Grabovoi accused of Kremlin Link


The Moscow News has the latest on Grigori Grabovoi (tipped from Cult News Network), the Russian psychic whom a number of bereaved Beslan mothers believe will raise their murdered children from the dead on 17 October:

…The media is already speculating on Grabovoi’s strong ties to the Kremlin which wants to discredit the Beslan Mothers group as being deranged. The group has become more politicized of late, as it angrily demanded that the government step up efforts to bring those guilty of their children’s deaths to account. Vladimir Putin was forced to receive the group’s activists in the Kremlin and assure them he would take measures to speed up the investigation.

Now, the Beslan Mothers are convinced the Kremlin authorities are set to destroy the group, and Grabovoi is their agent. The other day the group demanded a probe into the cult, saying he is trying to discredit their campaign for justice.

…Grabovoi is said to have long enjoyed the protection of high-placed officials in the presidential administration, and has strong links to senior officials in Central Asia. In particular, it has been reported that Grabovoi used his unique extrasensory skills to ensure flight safety on board the presidential jets in Uzbekistan.

His popularity in Russia prompted Grabovoi to establish a political party DRUGG, which sounds like the Russian word for “friend,” a Russian acronym for the Voluntary Advocates of the Grigory Grabovoi Doctrine. Its leader believes he will become Russia’s new president in 2008. Grabovoi said as much in a live interview on Ekho Moskvy radio only a few days ago.

Background on Grabovoi is available on his English-language website, which offers some dodgily-translated information:

Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi was born in November 14, 1963 in BogaRa village, Kirov District, Chimkent Region, Kazakhstan.

He graduated the Tashkent State University, faculty of applied mathematics and mechanics, specialty – mechanics, in 1986.

He is an academician of International Academy of Informatization . Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Advisor of Russian Federal Aviation Service.

A list of clairvoyant and psychical powers follow, including:

Cured tens of diseased persons from the 4th stage and it is certified by UN as well as from the 4th stage of AIDS. Using his clairvoyance he examined hundreds of aircraft, “MIR RF” orbital station, “Atlantis” spaceship with absolute compliance with real examination concerning total volume of tasks as well as separate task. There are confirming minute signed by managing and authorized officers of air industry enterprises and Russian Space Flights Control Center. In conditions of experiment he did works for materialization, de-materialization, teleportation and these works were stated in the minute. He regenerated destroyed matter. Does all works aimed to prevent catastrophes, through creation without destruction. Teaches the way to control matter for saving.

His site also posts two media profiles from the mid-1990s. Here’s one, by Vladimir Sudakov:

From time to time foreign mass media sources publish information on mysterious people protecting Russian leaders from any unexpected events, dangers and illnesses. It is likely that the time has come for us to tell the world about the man who “sees through” the government planes, and in case some defects are discovered, he is vested with the power to prohibit the flight; about the extrasensor granted with the talent to diagnose illnesses and cure people a long way off, find the disappeared people, foresee the fall and growth of the exchange rates and many other things. The magician’s name is Grigory Petrovich Grabovoi.

Special diagnostic x-ray abilities seem to be a common claim among Russians who supposedly have psychic abilities; witness Natasha Demkina, just recently dispatched by CSICOP. Eventually:

Grabovoi was demonstrating miracles in his secret Designing Bureau by defining defects in the planes, prompting what could happen if this and that had not been done. Once he was invited by Gani Mazitovich Rafikov, the Head of the Uzbek Division of Civil Aviation, to take the position of the inspector on the flights’ safety and, simultaneously, of the expert on the extrasensory monitoring of avionics.

Grabovoi claims that he can forestall disasters by changing the future:

“Any event can be changed. My forecasts are not fatal, I am always looking for the constructive method of forestalling. I do not change the object I am changing the situation around it.”

