BNP Church Sets Out Agenda

A twitch of activity from the website of British National Party’s religious front group, the Christian Council of Britain. Readers may recall that I blogged on this organisation several times earlier this year, and follow-ups from Ekklesia resulted in wider media attention. Its public face is “Reverend” Robert West, a ex-Tory councillor turned BNP member, while the organisation’s president is Clive Potter, a well-known BNP activist who also heads the party’s new trade union. The CCoB’s website has been “under development” for months, and I had pretty well given it up for dead.

The site now carries the CCoB’s “Minutes of Formation” (1), backdated to April (I don’t known when it was actually posted, since I stopped checking the site a couple of months ago). Hopefully this is just a final pathetic spasm rather than a foreshadowing of any sort of future activity, but I’ll overview it anyway. The organisation claims to exist

to counteract cultural and ideological challenges and threats from extremes (of Left, Centre or Right).

Two predictable targets are identified:

Islam was especially noted as a cultural and political challenge as much as a religious one, inasmuch as Islam – in its mainstream form – runs contrary to the principles which make for a free nation…The same was also noted about the Far Left or Marxian version of contemporary ‘political correctness’ with its hatred for, and attacks upon, everything that is normal, moral and natural on this side of the grave, such as: the Nation, the family, private ownership, the male and female distinction, natural sexual relations within a wedded relationship of male and female; and the natural authority of parents over their children.

…It was resolved, therefore, to keep a watch on these two totalitarian creeds with a view to educating and teaching the populace of the fundamental issues which they raise…

West goes on to assert his masculine side, as he turns to gender issues:

…women must not intrude themselves into the male headship role or into roles fitted to the male mind and physique (1 Peter 3:7; Eph 5: 22-24); and, in particular, that families need fathers; that mothers need husbands; that the ordained ministry is a front-line ministry for men only, and not for women (1 Tim 2: 9-15) nor for the effeminate or sodomites (Roms 1: 24-32; 1 Cor 6: 9)…

And then on to a theory of racial origins:

The Christian Council of Britain resolved that it recognises that all men are of one blood or proto-race in Adam through to Noah; and that from that one race divergent sub-races have emerged (Gen 11: 1-9) – Russian dole-like [sic] – so that we are now different…

Generously, however, “United Kingdom citizens, of non-British descent-groups” are allowed to join the gang.

The document also links Robert West with a mysterious “Grace Covenant Fellowship, Lincolnshire”, which has no internet presence and which we strongly suspect is based in the Rev’s sitting-room.

Meanwhile, aside from when someone tipped a bucket of water over him, West’s media presence has been reduced to a few BNP press statements.

robert-west-3Robert West giving a BNP audience the benefit of his male mind and physique