BNP Church Sets Out Agenda

A twitch of activity from the website of British National Party’s religious front group, the Christian Council of Britain. Readers may recall that I blogged on this organisation several times earlier this year, and follow-ups from Ekklesia resulted in wider media attention. Its public face is “Reverend” Robert West, a ex-Tory councillor turned BNP member, while the organisation’s president is Clive Potter, a well-known BNP activist who also heads the party’s new trade union. The CCoB’s website has been “under development” for months, and I had pretty well given it up for dead.

The site now carries the CCoB’s “Minutes of Formation” (1), backdated to April (I don’t known when it was actually posted, since I stopped checking the site a couple of months ago). Hopefully this is just a final pathetic spasm rather than a foreshadowing of any sort of future activity, but I’ll overview it anyway. The organisation claims to exist

to counteract cultural and ideological challenges and threats from extremes (of Left, Centre or Right).

Two predictable targets are identified:

Islam was especially noted as a cultural and political challenge as much as a religious one, inasmuch as Islam – in its mainstream form – runs contrary to the principles which make for a free nation…The same was also noted about the Far Left or Marxian version of contemporary ‘political correctness’ with its hatred for, and attacks upon, everything that is normal, moral and natural on this side of the grave, such as: the Nation, the family, private ownership, the male and female distinction, natural sexual relations within a wedded relationship of male and female; and the natural authority of parents over their children.

…It was resolved, therefore, to keep a watch on these two totalitarian creeds with a view to educating and teaching the populace of the fundamental issues which they raise…

West goes on to assert his masculine side, as he turns to gender issues:

…women must not intrude themselves into the male headship role or into roles fitted to the male mind and physique (1 Peter 3:7; Eph 5: 22-24); and, in particular, that families need fathers; that mothers need husbands; that the ordained ministry is a front-line ministry for men only, and not for women (1 Tim 2: 9-15) nor for the effeminate or sodomites (Roms 1: 24-32; 1 Cor 6: 9)…

And then on to a theory of racial origins:

The Christian Council of Britain resolved that it recognises that all men are of one blood or proto-race in Adam through to Noah; and that from that one race divergent sub-races have emerged (Gen 11: 1-9) – Russian dole-like [sic] – so that we are now different…

Generously, however, “United Kingdom citizens, of non-British descent-groups” are allowed to join the gang.

The document also links Robert West with a mysterious “Grace Covenant Fellowship, Lincolnshire”, which has no internet presence and which we strongly suspect is based in the Rev’s sitting-room.

Meanwhile, aside from when someone tipped a bucket of water over him, West’s media presence has been reduced to a few BNP press statements.

robert-west-3Robert West giving a BNP audience the benefit of his male mind and physique


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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I’m an Evangelical Christian, and plan to vote BNP. I think they get alot of negative press, but their manifesto is actually very sensible. I don’t see the ‘racism’ they are accused of. I also see the only party that will save the UK from the bloodshed of Islamic Revolution.

  2. We’re all worried about Islamic extremism, and the BNP knows how to play on this – just as the far-right in the 1930s used fears about communism to get popular support. They won’t “save” you from anything, though – investigations have shown that the leadership consists of thugs and racists, and BNP councillors who were elected last year have shown themselves to be utterly incompetent to boot. The BNP certainly tries to hide its racism, but West himself is evidence of it, with his rambling about “separation of the races”. Don’t be a fool.

  3. Once again, having read their manifesto, I’m convinced that they are not racist, though I do think that they have racists within the party. As the BNP grows in support, these will be marginalised more and more. Just recently a Sikh man spoke at a BNP meeting. As for the Islamic threat, I think many – including yourself – fail to realise that there is no stopping it, demographically and otherwise, unless the BNP gets into power. Why? Because no other party has the will to do what needs to be done. Of course the BNP play on this – because it is a very real threat. There are a number of differences between the Nazi Party and the BNP. #1 the BNP is liberal in the classical sense – it wants more separation of powers, more local democracy, more representation of the people in government. #2 it is nationalist, not expansionist. #3 it welcomes Jews and rejects any view of a Jewish global conspiracy #4 it welcomes freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. What the BNP wants for Britain is no different than what the Zionist Jews want in Israel – a land to call their own where they can be safe from the dangers posed by living as minorities. White British people have as much right as anyone else to live in a close-knit community of shared history and common kinship. Most of the world has that – you don’t see Thailand or Japan or Zimbabwe adopting multi-culturalism and putting their own people at risk of becoming a persecuted minority in their own countries. You really have no answer to the Islamic threat. You acknowledge it is there, but you don’t seem to make the connection between that and the terrible war and bloodshed that is facing us and our children in the future. Whatever the BNP was in the past, many decent people are now ready to vote and join, and it is simply dishonest to run an out-of-date BBC-inspired witch-hunt against them. Well yes, if a BBC plant takes in mentally-unstable people, and then puts them before the cameras, and forgets to mention that the BNP leadership wanted these people thrown out the party months previously, but were over-ruled by the plant – well of course you can make them look bad. But you just created a Soviet-style state in the process. When Paxman tried bringing all this up with Griffin in his Newsnight interview, Griffin made a fool of him, while showing himself a sensible and down-to-earth concerned citizen. No, don’t be a fool, and wake up to what has happened to our freedoms, our democracy, our sovereignty, our culture, our future. You have a double-standard towards the BNP, while virtually ignoring the true far-right threat to our existence – the Islamic threat. The BNP in policy is certainly not ‘far-right’, and has much in common with traditional Labour social policies and Conservative morals. You can keep attacking them, but know that you are only helping to hand the country over to Islam as you do so. Labour and the Conservative cannot stop what is happening, and their appeasement will end in blood and war.

