Together at Last: David Balsiger and Patrick Heron

First there was the Amazon bestseller. Then there was the endorsement from WorldNetDaily. And now – the TV show and DVD (links added):

Grizzly Adams Productions, Inc. (GAP), producers of family-friendly network television shows, announced it has acquired the worldwide TV/DVD rights to two best-selling books, Apocalypse Soon, and The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, written by Patrick Heron and published in the USA by Xulon Press. GAP plans to produce an investigative TV/DVD program based on the books examining the dire predictions of mankind’s end, as stated in the Bible and other sources, plus take a look at the current mega-disasters befalling the world during recent years.

Heron’s book – a rehash of some very old conspiracy theories concerning the Great Pyramid – was discussed on this blog here. I also noted his background, which appears to be with a semi-Christian New Religious Movement (now defunct) known as The Way International.

“Our TV program will paint a new and different picture of end-times prophecies, unveiling connections Heron has discovered between Nephilim (the sons of God, or fallen angels referred to in Genesis 6:4), the pyramids and end times,” notes David W. Balsiger, Vice President of GAP. “It will also examine what is believed to be the newly discovered role of America in end-times prophecies, an area that has been largely neglected by previous biblical scholars.”

Funny how Biblical scholars have failed to connect a book written in the ancient Near East with the USA, given that the USA is so important in the eyes of God. Maybe Balsiger ought to have a word with the NCBCPS, whose high-school Bible curriculum (see yesterday) endorses any crank who happens to be a Biblical literalist.

David Balsiger has also come to my notice before now – last year he was touting his documentary George W. Bush: Faith in the White House as an antidote to Michael Moore. I’ll repeat now what I wrote then:

Balsiger is a one-time Council for National Policy member, and is best known as the enabler of two hoaxes. The first, in the early 1970s, was when he co-ghostwrote Mike Warnke’s autobiography The Satan Seller, launching the “Satanic survivor” genre that caused so much panic and harm over the next twenty years (Balsiger still stands by the book). The second was in the 1990s, when his Sun International Pictures made The Quest for Noah’s Ark, a pseudo-documentary that included an interview with a man who falsely claimed to have found it. That fiasco led to the termination of a contract with CBS.

Balsiger and Heron are clearly a match made in heaven – although Christians who care about the integrity of their religion might suspect that the other place is more likely responsible…

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  1. […] UPDATE: Heron’s book is now being made into a TV show, courtesy of pseudo-documentary maker David Balsiger. See here. […]

  2. Just dropping you a note to say Merry Christmas from one of your regular readers. I came across your site when I learned that you include my Bulldada Newsblog as a link and occasional resource, and I want to thank you for taking the time to check us out. Your column makes for intelligent reading in these days when homophobic fools try to insert propaganda into the media under the guise of “religious news.” Thank you again!

    And here is your own entry on my own wiki:'s_Notes_on_Religion

  3. I read the book by Peter Heron and I found it to be very interesting. He could have done better on his research I agree. I do quite abit of resaerching my self and I am also a published author. Many things have happened on this earth that we do not understand,one of them is humanity at its best or worst. Elowahh and His creation is a mystery but Esoah or Jesus is the way to the truth. Man has never listened to any one other than himself and look at our lives. We are rich, fat and lazy with no joy or happiness with in our poor excuse of being. Jesus is a better way and the only true way. WE all see through a glass stained with our on stupidity but one day when He comes back for us we shall see our true being and I wonder how many so called christians are ready for this event. God is GOOD

  4. […] However, to reiterate a point I’ve made before, Balsiger would be better off setting the “record straight” concerning another book, if he wishes to remove a beam from his eye. Back in the 1970s Balsiger worked as a ghost writer, and he was largely responsible for Mike Warnke’s bogus memoir The Satan Seller. Warnke’s lies made a big contribution to the “satanic panic” that emerged a few years later (oh, and Grizzly Adams would also be the company that has the film rights to the absurd The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse, as I noted here). […]

  5. […] WND website is better-known for promoting crank theories about the Bible. These include support for a book rehasihng Pyramidology, entitled The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse; the suggestion […]

  6. […] and the Mike Warnke Scandal (Chicago: Cornerstone Press, 1993). (2) Page 144. More on Balsiger here. (3) Page 370. (4) Page […]

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