Buddha Boy’s Blankets

A week ago, the Daily Telegraph reported on the mysterious “Buddha Boy” of Nepal:

Devotees claim that Ram Bomjon, who is silently meditating beneath a tree, has not eaten or drunk anything since he sat down at his chosen spot six months ago.

…Photographs of Ram Bomjon, available for five rupees (4p) from his makeshift shrine, have become ubiquitous across the region. “Far and wide, it’s the only topic of conversation,” said Upendra Lamichami, a local journalist.

He said no allegation had yet emerged of Ram breaking his fast or moving, even to relieve himself.

But now one has, and it appears that a rather important relevant piece of information was omitted by our Telegraph hack. Over to Rationalist International (emphasis added):

Last week, three physicians from Kathmandu visited the spot on behalf of the IRA [Indian Rationalist Association] and approached the boy’s guardians politely for permission to take a blood sample from him. They were strictly denied access to him. Goons threatened them with dire consequences if they did not leave the area immediately…

Observing the boy with a binocular, the rationalist physicians found his breath regular and healthy…They could not observe him eating or drinking during the day. But every evening, the tree is being covered with blankets hiding Bamjon’s niche between the roots, so that nobody can see what is happening there between dusk and dawn.

With the help of a glamorous assistant, no doubt.