Jaerock Lee’s Daughter Leads “Healing Festival” in India

Backed by Local Campus Crusade for Christ

Man Boasts of Throwing Away Medicine

ASSIST Ministries carries yet another puff-piece by Johnny Kim, front-man for controversial Korean faith healer Jaerock Lee:

Some 5,000 people in Himalayan region came to hear the life-giving message of God Almighty, experienced the powerful works of the Holy Spirit and 1,000 people came to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior during a unique “Healing Festival with handkerchief” led by a Korean mission team in Siliguri, West Bengal, India, on Tuesday, November 14.

Jae-Rock Lee himself was not there; instead, the “Healing Festival with handkerchief” was led by his daughter, Mikyung Lee, with a bit of help from some video demonstrations. Kim goes on to claim the inevitable miracles:

A 7-year-old Hindu girl who had not been able to walk since her birth came to walk for the first time in her life…There were many healings. The blind received their sight, the deaf came to hear, the mute came to speak, and the paralytics came to walk and jump. Various other diseases like diabetes, heart problems, asthma, and arthritis were healed. We even saw evil spirits leave people when they repented and received the prayer by faith in the name of Christ Jesus.

Particularly disturbing, however:

…a man who had suffered from digestion problems for a long time…showed the crowd a container of tablets that he had been taking to try and deal with his illness.

He said, “I felt the fire in my stomach when I received the prayer. Now I don’t have pain. I paid 250 Rupees for this medicine but I don’t need it anymore.” With that he threw away the medicine crying out, “Halleluiah!”

One wonders how many others may have followed his example, and with what consequences.

…Dr. Philip Anbarassan [sic – should be Philip Anbarasan], the former medical commissioner for the state of Kerala, and Director of World Christian Doctor’s Network (WCDN) India, who attended, said, “500 people registered for their sickness and problems. I, as a medical doctor, examined the people who claimed to be healed. It’s quiet clear to see the difference before and after the prayer. I’m planning to present some of the cases of healing at the ‘2007 WCDN Conference’ which will be held in Miami, USA.”

WCDN exists to further the claims of Lee and his MANMIN ministry; back it June it held a conference in the Philippines which was attended by the Family Research Council’s David Prentice.

Lee has been the subject of this blog several times in the past; I’ve noted his rather bizarre teachings (which include UFOs and “Edenians”), his attempted suppression of a Korean TV documentary by getting his followers to invade the TV studio, and his rather dubious bits of “evidence” for his healing powers (which I also brought to the attention of James Randi). I’ve also noted that many other conservative Christians have rejected him as heretical, in Korea and elsewhere; when he appeared in New York a few months ago, he was met with protests. However, none of this worried missionary organisations in West Bengal:

Rev. Sam H. Sereng, the Founder & Director of Every Home for Christ Ministries, said in an interview with MANMIN TV, “…Praise the Lord for this precious opportunity to guide them to salvation through Jesus Christ!”

…Praising our God Trinity, Dr. Adon Rongong, National Director of Campus Crusade for Christ Bhutan, opened in prayer at the start of the second night of the healing festival.