One wonders why he did not therefore “forecast” and “forestall” the Beslan massacre…There follows accounts of various miracles: problems with planes diagnosed, some sick individuals cured, and supernatural business advice. Grabovoi backs up his claims with testaments from those who have been impressed by his abilities; these are also translated into English (here and here). Then comes a trip to India:

…Grigori Grabovoi went to Quitab-Minar, the Indian sacred place – shrine Chattrapur -where the highest governmental officials and people of the highest caste pray. That time the Higher priest Baba Nagh Pal was in the shrine, but the guardians did not want the unknown Russian stranger to meet him. Yet Radjiv Gandhi himself was honoured to get only a two-minite audience of the Great Baba Nagh Pal.

Then the Russian stranger said, “Tell Baba Nagh Pal that there came Grigory Grabovoi”. When this was executed, the saint despite the lunch time ordered to invite the respected guest in immediately.

Their conversation lasted for 23 minutes. And said Baba Nagh Pal that he would bless Grabovoi and pray for him. And he also added that Grigory must apply his high extrasensory potentialities and the energetic level to re-unite his country.

(“Nagh Pal” is actually the late Baba Sant Nagpal; a couple of Indira Gandhi’s government members were followers of his.)

Vladimor Vulov adds further details, in an interview with Alexander Pukemov, who had previously met with Grabovoi (link added):

Alexander told me about his meetings with some American business specialists who got attracted by the phenomenon of Grabovoi. He showed to us a thick volume of the book “Management” that was presented to Grigory Grabovoi by the author, Mark Green. Professor from the Simpson College, the city of Indianola, state Iova [sic].

I wasn’t able to access the site’s bookshop directly, but Wayback Internet Archive was able to help out. Titles include ” Practice of management. A way of rescue ” in 3 volumes, and:


Grigory Grabovoy troubleshoots aircraft and nuclear reactors, teleports subjects and people, sees through time, distance and barriers, and constructs the present and the future. And the most essential – cures the people from the last stage cancer and AIDS, doing this without drugs and scalpel, mostly in a contactless way. Bulgarian prophet elder woman Vanga[*] has put him on one line with Jesus Christ, who had been risen from dead, and has predicted him brilliant future.

Modest bloke. So what’s going to happen when the dead kids fail to materialise, aside from further heartbreak for the mothers? Grabovoi has two possible answers. Moscow News notes one:

For fairness’ sake it has to be said that Grabovoi has never directly promised to bring the dead back. At his seminars he advocates his doctrine that he claims to help achieve the resurrection of souls.

He’s also got another explanation, which is reported in a translated article at Cultological Culture.

Although there are other sects that have promised resurrection from the dead in the history of sectology, those came to an end, because proof that their promises had been fulfilled was required. Grabovoi really did this in such a cunning way. He said that those living illegally in Moscow are the same ones he resurrected, and he says it is not acknowledged that they have been revivified, so they are sent to psychiatric hospitals. And so the more some poor illegal is convinced that he has not been resurrected, the stronger the Grabovoists believe their sect leader’s assertions.

This titbit comes from Alexander Dvorkin, so needs to be used with caution – as we’ve noted before, Dvorkin is an Orthodox fundamentalist with a view to banning all “sects” in Russia, including Pentecostalism. If Grabovoi really does have powerful friends in the Kremlin, he’s going to need them…


* Baba Vanga’s obit, from 1996:

Bulgaria’s most revered psychic, Granny Vanga, whose prophetic powers won her admirers across the Balkans and beyond, died at the weekend aged 85. “Granny Vanga passed away . . . after a four-year battle against cancer,” Doctor Teodor Eksariev said from Sofia’s former government hospital where she had been treated since 3 August. For decades Vanga drew visitors from around the world to her villa in the mountains of southern Bulgaria. Blind from childhood, she was venerated as a saint for her healing and clairvoyant powers. Her pronouncements, always religiously recorded, made her a kind of unofficial state oracle. Prominent Bulgarians ranging from the ousted Communist dictator Todor Zhivkov to exiled King Simeon II paid secret visits to Vanga seeking advice, according to local media. Reuter – Sofia