  4. Don’t be fooled by all this emphasis on Islam. Robert West specifically states that he is against “races” living together – that means all black people and Asians living in the UK are an affront to God (one assumes even if they are Christians – which as an evangelical you must know is in contradiction to St Paul’s teaching). The BNP ditched public anti-semitism in favour of lurid fear-mongering over Islam because they knew it was more effective in getting votes from the gullible, not because they have changed. How can you say that racists are being marginalised when the party’s leader, Nick Griffin, is the author of an anti-semitic tract? The BNP are a disaster for all ethnic minorities in the UK – are you really going to shrug your shoulders and say “not my problem, because I’m scared of Islam”? I’d be ashamed to admit to such a thing.

    By the way, your account of how the BBC exposed BNP racism through secret filming is hardly credible. Who can forget Mark Collett praising Hitler when he thought he wasn’t being filmed, and then boastfully sneering to his interviewer on-camerathat there was “no evidence” that he held such views? Collett may or may not be mentally-ill, but he’s clearly still very close to Griffin. But I can see that you are desparately looking for some movement that has all the easy answers, and nothing I write will be likely to make any difference.

  5. Yes, certainly I doubt either of us will convince the other. And there is certainly no reason why I ought to be persuaded by you, unless you have credible and intelligent arguments. I am certainly not a fool, so please don’t assume that your voice ought to take precedence over mine just because you are a published commentator (and perhaps you didn’t intend to come across that way). I ignored the BNP for years because of what they were when I confronted them over ten years ago. However I have read more than enough to be convinced that things have changed (have you read their article – by John Bean I think – explaining the ‘reasons’ why they reject Jewish conspiracy views?) So far I cannot see that you have any solution to the Islamic threat that looms over us, and threatens war and bloodshed. I do not see it as love to sit back and let that happen. You call the BNP ‘far-right’, while a real ‘far-right’ threat looms over the nation. Since when did the BNP want to kill all Jews and gays, put Christians under a protection tax, wipe out freedom of speech and limited representative government, and false all women to dress from head to toe? Yet you condemn (or at least belittle) West for saying that women shouldn’t teach men in church (didn’t the apostle Paul – the apologist for multi-culturalism as you would have us believe) say the same thing? And no doubt you vote Lib Dem (though hopefully at least Tory or UKIP), apparently oblivious to the fact you are supporting mass murder every time you do so.
    As an Evangelical I do not believe that enforced multi-culturalism was a teaching of the Apostle Paul, and any suggestion otherwise is not honest, in my opinion. Paul taught that IN CHRIST all nations are reconciled, and the enmity abolished; but this only acknowledges that outside of Christ we were never to try to overcome the natural order and bring about a utopian mutli-cultural millennium (and for anyone who has lived in a multi-cultural area knows, it often brings crime and misery to the inhabitents). West does not say that all blacks and Asians living in the UK are an affront to God, and as a Christian you ought to try to at least accurately convey what he said. Instead he said (drawing upon scripture and Jewish tradition) that God had allotted to the nations (as in ethnic groups) land upon the earth in which to live together in accordance with their own customs and traditions. He added that this was the best way for the world to be harmonious, and that God had separated us into nations (at Babel) for our own good and protection (words virtually taken from Paul’s address to the Athenians). He acknowledges that everyone is descended from Adam and Eve, and that we will all live together in the age to come under Christ. Since you are on the warpath with West (and his form of traditional, Calvinistic, KJV-only Reformation-era Protestant Christianity does not appeal to me), then I hope that in the interests of fairness to have brought this out.

    Lastly, Collett never did praise Hitler. He actually said that if one lived in pre-war Germany, that it would have been a better quality of life then if one lived in an Islamic area of the UK now. Since you have probably never had such an experience, I wouldn’t expect you to be able to sympathise. However, I will just note that he didn’t say anything that wasn’t said by Winston Churchill himself, who said that if Hitler had died in 1939, he would have been considered one of the greatest statesmen ever. Yes, Collett tried lying to cover himself (but what about the wretched reported pretending to befriend him so he could film him secretly – and yet this is the very worst he could find after nearly a year of such behaviour). Once again the manifesto of the BNP is very sensible, and offers the only real solutions. A vote for anyone else is a vote for an Islamic Republic. I hope people realise this before it’s too late. I love people of all races and nationalities in the UK enough to vote the one party that will prevent that (as do many from among the ethnic minorities who vote BNP).

  6. […] time – one of the party’s high-profile activists is the Reverend Robert West (whom I have blogged a number of times), and a couple of other “Revs” have been BNP members. Griffin also […]

  7. As a BNP member ,I feel anger at thouse that attack us, for being racist, we arnt, sorry for your veiw,we do believe in the dominance of white man, over white men ,black men, asian men ,mohammid men , we dont believe in the group we believe only in I. yes we believe in the fact that whites should have 50 eye colours,50 hair colours, That I should reign spreme over us in all its forms, yes we are ras-ic , IC means the law of numbers in english rules all other .
    things,thousands of words wirh IC at the end of then, ect mus-ic, genet-ics, ras-ic ,———, see what I mean,You our enemys have not considered , what you are trully, dealing with ,have you.
    CONSIDER THE LOGIC OF THE GREEKS=MATTER + MIND = SUBJECT TO MATHS ONLY, this is all we believe in, your moral emotive veiws we laugh at , as we did to the nazis.

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