Christian Zionism Promoted in Romania

The latest from ASSIST:

Romanian Christian leaders are very concerned that the country’s Christian believers understand the Middle East crisis from a Biblical perspective.

With that in mind, Alfa Omega TV organized a conference with the theme of “Prayer for Israel.”

…Hosted by Timisoara Christian Center, the conference took place at the end of July. Among the topics discussed were “Strategic Intercession for Israel,” “Signs and Wonders in the Muslim World” and “The Coming Revival in Israel.”

Timisoara Christian Center is also known as Agape Church; the senior pastor is Isaac Matei, whose elder brother Daniel Matei previously held the position (short profiles of both can be seen here). Daniel belongs to the International Coalition of Apostles, which is based in Colorado Springs under none other than the neo-Pentecostal leader C Peter Wagner, who acts as “Presiding Apostle”.

The conference was addressed by a familiar keynote speaker:

Writer and television producer Christine Darg, from Daystar International, known as a writer about both Israel and the Arab world, was the special guest at the conference. One of Darg’s television series, “Exploits,” is broadcast weekly on the Alfa Omega satellite channel.

Darg was featured on this blog a couple of weeks ago, where I noted her claim that that the Lebanon conflict had been sparked by God’s wrath against the homosexual “desecration” of Jerusalem. ASSIST also mentions some of the other attendees:

Speaking in the news release, conference attendee Pastor Marius Birgean said, “Many issues concerning Israel were clarified, and I was also motivated to pray more for God’s plan with Israel and the Arab world.”

Birgean is the author of Terorism, Islamism si sfarsitul lumii, which seems be (using a dictionary) something along the lines of “Terrorism, Islamism, and the End of the Light“. The book description, so far as I can make it out by guesswork, discusses 9/11, the clash between the Judeo-Christian civilisation and Islam in the light of Scripture, and the “New World Order”. A second title, Europa, is concerned with the things that sustain the “system of the anti-Christ”, including Catholicism. His church’s rather uninformative English-language website can be seen here. Back to ASSIST (link added):

Another conference participant, David Nagy, a messianic leader from Oradea, said he was very glad he attended the event, because it clarified for him the relationship between Israel and the Body of Christ.

And Emilia Patru from Craiova, a city from the South of Romania said in the news release, “God called me and my church to pray for Israel.”

Alfa Omega TV, meanwhile, has an English-language website here. The station also provides Christian education videos for Romanian public schools, apparently in collaboration with the Romanian Ministry of Education; these videos include programmes on “Judeo-Christian values” and “creationism”.

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  1. Surly you are indeed a brilliant man Capable of so much good and so much bad Mmm Kind of like God I would think Come to think of it kind of just like any other man If said man would just get up off his @ss

  2. RE: Terorism, Islamism si sfarsitul lumii, which seems be (using a dictionary) something along the lines of “Terrorism, Islamism, and the End of the Light”.

    No, in fact the right translatin is “Terrorism, Islam and the End of the World”. ‘Luminii’ would be ‘of the light’.

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