Ad Carried by WND: Shimon Peres is the Anti-Christ, and George Bush is “Gog”

WorldNetDaily carries a banner for a rather strange website selling a book entitled The Erev Rav: 3000 Years of Treachery by Rabbi Israel Solomon:

The Israeli Public has democratically elected a government, which has clearly stated its goal to forcibly evict over 75,000 Jews from their homes, abandon hundreds of synagogues and schools, and hand them over to our enemies who have democratically elected Hamas to lead them.

…”The Erev Rav” reveals the dark spiritual forces that propel certain Jews to turn against their own brothers and sisters. Forces that they themselves are not aware of.

Amazing prophetic traditions from the great Biblical prophets and masters of Kabbala are brought to light in this book. But most importantly, you will be empowered, armed with knowledge you can use to take an active role in combating the forces of darkness. Awesome forces that have taken over the minds of most Jews and Gentiles on this planet are now only being revealed in “The Erev Rav.”

And who or what is the “Erev Rav”? A linked site explains:

the Erev Rav were converts who joined the Jewish people just as they were leaving Egypt. The Erev Rav numbered in the millions! According to our sages they were not sincere and continually caused the Jews to rebel against G-d. They were responsible for the most grievous sin the Jews were ever involved with, the sin of the Golden Calf. They were also the driving force behind every major movement within Judaism to undermine our commitment to G-d and His Torah. They are power-hungry, selfish opportunists who seek power and glory at all costs, and will stop at nothing to attain their goals.

In the modern world, that means secular Zionists, apparently:

After a full and productively evil life of about 120 years, the mask has been removed from the Erev-Rav. In the very week in which every synagogue in the world reads the Torah portion which introduces us to the Erev Rav (in the portion of Bo, Exodus 12:38), the clothes have been removed to reveal the ugly nakedness of secular Zionism. In Amona G-d’s holy people faced the cruel worshipers of the Golden Calf, the Egyptian god of power and tyranny.

And the “King of the Erev Rav” is none other than Ehud Olmert, in league with Shimon Peres:

As explained in the book “The Erev Rav“, Armilus who is the Anti-Messiah (Targum Yonaton to Isaiah 11:4. Pirkei Heicholot 40) is the Spiritual Guardian of the Erev Rav (Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna in Kol Hator).

Armilus, the Hebraic form of Romulus (200+40+10+30+60=340), was the founder of Rome (Edom).

Romulus shares the same numeric value as Peres (80+200+60=340).

According to another ancient text, the leader at the time of the last days will be “Romulus” (i.e. Peres), or “Tarmelo”:

Tarrmelo, spelled in Hebrew backwards is Olimert!

What’s more:

In the Zohar (Book 1, 25a) we find: “During the fourth and final exile the Erev Rav will be powerful leaders. They will bring the weapons of ‘Hamas’ over the Jews. Regarding this development scripture states: ‘The Land is full of Hamas because of them (Genesis 6:11)’. They (i.e., these members of the Erev Rav who are currently the leaders of Israel) are Amalekites.” (Amalek is the most evil nation on Earth slated for complete obliteration after Moshiach comes).

“After Moshiach comes” is presumably there to fend off accusations that the author is hinting that Olmert ought to go the way of Rabin. We know that WND objects to the Olmert government (as documented by ConWebWatch), but taking an advert from an organisation that believes him to be under the protection of the anti-Christ and “slated for complete obliteration” takes this to a bit of a new level.

The author also has another website, An old version saved at Wayback has an important message for George W Bush – or, rather, Gog Bush:

Dear President Bush

…I am convinced without a doubt that you, President George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States of America, are indeed the subject of many Biblical prophecies. In fact, you were given a colossal part to play in the drama of history, that is of cosmic significance.

…The prophet Ezekiel sees Gog and Mogog coming from “the distant north”. Scholars therefore went looking for “The Land of Mogog” in Turkey or Russia.

But if you keep going north you get to Alaska, and

Mogog has the numeric value of 52 [40+3+6+3]. The number 52 corresponds to the 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

…Interestingly, your name, George, is closely related to the Hebrew “Gog.” (The Hebrew letter “Gimmel” can be pronounced either as a soft G (J) or a hard G. In the Koran “Gog” is spelled with the Arabic equivalent of ?JOJ?).

In addition, the numeric value of the first 2 letters of Mogog, Mem and Gimel, is 43, alluding to George the 43rd.

The letter “Mem” at the beginning of a word means “from”. Thus, Gog Mogog may also be hinting at George from (the son of) George.

The rabbi warns Bush that he is “headed in a direction which will bring eternal shame upon you, your loved ones, and this blessed country of ours,” by supporting Palestinian statehood and “partial sovereignty over Jerusalem and thr Temple Mount, as predicted by the prophet Zechariah”.

Rabbi Israel Solomon himself appears to be an obscure figure. His full name is Israel Solomon Jacobson, and he is possibly connected with the Lubavitchers.

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  1. I have the book by Rabbi Yisroel Solomoin.I read about it from World Net Daily and ordered it. I read-and re read-and apparently the “forces” were after me-I could not understand and today, I was determined to continue the study and found your site- Do you have more pages to this article–It is now making sense. Just hope I can find the site again. I will be careful when closing the screens and write it down. Thank you

  2. Britain and France enlisted Israeli support for an alliance against Egypt. The parties agreed that Israel would invade the Sinai. Britain and France would then intervene, purportedly to separate the warring Israeli and Egyptian forces, instructing both to withdraw to a distance of 16 kilometres from either side of the canal.
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