BNP Paper For Sale at War Memorial

The far-right British National Party’s mysterious “Rev” Robert West (whom I blogged on here) makes an appearance at a civic function in his hometown of Holbeach:

…Sunday saw local BNP representatives attending the memorial parade in the town. BNP Councillor Rev.Robert West along with local members attended both the parade and the following church service in Holbeach’s beautiful 13th century church which lies directly behind the war memorial. Our paper stall is always set up in front of the memorial throughout the year and is a constant reminder of the sacrifices made by those generations. (1)

A memorial to those who died fighting fascism is an interesting location for the BNP to set up shop, given that its leadership includes Mark Collett, a man who famously bragged (when he thought he wasn’t being filmed)

“Hitler will live forever and maybe I will too”

Meanwhile, there’s still (mercifully) little sign of life from Rev West’s Christian Council of Britain, or from his “Grace Covenant Fellowship” house-church.


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