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  2. Grigori Grabovoi is under arrest since Apr 5, 2006. His lower says that the arrest is illigal. So, who is interested in keeping G. Grabovoi in jail? More details:

  3. Information which was communicated at the press conference of political party “ÄÐÓÃÔ on 15th June 2006 in the Business Center of the Trade Chamber of RF For any press-conferences to inform in the first place
    The Customer of the Arrest of Grigoriy Grabovoy has been Determined The Statement of the Field Service of Liberation of Grigoriy Grabovoy for all Mass Media The source of this information is the special services of Uzbekistan. The customer of arrest of Grigoriy Grabovoy had been determined after some people requested the acquaintances of Grigoriy Grabovoy and people with whom he studied to give discreditable and slanderous information about Grigoriy Grabovoy for USD 35’000. Compare the offered amounts with the cost of an apartment in Tashkent which could be bought at USD 4’000. The special services determined people who offered tens of thousands of dollars for slander against Grigoriy Grabovoy. These people appeared to be Wakhkhabits who were involved some time ago in the explosions in Tashkent; and now they are acting according to the direct order of Osama Bin Laden, terrorist No 1 in the world. An audio and video record with communication of Osama Bin Laden was received on 8th June 2006. High rank officials of RF and mass media who instituted criminal prosecution against Grigoriy Grabovoy and carry out corresponding informational preparation receive payments from Osama Bin Laden through banks of Australia and through dummies. Therefore the criminal prosecution against Grigoriy Grabovoy is carried out based on faked-up data in such a way that even Mr. Sechin from Administration of President of RF, according to the information of Regnum agency, informed that Mr. Ustinov, the General Public Prosecutor of RF, resigned because he refused to support prosecution against Grigoriy Grabovoy. On 30th May 2006 the preventive punishment of Grigoriy Grabovoy in the form of imprisonment was prolonged; and on 2nd June 2006 Mr. Ustinov resigned. Within one week after the resignation the criminal prosecution against Grigoriy Grabovoy increased incommensurably. Persecution of Grigoriy Grabovoy on the part of international terrorism takes place based on the order of the leader because Grigoriy Grabovoy gives exact forecasts on counter-terror. Grigoriy Grabovoy handed over on an official receipt an exact forecast about the terrorists’ act on 11th September 2001 in the USA, almost half a year before, on 23rd March 2001, to Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences Savin, and Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences Bondur. Grigoriy Grabovoy published a forecast about the seizure of Nord-Ost hostages one month and a half before the event. Grigoriy Grabovoy publicly gave information about the terrorists’ act in Beslan which took place on 3rd–4th September; the information is available on the video record of the seminar conducted by Grigoriy Grabovoy in October 2003, i.e. 11 months before the event. He tried to submit this information many time but no one used it. About the terrorists’ act in Nalchik on 13th – 14th October 2005, Grigoriy Grabovoy gave an exact forecast with the exact date of the events and possible consequences with nuclear explosions one month before this terrorists’ act at the meeting of more than a thousand of people. The forecast was used; due to this the nuclear war in Russia was avoided. This is proved by official documents. Strong counter-action to Grigoriy Grabovoy started when he announced that the volunteers of his Teachings would assist in provision of security of President of RF V.V.Putin because the terrorists are not interested in real and complete security of Putin V.V. We would like to ask all mass media to publish this communication, informing that the customer of the criminal prosecution against Grigoriy Grabovoy is Osama Bin Laden, on the first pages of newspapers and to give this information significant time in the air.

  4. Bullshit – Osama didn’t hit the twin towers. It was US government. Leave Osama out of the whole 911 scene dude. Bush family wanted those oil places, and it justified very well the attack on the buildings in order to get people scared enough to support such a blooddrenched war on middle east.


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