Ken Ham’s New Book

Christian Retailing magazine has a short interview (2 October 2006, p. 35) with Ken Ham about his latest project, a children’s book entitled It’s Designed to Do What It Does Do:

…Sadly, children are growing up thinking the Bible is just a book of nice stories and has nothing to do with fossils, dinosaurs and so on…The majority of children believe dinosaurs didn’t live with people.

That’s a big change from my day, when One Million Years BC enjoyed frequent showings on TV. However, Ham believes dinosaurs have an evangelical purpose:

Because children are enamored of dinosaurs, creationists can use them to teach children the truth – that they were created on day six beside Adam and Eve, that they were vegetarians before sin entered the world and that the average dinosaur was the size of a sheep. Children need to know that the Bible’s account of history explains dinosaurs…

This reminds me of G. Thomas Sharp, a creationist whom I blogged here. According to Sharp, dinosaurs are “God’s Gospel Lizards”.


(Image via Jesus’ General)