhaps this “gentleman” was thinking of the movie Troy, which did indeed star Brad Pitt. I tend to think this sort of sloppy thinking is indicative of these nut cases.

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