Disenchanted Childhood

From the Guardian:

A survey comparing the childhood experiences of mothers and fathers with their own children has prompted fears that this generation is growing up faster than any other in history.

It found that children today stop believing in such things as elves, goblins and fairies around the age of six, whereas their parents mostly held on to such beliefs until the age of 10.

…The survey of comparative childhood experiences was conducted for the Cartoon Network children’s channel.

…Cecilia Persson, of the Cartoon Network, said…”Although sustaining a fantasy world of fairies, goblins, elves and cartoon heroes may not seem worthwhile to some more serious-minded parents, it has a surprisingly significant impact on a child’s development.”

I was always more interested in the likelihood ghosts and aliens than in elves and goblins, but one wonders if the above findings do suggest a decline in childhood creativity and curiosity. If so, one wonders what that might mean for instilling either scientific curiosity or religious beliefs in older kids.

UPDATE: Chuckling responds.