Plutonian Goad

Buddhist leader: Scientists “make discoveries after we did them”

From Interfax (link added):

Sanjey-Lama of the Buddhist Traditional Sangha in Moscow has stated that the decision of the International Astronomic Union to demote Pluto down from the category of planet will not affect the Buddhist astrology in any way.

He says the Buddhist astrological system has never given Pluto the importance it has attached to other planets; it has always considered it ‘rather a gasiform entity or a comet’.

The representative of the Russian Buddhists stressed that it often happened in the history of the world science that scientists ‘make discoveries after we did them’.

How “gasiform entity or a comet” in any way relates to “dwarf planet” is not explained.

Western astrologers, however, apparently disagree with the Buddhist perspective; the WSJ has a quote:

“Whether he’s a planet, an asteroid, or a radioactive matzo ball, Pluto has proven himself worthy of a permanent place in all horoscopes,” says Shelley Ackerman, columnist for the spirituality Web site Ms. Ackerman criticized the [International Astronomical Union] for not including astrologers in its decision.

Believers in the Fungi from Yuggoth were also unfairly excluded from discussions.


Meanwhile, an evangelist invokes Islamic astrology in a new warning about Iran:

A former Muslim Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorist says that while August 22 passed without Iran attacking Israel…

(Yes, I did notice that)

…this is still a religiously significant and dangerous time. Kamal Saleem, who became a Christian in 1985 and now lectures about the dangers of militant Islam, believes Iran is still likely to attack this month, during the present rare alignment of the crescent moon and Mars as seen on the Islamic flag.